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December 31, 1969, 6:00 pm

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Docry Emma


The Barbaric vampire/demonic tyrant Bankskin is responsible for raising humans as livestock for his evil minions. The once prosperous valley has now turned into a tainted death hole fit for no one.

In the great valley of Docry Emma hidden by the mists and ignorance to other people’s plights is a great hidden secret. Hundreds of years ago, barbaric tribes settled into the valley and were led by their great leader, Bankskin, who made them prosperous and offered them blood sport to quell their anarchic instincts.

Later on a small war between Demons and Vampires rocked the lives of the tribes. Bankskin went to speak with the leaders of the Vampires and turned the barbarian tribes to the vampiric cause. Bankskin then began wearing a fanged mask and slaughtered the demonic enemies. Vampires would frequently visit the villages and become well known to the villagers. When the war had been finally won the demons had been defeated and forced to live as slaves to the vampires and barbarians.

Life continued well for all tribes and vampires until the demons started secretly impregnating the women, creating a half-breed demon/human hybrid. The vampires commanded these children be killed but Bankskin would not allow it. In a single betrayal unknown to anyone except for Bankskin himself, the entire High Vampire consul was killed by Bankskin in a single fight.

Soon Bankskiin was revealed to have gained a exchange of Vampire and Demon powers under his control, his mask his central power source. Bankskin needed blood, along with many of the barbarians who had become vampires themselves, and the half demon children needed raw man flesh to maintain their existence. Bankskin herded all the normal humans into a central village and forced them to live in wretched huts and fed to the vampires and half demons like livestock.

Bankskin and his followers now add anyone foolish enough to enter their valley to their livestock. The people live in two central ‘Villages’ which are not guarded but frequently visited by guards, the people live in constant fear and are to despaired to flee or attempt a rebellion.  Bankskin lives in a great granite stone abbey where he reigns supreme over all.
The ruins of the old Demon fortress till stand and are used to keep the Demon children in check. The rivers and lakes have been mysteriously tainted putrid and black from the concentration of evil in the environment. No animals except for elk and bear live in this region, and they are far and few. A black species of Kappa have grown in the rivers and the skies are dotted with giant vultures.

There is a small talk of rebellion against Bankskin, a group of young kids launch attacks against him, but are almost always beaten down back into hiding.

NOTE- My friend just mentioned to me that this setting sounds alot like the storyline to Underworld. I did not know this when writing this setting for i have never seen the movie.

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Comments ( 3 )
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July 15, 2004, 16:45
This is an interesting, if potentially difficult plot to handle. The idea of a running war between vampires and demons is certainly out there, but it has potential, especially if you can give it some sort of sympathetic angle.

BTW, I play Vampire/Werewolf, and I think with the exception of Kate Beckinsdale, the movie sucked and bordered between insipid and stupid. Liquid UV?

Perhaps there could be members of the afflicted who are looking to redeem themselves, their human soul/essence/heart trying to overcome the tainted essence of undeath or the demonic blood in their veins. Or, perhaps a high ranking vampire, blood lineage of Bankskin has decided to rebel as the barbarians, having defeated their demonic foes, have lost their barbarian heritage and won't play the hound to the vampire master.

Barbarian Horde
May 14, 2005, 20:04
i got a question. do demons ever breed humans to create another speices? and do the offspring of such ever breed with their own? also do these offspring ever since the presence of another of there kind?
Voted valadaar
July 10, 2014, 13:50
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