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November 17, 2009, 4:28 pm

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Accomodations in a Box


Like the Tiny Hut only better.

“Come my friends and see what wonders I have for you today. Look at this chest. It appears so ordinary and so boring. That is exactly how it was made; to be completely unassuming to the untrained eye. You will notice that is of an unusual size approximately four feet square and only 6 inches tall. If you are thinking the only thing you can do with this chest is safely store your shield you would be wrong. It is tight like a dish... water tight and sturdy too. Look I can stand on it and even jump up and down and it doesn't even come close to breaking. Whoaa Whoaa... don't leave now I haven't even got to the good stuff yet.

Watch this I speak the command word a Whallaa!  It has vanished.  I speak it again and there you go it is back again!

Do you know what an SOUC is? Of course you do! A sack of unlimited contents a step up from the bag of holding. An alternate pocket dimension in a bag to help people who would ordinarily have to travel heavy to travel light. This chest operates under the same concept only it is much, much more useful than either of those other dull baggies. See I open the lid and what do you see? A ladder going down! And notice as I move the box, eh? The ladder is still there going down. Come with me lets go down and check this place out.

Check out this archway at the base of the ladder. The archway is covered with those mystic symbols, not to worry. Those symbols are to protect you from unwelcome visitors. It is perfect. Let's also take a good look up, you can close the chest from down here and even lock it from the inside. Handy feature huh? Come come let us check out this place. Here is a nice entry way you will notice the nice paintings yes... they can be changed as to whatever you want... but I will get to that later. The ceiling you notice that nice glow from the ceiling almost like sunlight through a canopy of an oak forest is it not? Come we go to this first door on our right.

This is the bedroom... Check out the size of that bed. Four people could lie in that bed... if they were cozy... Ahhh.... anyway check out this dresser and closet lots of space to keep your personals to hang your hat eh? See this other door? Yes it's an outhouse, in the house, without the smell. We could all use one of these, eh? Okay enough of the bedroom come with me back to the hall. This door leads to your store room. Notice the number of locks. These locks are also magical. Unpickable, unbreakable, sturdy as a kings vault eh??? Just one minute... Ah here we are... ten chests... four dummies for hanging your armour on eh? Plenty of weapons racks and stands crafted for displaying your booty. Looks like that treasure vault you cleaned out not long ago eh? Ah back in the hall, here's the next door in here is the kitchen and here's Jeeves. I hope you won't be spending much time here in the kitchen as Jeeves comes with this place and will do all the cooking for you. Don't mind that he's a golem made of wood and stuff. He is an excellent chef and knows more than 4000 recipes, eh? He also does your laundry and will sharpen swords, repair armour, and so on. Just don't ask him to fight... he wasn't made for that. That door back there?? Oh yes that is the pantry and thanks to time stop enchantment will keep your food fresh... um forever?? Pretty neat huh? Last room. This is a dining room, or a meeting place if you will, with a large enough table for ten to seat and eat.

So whatdya think? Just so ya know. The time in this pocket dimension is faster than the real world above. Therefore you can come in here for say a twelve hour break and only three hours will pass above. Great when you need more time, eh?

So this is the base model, we can add rooms, take away rooms, whatever you need while travelling abroad could be available for you here. You need a library? A training room? A swimming pool? Fret not my friend those adjustments are all available for a suprisingly marginal fee.

So how much is this place? Well since you should ask I require only four million gold pieces before modifications and if you act now I'll throw in a....”

Other details not mentioned by our salesman.  No teleporting in or out of the chest.  Each room can act as a magical containment for enemies of the owner.  Behind a painting in the hall is a hidden alcove with a gem in it.  To be "claimed" a drop of blood of the new owner must be placed on the gem and the gem replaced.  If the gem is left out of the alcove the magic of the pocket dimension will begin to fail within 24hrs (or 6 hours topside time).  If the gem is removed from the dimension, the pocket dimension will immediately collapse with no chance of restoration and the chest will be changed to an ordinary chest.  (Maybe a wish could restore it if you have such a thing)

Possible Plot Hooks

I used this place as kindof a mini dungeon in my adventure.  It's previous owner had been killed in the bedroom by some succubi he had summoned for entertainment.  He got drunk and lost control of the succubi and they killed him and then found themselves trapped in this pocket dimension.  The previous owner's ghost cannot get to his appointed afterlife because of dying in this pocket dimension.  So his ghost is still there and in constant conflict with the succubi.  The succubi are prepared to do any bargaining or killing to get out.  I thought it was pretty fun.

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Comments ( 8 )
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Voted EchoMirage
November 18, 2009, 4:03
Handy? Convenient? Yes.
Writing is OK.
But, for a magical world, it seems to make the wondrous mundane. I used something similar back when I was 16; now I recall I should have done it differently.

Truth be said, I'd prefer extraplanar pocket realms to be more mysterious, personalized, surreal than an utilitarian hideaway that is on sale.
Voted Murometz
November 18, 2009, 12:00
ah, the tiny hut of Mr. Leomund re-imagined. The presentation is good. I also like the plothook involving succubi and the ghost of the owner, who has paid a steep price for his horniness :)

Welcome to the citadel!
Voted Strolen
November 18, 2009, 13:02
Great presentation. Wouldn't expect something like this would require such expansive showmanship if the buyer could afford it...unless it was cursed with a ghost and succubi!! :)
November 18, 2009, 13:33
Thank you for the comments. FYI I only presented it in a salesman type way for fun and to see if I could sell it to you as authors or DMs. Yes, I would think an object like this would be very rare and if it were on sale I would suspect something pretty bad to come of it (i.e. a dumping feature similar to the damning sack by valadaar). I think that utility magic is always underrated and perhaps the power level of this item is too high.
Voted Cheka Man
November 18, 2009, 13:40
Well presented. 4/5
Voted valadaar
December 5, 2009, 19:31
Cool item - the plot idea at the end really made it for me!
Voted axlerowes
December 11, 2009, 18:02
I usually shy away from "Cute magic" and in my opinion extra dimensional space is deal changer in all games, but this is fantastic. In my younger gaming days, things like this were the end all of be all of the fantasy setting. I like the plot attached, the mechanics of the item and the presentation is wonderful. Really a useable submission well put together and with fun tone to the piece.
December 20, 2011, 21:05

wish I had one of these cause its bad ass


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