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December 31, 1969, 7:00 pm

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Abasil, home of the Wood Elves

Abasil was started on the western coast of the continent Shadkalliki, which was the name of the native Trolls called it, it started as a small and weak country where the Slyvan Race or Wood Elves. They Worshipped the Goddess of Nature who made them and started under their Emperor, expanded their power over most of the continent. As Abasil took gradually over all of the continet, they absorbed the cultures of the many native people who lived all over the continet. Soon all of the continet was in the hands of the Wood Elves, for the natives were no match for the armour plated and dangerous bows of the Wood Elves. All that was left was the far north which was made up of mostly moutian chains where the Trolloc Nations Stayed. As power grew in the area, so did their strength. They eye of the Emperor(who some believe was the decendant of the first Wood Elf), to the Trolloc Nations where he started many border wars with them. They have raged on since, but steadily, the power of the Trolls, has weakened.

Ever Since that time, the Holy Kingdom of Abasil has stayed for more then, some believe, 10,000 years, thanks to the ever increasing wealth and power. But of late the heir of the Kingdom and all the residants of the palace which rsided in the capital, Ivalice, were assassinated y people unknown and the country has been ruled by the council.

To The North is the Trolloc Nations, who have lost much of their former territory and still fight in border wars with the Imperial Forces of Abasil. There is above all five moutian ranges in the area, all of them Trolloc Names; The largest, stretching to the Black Sea, which is between the continent of Shadkalikki and Camalini, is the Kagalith Moutian Range, the second is the Megshliko Mountian Range whicj stretches some 50 miles, the thrid is the Ledoniedare Moutian Range which is the smallest, stretching only two miles, the fourth is the Nirkonin which is the youngest and tallest, the fifth is the oldest and second longest one where it starts in east and stops a mile from the west coast. Here untapped oil and minerals wait to be found.

To The West is the oldest part of the country where the capital resides on the coast. here, Ivalice rules as a primate city, with farmland which grows rice and barely to feed the people of the city. The fishing industry has been doing well, leading the world in the fishing market. The Abasil Mariners have been known to be great firends with the Dejy who reside on the smaller continent Camalini. Rivers stretch far and wide in the part of the country where it is one of the main transportaion links. The most populace are in the country.

To the South is an unihabitale area where most of it is desert which is called the Kazak. Ancient Lizardfold dwell in the area and give allegiance to none and where Abasil’s control is the weakest. The least populace area in the country

To the East is vast forests and hills cover much of the country side, supplying the world with timber and some of the strongest wood out there called Jakil Wood. The population in the area is second to the West.

The country is ruled by twelve council members where they divide the power between them. Four deal with military affairs, for on foriegn affairs, and four on domestic affairs. This has caused some fractioning of the country a little.

Below them is the strong nobel houses who deal with their own land and their own problems, rarely doing anything else.

The people are vastly unique from each other in their lives, with literacy rates a little above 90% and the death rate is low and birth rate very high. This rapid urbanization has put some strain on some places. The poepl of Abasil are mostly the Wood Elves and only a few percentage is Lizardfolk and trolls. The wood elves are usually short with sharp elvish features and usually have brown of golden hair with dark skin. The trolls are very tall and husky, most usually stupid. Their skin is the darkest black(do to living in caves in the moutians) with usually dull green eyes and little hair. The lizardfolk have tan scaly features with a flexible tale to make them able to sprint across the sand dunes

Education is a prize among the people, who go to colleges and libraries, all children can come to school, the goverment owning the schools. And so they are well taught in literature, history, science, and mathematics

Medical Care is owned by the goverment, but some are privately owned to spread them out and give many people help in infirmeries and hospitals

Games played are usually archery contests and hunting. The games are well liked by the younger people, but the older people tend to play strategic gmaes, like chess which was brought to them from the continent Camalini

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Comments ( 7 )
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November 3, 2004, 23:53
So copy and paste.

I'll rate it when it's fixed.
November 4, 2004, 10:41
Of course if you don't care enough about the post to fix it, we could always delete it... since you don't care.

Other than that... it is a fairly average listing... though complete.
November 5, 2004, 6:12
It's aveerage in every regard... what does it make special anyway?
November 5, 2004, 14:42
Hey, guys! Let's not be hasty here.
I think that congratulations are in order- this is an astronomical improvement over previous posts! It is just a wood elf nation, but think of the detail that has been put into this in relation to what was done with the Swamp of the East?
It is fairly average, but it's definitely a step up.

November 6, 2004, 7:36
thanks, I was going over older posts on this site trying to find ideas and things to add to my flimsy settings so I came to the setting forge and got most of my things from there
Voted punkcasher
March 12, 2009, 18:11
Pretty cool.

Voted valadaar
March 1, 2013, 9:34
Only voted

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