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September 6, 2008, 4:20 pm

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Andrew Wells, Storyteller-General


Andrew Wells is a reluctant outlaw, and this former royal singer has become one of the most unlikely members that ever joined an outlaw band.

With brown hair and brown eyes, this former court minstrel now wears the leather jacket and colours of the feared Regulator gang.


Andrew Wells was trained from birth as a singer, storyteller and musician by his parents, who were members of the Muses Guild, and sent at the age of eighteen to the court of Queen Yocasta to entertain her and her royal court. These where the days before the Queen had turned into a tyrant feared by everyone, and she liked him greatly and after several years promoted him to the rank of Storyteller-General, her favourite singer and storyteller and the one she called first when she needed to be entertained.

This preferential treatment by the Queen lead to jealousy amongst the other entertainers of the court that resented his royal access and the increased pay and perks that he got. And it had to be said that he did not help matters by getting a bit arrogant on occasion with those who he thought to be beneath him. His downfall came not directly from them however, but from the headstrong daughter of the Queen, Princess Crysta, who decided that she fancied him in her bed. His refusal, as he both feared getting caught and executed for high treason, and did not think that such a thing was right, led to her denouncing him to the Queen that night, falsely saying the he tried to sexually assault her.

The Queen, torn between her wish to believe her daughter and her liking of her favourite entertainer, decided to send court officers to interrogate those who worked with Andrew. Now that there was a chance to bring him down, they unanimously decided to falsely blacken his name. The Queen had him arrested but could not bring herself to have him sent to the executioners block because of all the times he had made her happy. Instead she ordered that he be locked up in prison for the rest of his life.

Stripped of his fine clothes and thrown amongst a band of The Regulators who had been recently captured, Andrews chances of avoiding being murdered or at least turned into a sex slave for the other convicts seemed small. But when they started to attack him, he started singing to them and their leader took a liking to him and ordered them to cease their attack. Knowing that any hope of a tolerable life depended on keeping the leader and the others happy, Andrew did his best and they for their part treated him well and even managed to get him some prisoner luxuries.

After a year their friends managed to break them out if prison and Andrew went too, and is now the Storyteller-General of the Regulators. He fears that sooner or later he will run out of ways to amuse them and perhaps pay with his life.

Special Equipment
One of the Sigil Swords given to him by his leader so he can take part in fighting with some chance of sucess.

Roleplaying Notes

Andrew is constantly scared that sooner or later he will be murdered by the Regulators. He wants to escape but fears violent reprisals. He hates committing crime but has little choice but to do so.

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Voted Scrasamax
September 7, 2008, 10:07
I rather feel sorry for Mr. Wells, even knowing that his own arrogance did cause some of his current situation. Not bad sir.


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