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May 10, 2008, 1:31 am

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Agent Green


Agent Green was developed sometime in the late 50s to early 60s. The details are sketchy as all those records were destroyed due to various "clerical accidents" in numerous government agencies. Its alleged uses were varied, but the main one was "to assist in supressing rebellious element in society". However, once it got into the food chain, into the animals and plants, it became vastly more dangerous to life and liberty than any rebellious elements.

Full Item Description
It is a green liquid, much like an antifreeze. It has that same odd smell too. It has the consistancy of maple syrup on a warm day. It absorbs quickly into dirt, will penetrate most concretes and minerals, and disolves almost completely into water. It would make a good cleaning product with these properties, but it has other uses.

The liquid can be made into an airborn agent, but it loses much of its effectiveness.

Original Uses
It started as a psychogenic drug in Humans.
It increases a subjects general intelligence. Under its influence, they can see connections and associations that most people miss.

It makes the subject very suggestable for a time. This can be a simple focusing tool or aid in training (physical, mental, or emotional). The military allegedly used it to create "Greater Soldiers" who had their fear responses trained away, knew more, and would unlearn what they knew before, and learned exactly what their instructors taught them.  Too much of it, and it is easy to get too much, makes the subject totally suggestable. They lose their own will and will follow any external stimulation.

Thus if introduced into an opposition’s water supply or food supply, someone with a simple blow horn could cause the opposition to surrender, or at least seriously consider it.

It is chemically similar to Retcon/ forgetful series of drugs.

It is simple, easy, and quick to make. Large batches were prepared and stored, for "a variety of emergencies".

The Side Effects

Animals and plants have different responses.
Hive Minds

Other than some hersay and recovered record fragments, the actual history of the project that created this chemical, and others like it, is lost.

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July 26, 2008, 6:58
Agent Orange somehow sprang to mind.

Not bad.


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