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January 16, 2007, 6:03 pm

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A flamboyant warrior with a knack for astounding his foes.

Special Equipment:

Violet Fang, a rapier with a purple blade.


Aasimov is tall and slender, possessing a wiry build like that of a dancer or gymnast. He has straight-hanging blonde hair and orangeish eyes with red flecks. He wears flamboyant clothing and a purple and red greatcoat. Over the greatcoat, he wears sections of banded mail. He has a habit of flicking his rapier in and out of it’s sheath when nervous, and he often flips the ends of his greatcoat around his legs.


Twenty-five years ago, in the desert kingdom of Siabbakka, the king came into the possession of a young slave-girl from the northern lands, a pretty thing with pale skin and platinum hair. The slave girl tired and sickened easily in the desert heat, and never could do her share of work, but even as the the other slaves and servants complained, the king would not free the girl, for he was smitten. But their affair was not to be, for the king’s mage, Avavarka, became jealous of the king and his pretty northern maiden. And so, on the wedding night, Avavarka performed a mighty spell that transformed the king into a being of pure flame, and the servant girl was horribly scarred. However, by some miracle, she still bore a child, and the fire elemental that had once been king, returned to the castle to take the child when it came to term. Avavarka, enraged, devoted all of his powers and treasures as the new king to finding the child and exterminating it, but the babe was not be found, for he had been spirited away to the Elemental Realm of Fire. There he grew, and one day returned to the Mortal Realm to destroy Avavarka.

Roleplaying Notes:

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Comments ( 7 )
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April 1, 2003, 20:04
The end of that should have been: And his name is Aasimov.
August 28, 2004, 2:19
This is so BAD!
It must have been an off day. A really, really off day.
August 28, 2004, 8:06
Hmmm...flamboyant is certainly apt. I am curious as to how a person would go about wearing armor over a great coat. That seems to be rather contradictory.

People this colorful (orange eyes, purple and red coat, and a purple? sword) are generally either color blind, or playing at the fool.

More detail about the sword would be nice, as purple steel doesnt pop up every day. Why did the jealous mage blast the King into a fire elemental, wouldnt it have been easier to turn the slave girl into a toad, or a she-orc, or some other fate?

August 28, 2004, 23:19
Yeah, like I said, it is a terrible character.
Barbarian Horde
March 8, 2005, 22:14
I really don't think it's terrible. I think things like his orange eyes are a nice touch given his background. I think with some tweaking this could be good.
March 8, 2005, 22:53
No, it's terrible.
Voted valadaar
November 28, 2012, 11:55
Only voted

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