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July 2, 2007, 2:29 am

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Kriegor's Legions of the Void


The deployment of the Lord of the Waste’s army.

Kriegor, Lord of the Wastes
A frightening figure seemingly cut from nightmares, Lord Kriegor is a Demon-Souled, a human sorcerer who battled a demon, defeated it, and then consumed it’s tainted essence. Remaining a human, Kriegor now has demonic powers, immortality and increased magical powers. Mounted atop a night black stallion, he himself has black wings, a crown of blood red horns and loves to wade into combat with his gore stained war cleaver. He only uses spells in combat when his normal weapons seem to fail, or the battle seems to be boring to him. His ultimate goal is domination, and destruction as far as he can see. He is completely nihilistic now.

Excerpt from 30 Villains

HQ Unit
Kriegor, Lord of the Wastes
A first class sorcerer and master of close combat, Kriegor has a wide variety of spells and fights with a pair of war cleavers. Combat against the Lord of the Wastes himself should be the climax of a fairly tough campaign and should give players a few moments of doubt to their own ability. Aside from his own powers, Kriegor is accompanied by a night stallion as a familiar spirit.

HQ Troop Unit
Riding with the Lord of the Wastes is a warband of corpses animated by demonic souls. Technically intelligent undead, these Knights of Entropy ride on animated skeletal horses and fight with lances made of fused spinal columns, swords of shadesteel, and can cause Fear at will and once a day breat out a gout of demonic green flame. Kriegor will not hesitate to sacrifice each and every one of his Knights Entropic.

HQ Unit 2/Standard Bearer
Once a mortal necromancer and diabolist, the Standard bearer is more monster than man now. his undead corpse has been bloated on necrotic energy and has two additional arms grafted to it. Carrying a great axe in two hands, the the featureless black banner of the Wastes in the other two, the Standard Bearer leads the foot soldiers of the Legion of the Void while Kriegor rides at the head of the Knights of Entropy. Fighting the Standard Bearer should come as the climax of a terrible battle between the Legion of the Void and the PCs and their allied army.

Troop Unit
The Legions of the Void
A large force of infantry, Legions of the Void emphasize weaponry over armor and shields are rare to the point of extinction. Primarily composed of undead of various stripes, the officers of the Legions are either intelligent undead, or mortals who have fallen to Kriegor’s creed of nihilism and destruction. Currently Kriegor fields five legions of these undead horrors and their necromantic sheperds. When campaigns are mounted, this number can easily swell with each victory, but only to the point that he retains enough necromancers to retain control of the undead.

The individual soldiers of a Legion are extra-horde level NPCs, most likely dead. Officers are also extras, though are more likely to retreat than enter into combat if their undead are defeated and destroyed. The Commander of each Legion is a match for a PC or two in combat, and should have both magical power and decent combat skills.

Fast Attack Unit
The Knights of Entropy
While the rank and file of the foot soldiery are undead of the standard necromantic sort, the Knights of Entropy are undead created through infernal magics. Stronger than typical undead, these corpses are animated by demonic spirits and radiate strong evil. Their mounts, skeletal horses are more mundane in nature, but drawn from the earth by the latent magic of the demon-fueled undead. There are two branches of the Knights, one side is predominantly skeletal in nature, the other primarily composed of rotting zombies. Both fight with tireless zeal, weapons of fused bone and black steel, and have no regard for any life.

A Knight Entropic is an extra, but with emphasis on mounted combat. As with the Legions of the Void, armor is minimal, and missle weapons are unheard of. A Captain Knight is on par with several PCs for combat skill, though should not be impossible to overcome.

Elite Unit
The Kabal of Eternity
A small cadre of sorcerers, diabolists, and necromancers have all gathered under Kriegor to learn from his black power. Those who swore fealty to the Lord of the Wastes were organized into the Kabal of Eternity. Kriegor holds the souls of these Magi, and in exchange they are slaves to his every whim and fancy. There are three groups within the Kabal of Sorcery, Night’s Reach, The Shattered Hand, and the Bloodless Eye. Night’s Reach Kabal specializes in shadow magics, illusions, deception and deceit. Most of Kriegor’s ambassadors hail from Night’s Reach. The Shattered Hand works heavily in necromancy, raising arming, and equipping the Legions of the Void with fitting weaponry as well as training the undead-wrangling officers who command the undead in the field. The Bloodless Eye specializes in souls and ghosts, using the incorporeal undead as spies and informants, as well as performing the role of internal security, and interrogations.

a sorcerer of the Kabal should be an extra type mage with black robes, staff, and symbol of office. Combat skills will be weak, but they have strong magics, especially in the realm of necromancy and commanding infernal powers such as summoning war demons, infernal fire, and placing curses. The head of the Kabal of Eternity is Kriegor’s seneschal and chamberlain when he is away on…business.

Heavy Support
The Siege Ram
Kriegor’s sole siege weapon, the Siege Ram is a massive thing of demon bone and black iron. It’s head is shaped like a goats head and it is driven by massive undead that have been grafted to it. Covered in armor plates and fire retardand materials, the Ram can with enough time break through any wall or crack any gate. While invulnerable to archers, the Ram is vulnerable to foot soldiers as it’s crew cannot let go to defend themselves.

Crafted of hundreds of animal skeletons, the Behemoth is a crawling horror infested with millions of insects and parasites. Simply proximity to the Behemoth can cause illness in mortals, taint water supplies, and render swaths of land tainted. Despite this, Behemoth is mindless without Kriegor to drive it personally, and given its undead nature is painfully vulnerable to fire.

The Hades Gigas
Once a mortal giant of great size and strength, Kriegor slew him and filled the corpse with necrotic essence until it roared to unlife. Now a 30 foot tall rotting war machine, the Hades Gigas crushing life beneath it’s feet and has a ghoulish hunger to eat humans alive. The corpse is controlled through a black spike buried in the middle of it’s skull. If the spike was removed, the giant would go berserk until the poison magic fueling it spewed out of the cranial wound and the giant zombie would fall over completely dead.

The forces above may seem to be more than any sane PC party should be able to overcome. If it did come down to the PCs versus the entire strength of Kriegor’s forces, it would require a mythical dingus or blatant munchkinism to defeat this entire horde. Ideally, the PCs will be the spearhead of a larger army that is opposing Kriegor and his plans of world domination and eventual world destruction.

Kriegor’s domain is going to be more than a single dungeon that the PCs will raid. Most of the Legions of the Void foot soldiers are going to be positioned in places where they can be deployed against enemies, or in reserve to protect Kriegor’s primary stronghold. The Knights of Entropy are his favored force and will spend their time patrolling his domain, hunting foes, terrorizing his ill-fated peasants and recruiting them for slaves and thralls to fill the legions ranks.

The Kabal, and the Heavy support will be centrally located to Kriegor’ Stronghold and only leave these confines when the call to war is issued. The Kabal requires a steady hand in the field as the mages have no love or loyalty for each other, and the siege engines and undead often require either a full cabal of Eternity sorcerers, or Kriegor’s personal attention to control.

Kriegor’s forces and his tactics in battle reflect his own personall nihilism. The only reason there is any element of self-preservation is that he intends to destroy himself last, after reducing the world to ashes and cinders. As such, his warriors fight a scorched earth policy, leaving nothing in their wake alive. They fight without mercy or quarter and take no prisoners in combat. Those who are slain are often quickly raised by Legion necromancers to take the place of undead to badly damaged to be reanimated. Kriegor hates the world that is, as his troops by extension do as well.

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted valadaar
July 30, 2007, 15:29
A ready-made undead scourge - even outside of a minatures game, it makes a great disaster to subject a land to.
Voted Chaosmark
February 15, 2008, 15:49
What epic game is complete without an undead army swarming across the land, leaving ruin and devastation in it's wake? Nicely done (I like the format, btw).
Voted Cheka Man
April 10, 2008, 12:35
Very well done. The PCs could be on a mission to sabotage the Hades Gigas.

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