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September 21, 2008, 8:55 pm

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Generated Village


Output testing of my Random Community Generator.

Dunvue Brook
Size: Small Village (Population 415)
Location: Southern Lowlands, Coppice of Ya-blick
Surrounding Region: Underground, lava cave system
Racial Demographics:  Human (61 %),  Goblin (23 %), Ratlings (7 %), Troll (3 %) & Rahu-men (7 %)
Type of Government: Gynarchy
   Ruler: Baronessa Igniper the Conquerer (female human, 4th level Psychic)
Fealty of Government: Settlement of a city
City Defenses: Wet Moat & Palisades
Defense Force: Well-Trained Militia; 10 Fighters, 3 Men of Magic, & 5 Priests.
Attitude toward Outsiders: VERY Friendly
Social System: Racial Supremacists
Loyalty: Mildly Disloyal
Alignment: Decent, primarily Anarchist & Unprincipled.
Level of Wealth: Strong Earnings, working middle class
Literacy Rate: 33 %
Presence of Law: Small City Guard; Executioner & 4 Guards.
Presence of Crime: None
Presence of Guilds: Craftsmens’ Associations
Presence of Magic: Somewhat prominent
Presence of Psionics: Limited Psionics
Presence of Religion: Wide Open!
Pantheons & Deities: Mantus, Isurron, Pantheon of Taut, Ippotomi, Semotra


  1. Hut. Lower Class Residence.
  2. Larus Ranch. Middle Class Residence.
  3. Guildmaster His All Peerless Raierla, The Mysterious, Peer of Neven Chateau. Upper Class Residence. Two stories and one cellar; New or pristine condition, freshly decorated with ornate furnishings and brickwork;
  4. Cabin. Middle Class Residence.
  5. Pirate’s Warehouse.
  6. Apartments. Middle Class Residence. Building currently under reconstruction or extensive major repairs (from recent fire damage, collapse, explosion, etc.);
  7. Thieves’ Hideout. Two stories and one cellar; Well-worn, heavy daily use, some need of repairs.
  8. Undertaker
  9. Lumber Industry. Covering walnut, .
  10. Dorm. Lower Class Residence. Four stories with basement.
  11. Empty Building.  Used by travelers.
  12. Mosque of Isurron .   This monastery can be found   in a province in the hinterlands. It is a             medium      complex with 5 buildings:  Guest-chamber for strange monks, a chapel, a charter house, an astrological observatory, and a cell block for the sergeant-brothers .   The group built    an elaborate waterfall spilling into a pond.  The complex has    an elegently simple babbling brook .  The monastery contains a wall around the compound.  The group built a wall around the compound.
  13. Botany Museum. Ground floor apartment with offices and shop above.
  14. Dorm. Lower Class Residence. Four stories, basement, with tower or partial upper level.
  15. Brewery Industry.
  16. Latrine.
  17. Crossed Barns.  Farm with Root Cellar, Pond, Chicken Coop, Root Cellar,  and Pasture.
  18. The Dancer’s Library. Library.
  19. Unneth’s Scriptorium. Scriverner. Ground floor apartment with shop above.
  20. Horse Trade Industry.
  21. Damargan, Sage. Sage for hire.
  22. Entertainment Industry. Tourney.
  23. Illicit Drug Den.
  24. Infirmary. Two stories and one cellar; New, well-cared for, and freshly redecorated.
  25. Shack. Lower Class Residence. Three stories, with tower or partial upper level. New or pristine condition, freshly decorated with ornate furnishings and brickwork;
  26. Farmhouse. Lower Class Residence.
  27. Annae Charnel House
  28. Forests Bureau.
  29. Apartments. Middle Class Residence. One story, with tower or partial upper level.
  30. Leprosarium. Two story (wood) and no cellar; Well kept and in good condition, clean and newly painted;
  31. Gravel Yard Industry.
  32. Shrieve’s Post.
  33. Mattas Townhouse. Middle Class Residence.
  34. Sheriff’s Post.
  35. Ranch. Middle Class Residence. Two stories building with a basement and seems to function as repaired ground floor shops with offices and an apartment above
  36. Governmental Halls of Justice.

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