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September 16, 2008, 7:03 pm

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A new take on Wolfen


A people that resemble humans, but act like wolves. Are they savages or beasts?

Scattered within the forests of Isereth are the Wolfen tribes. Wolfen people worship the Wolf Goddess, Wulfrida, and claim to of ‘evolved’ from the Goddess’s spirit. Wolfens resemble humans, but carry a number of obvious differences.
Wolfens have pointed ears, fanged teeth, and yellow wolf eyes. They also have advanced senses, and are faster and stronger then typical humans. The most outstanding difference are the bone ‘claws’ that erupt between their knuckles at will. These claws are strong enough to withstand mighty blows, but are still breakable. These traits are what many scholars believe to be inherited from werewolves. The humanoid appearance seems to of come from humans, which lead many to believe the Wolfens are a crossbreed of the two, but nothing has yet to be proven.

Many believe the Wolfens to be nothing but evil savages, allies to darkness. But the Wolfen society is neither good or evil. They are also very smart creatures with average human intellect, but with little contact outside the forests they live in. Wolfens are naturally instinctive, territorial, and religious. The outside world looks at this kind of behavior with disgust.
Wolfens live in tribes ranging from 20 to 30 members. They rank themselves like other peoples, and work together to survive. There is the alpha, the leader of the tribe. The alpha is usually chosen for his strength. The alpha gets more privileges then any other Wolfen. For example, after a hunt the alpha gets to eat first. When one alpha dies a tournament is held to pick the next alpha. An alpha can be challenged for his rank at any time, and the loser must leave the tribe forever, usually to die alone.

Under the alpha are the hunters, the males who go out and get food. These members of the tribe get some minor privileges, and they are the ones sent out to capture territories. Under the hunters are the watchers, who stay behind at the hunt to defend the tribe from enemies. The bottom of the ranking system are the breeders, or women of the tribe. Their job is to cook meals, make clothes, care for the children, and mate.
The Wolfen people do not like outsiders, especially humans. They will not let anyone pass through their territory unless proven worthy.

                  Truth and History
Unknown to even Wolfens, they were the result of successful crossbreeding between Werewolves and humans. Hundreds of years ago there was a werewolf named Talos. During this period of time Isereth’s population was still in tribal stages. The Werewolves had covered much of this land, and preferred the plains as to the forests. One day, Talos wandered off into the forests, were he found a small tribe of humans. He was attacked, and killed most of them, but was mortally wounded. Talos’ only thought now was to survive, so he raped the remaining women of the human tribe. This was the birth of the Wolfens.

For a time the women cared for the cubs, and over time, took the Wolfens were put in the hands of others, spreading out. Decades later the Wolfens became slaves to humans of the first kingdom. Then, a hero among their ranks emerged. It was a young Wolfen by the name of Wolfstan. He told his people he was a prophet of Wulfrida, the Wolf Goddess. He persuaded them with a technique no other Wolfen had, he could summon a huge ball of blue fire from his hands and shoot it. He told them this was a gift from Wulfrida, and that they would find liberation in the forests. He was the first alpha in the history of his people.
He started a movement all over the land, and as his people fled to the forests he preached the words of Wulfrida. The humans had other problems to deal with, the first kingdom was under invasion from the north, and a drought killed many of their crops. So, they allowed the Wolfens to leave. Wulfstan spread his religion all over the lands of his people. As he lay dieng some years after that, he told his tribe that he would come back as a savior to his people. In honor of their most gracious leader, the tribes named themselves after Wulfstan, and thus the Wolfen society began.

                     Things to Know
Wolfens cannot do magic, that is why they believed so heavily in Wulfstan. Wolfens are not as developed as Werewolves, their senses were dulled by the human side in them.

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Comments ( 3 )
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Sydney Cain
January 11, 2006, 16:05
Updated: There were a few spelling mistakes, and not enough detail on some parts of the stry.
January 14, 2006, 15:00
Still a good start.

You could make it a scroll and others could add to it, much in the same way we have done "New Takes". simply post specific questions you want help with at the bottom of the post.

You might want to include what kind of technology these people use? Are they total naked people, do they have technology closer to native american nomadic tribes, is their technology closer to the sedentary native americans, or are they just another fur covered barbarian group, like others.

This also gives people a handle on what they look like in addition to their raw furry form.

A bit more about their magic might be useful as well.

I am less inclined to like the Wolverine Bone Claws as an automatic ability of the race. If their are wolf like, they should have non retractable claws in their hands (bone extensions). If they have human ish hands... we can work with that.

Now if these popped claws are a "charm" or spell they can learn.. that would be better.

Of course they could have "clawed gloves" they could wear.
January 15, 2006, 21:47
What I wanted to hear more about was the becoming of the Wolfen's. I would be more inclined to believe that the wolfen race came about from a small group of malicious werewolve's and not a single episode of a dying one. Would make more sense that they would come from more than one instance. My take would be that little things like this happened all over and they slowly found each other and banded together. The woman would be outcasts as well once they were known to have birthed a wolfen so they might have come together as well in some way.

I just see a lot of possibility with that section that makes more sense than this one rape episode.

I love wolfens, by the way. Played them in Palladium many-a-time.

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