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September 14, 2007, 6:12 pm

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Tyren - Overview


Tyren isn’t just another world for players to RP in. No, this setting goes far, far beyond that.

The World Itself

Geology and Ecology
Tyren is a world physically separated into three individual continents: Tyren proper, The Blasted Lands, and a third continent named Amaren. The world was forged of five elements: fire, water, earth, air, and void, explained in depth here.

Tyren proper (the mainland) is varied in it’s geographics, being comprised of a desert that occupies the bottom third of the continent, grasslands in the middle third, and the other third half rainforest, 1/4th mountains, and 1/4th grasslands. The animals here are mostly the same as what you’d find in our world, but there are a few exceptions.

Amaren is about 1/3rd of the size of Tyren proper, and is mostly grasslands, though there is an occasional plateau to break the monotony of it. Amaren wildlife is the same as in our grasslands, except that there are a few tribes of Centaurs as well as humans.

The Blasted Lands are just that: torn apart. This is a place where massive magical damage has been wrought, and the ecology is still struggling (and failing by all appearances) to recover. The geology here is as varied as anything you might see, and is very, very dangerous to a normal person. The same goes for the wildlife, what little of it there is. Any animal that can survive here is more than a match for individual adventurers.

People and Culture

The Mainland (Tyren proper) is a fairly civilized place, the people having grasped the concepts of sewers and basic sanitation. War is still in the stage of massive armies clashing in an open field, but Kren definitely spices things up when it’s actually employed (in fact, war is just about the only time Kren is really used, due to its horrible expense).

Amaren is, in comparison, more primitive than the Mainland, but their nomadic lifestyle suits the location and climate perfectly.* It is a shamanistic culture, and here is one of the places where magic isn’t in the format of Kren. In fact, the inhabitants have had no contact with Kren since the end of the Demon Wars.

There is no culture in the Blasted Lands.

This is a mono-theistic world, with 1 God and 1 "Evil" in a supernatural war with each other. There is Trigu, the creator of the world, there is L’ruhk, the Prince of Darkness, fallen from grace. Trigu is good, L’ruhk is evil. Each has his servants, Trigu with the Rhin, and L’ruhk with his demons (more on each later).

For the most part, Trigu is the accepted deity of the masses on the mainland, and his worship is a regular occurence in most villages. There are, however, a few dissenters who instead choose to worship L’ruhk, and it is they that comprise the "cultist" niche of the Mainland.

Amaren is shamanistic in style, but the nomads firmly believe in Trigu, whom they refer to as the Great Traveller. As such, they are extremely harsh (to the point of execution) on followers of L’ruhk, though only a small percent of them follow the Prince of Darkness.

Tyren is a world that has been torn apart by a supernatural war, though quite a few of those who live in current age do not believe "those old myths".** At best they are considered the result of actual happenings enhanced by primitives who didn’t understand what was happening and thus said that the supernatural was warring with itself.

This is, of course, absolutely false. The war didn’t just involve the supernatural, but relied heavily on those not so primitive mortals and their quite potent magics. However, those magics are now very tightly regulated by a monopolistic company known as The Supreme Order of Kren (known as The Order to the masses), which is for the most part all-pervasive, dabbling in the affairs of every country on the mainland continent.


Magic within Tyren comes from Dol, the source of energy created by Trigu to keep the world running smoothly. Avoiding details which are detailed here, Dol can be tapped by using special cards known as Kren. That said, Kren are very tightly regulated by those who control them, though anyone who knows the trick can use the cards.

At the first point in the world, the Great War is past, and L’ruhk has been "banished" from the world along with his foul armies; or so those who follow Trigu believe. In fact, they still reside within the world proper, and are subtly manipulating events to provoke another war, with the intent to control the world and oust its creator.


*To get a good mental picture, think of the nomadic tribes of Native American Indians. That is the approximate level of technology they have.

**Those who believe this are, for the most part, city dwellers. Farmers and those who live a more rural lifestyle are more religious, but there are always exceptions.

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Coivn By: Chaosmark ( Items ) Melee Weapons - Campaign Defining

When L’ruhk was banished to the Nothing Beyond Creation, he returned at the head of a demonic army, wielding a spear black as his corrupted soul.

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Elements of the Creation By: Chaosmark ( Systems ) Mystical - Specific

All that was, all that is, all that will be, all Creation is formed of the Five Elements.

[ Show / Hide Submission ]   [ Visit Submission ]

Magic in Tyren By: Chaosmark ( Systems ) Mystical - Defining

The Magic of Tyren goes deeper than what one might expect…

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The Elemental Defenders By: Chaosmark ( Items ) Armor - Heroic

“...Ande in the Dayes of the War, the masses of the darke ones grew into a greate ande terrible force, ande thus were the Fyve Armours sent unto the worlde…”
~The Grynthar Codex, chapter three verse ten

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The Way By: Chaosmark ( Systems ) Divine/ Spirit - Historical

The Way is the predominant faith in Tyren, and thus it’s precepts hold major influence in the world.

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Comments ( 8 )
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March 10, 2006, 14:15
Okay a couple of things:

Tyren, a land of (limited) magic and wonder...If it ever really gets off the ground.
Change this. It will discourage everyone except people striving to read every submission on the site from reading your post. Explain what Tyren is... if it was a movie blurb... short, exciting, something to catch their attention.

Overview of the Overview
Either delete this entire section OR give us a history/ inspirations for where this world came from.

Remember: Self-effacement is not an endearing quality to a reader. Project confidence in your writing and people will "believe" what you have to say more often and not question you as much.

The world was forged of five elements: fire, water, earth, air, and void.
Either explain all of them or none of them (or create a linked section to your elemental post.

This is a mono-deistic world
Henotheism or Duotheistic 1713

This world is one that has been torn apart by a supernatural war, though most of those who live in current age do not believe "those old myths", or at best consider them the result of actual happenings enhanced by the primitives who didn't know what was happening and thus grasped the only concept available: that the supernatural was warring with itself.
This is an evil awkward sentence. You REALLY need to break this down into three to five sentences. Also this section could be under its own little header as history.

This section is fine, as far as it goes. While magic is an important part of the world, what about the world it is part of.

Things missing:
A section on the broad cultural overview (tell us what the people in most of your places are like), what the people are like (Humans or Giant Ostriches?), something of what nature is like (Earth Normal Creatures, giant mutant monsters, fantasy animals, or what?), something what the planet is like (is it nominally Earthish or is it a patchwork of odd landscapes or is it an island of stones floating upon the ocean of air?)

These sections do not need to be big, but they do need to be there. They should be quick descriptions, painted in broad strokes, to give us an idea of things here. You can do these "ideas" and then do the real write ups later.

And make this a codex, it will be easier. Just link in all the over viewing submissions (like magic) so it will be easy to see and find things.

The score here is for the write up, not the world. The write up is poor. The world has promise. Fix the write up and I will probably fix the vote.
March 10, 2006, 17:24
I've no problem with your advice, but I dislike your categories of Monotheism. Tyren definitely isn't Duotheistic, but it's not Henotheistic either. I definitely would call it Monotheistic, because while yes, there ARE other spiritual beings besides Trigu (such as the Rhin, the demons, and L'ruhk), they aren't deities. They're creations, just like the humans and other creatures. They might have a different level of "spiritual muscle", but that makes them no more deity than a human.
March 11, 2006, 1:30
I don't make the definitions, I just report them. I pulled those definitions out of a book of theology, after encountering the definitions in an RPG on my shelf. After a short chat with a reverend of my acquaintance, just to make sure, I accepted them. Sure, it is a short answer to say it is a monotheism, and the Churches continue to use it because it is simple and people understand it. Theologists, have their own technical language. It is in much the same way that people say America is a Democracy. That is not actually true. It is a Republic with democratic ideals (or democratic republic depending on your choice of phrasing).

Christianity, in general, is a Henotheism.. though then you apply the splitting of the trinity and the oppositional sides and more terms are applied. Angels (and other spiritual assistants) while are not GODs, are considered part of the divine. Sure The Deity made them (as it made lots of things) but they are not part of the world... they are part of the divine (thus falling under the definition of Henotheism). If you "bad god" is not extremely powerful (even if he was made by The Deity, then corrupted), what is stopping your main deity from just wasting the bad god? Morning Star was The #2 in Heaven before the fall.

This is not a big issue, just being definitionally correct.
March 11, 2006, 9:19
I understand that, I just prefer the way that it stands right now. Technically incorrect is probably better than technically correct, because if I start tossing out theological terms that even I hadn't heard before, it might be a turn off. Thanks for the advice though.
Voted MoonHunter
March 11, 2006, 1:32
Updated Vote
Voted Murometz
April 1, 2006, 15:07
Only voted
January 6, 2007, 1:53
Updated: Minor consistency and phrasing changes. Nothing big.
Voted valadaar
January 28, 2015, 11:37
Not bad, though I'm not quite sure how the summary's promise of going past a world to RP in is delivered?



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