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April 8, 2011, 8:34 pm

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There are three types of Ma`no, each one nearly a different race as they have evolved through the years. They were all created by Sethalis for his master idea to take over the civilized races, but it was a failed attempt. These abominations live in multiple parts of the world, and will never be seen allied together as their dislike for each other is stronger than that for anything else.

The Ma`no are a group of similar races that have evolved separately to different ways. Think of early man when it began evolving from the ape to the missing link, to man. The ma`no are that bridge. They are the three steps to humanity lost.

Full Description
A bipedal creature with very low intelligence. Being animalistic at times but having the basic fundamentals of a tribal family. They form tribal sects, not even large enough to call a community. They always move from one place to the next, unless a good place can be found where little work is required to gather food.

Their skin is grayish in color, almost the color of dead flesh, pasty and pale. They have flat faces, with broad foreheads and wide cheekbones. Their noses are mostly flat and thick. Their mouths are wide having teeth that are sharp and made to tear flesh, most crooked however. The stand a short five feet tall at best and are very frail and weak looking in appearance.

Most of it is just one family ruled by the strongest male. They rule by fear and fear alone. The strongest survive in this type leadership. Fear of the strong, as well as the weak, is always present. They feed off of the weak and normally kill them for pleasure. They raid and sack villagers and caravans for their food and supplies that they need, or think they need. Their thirst for blood overrides all of their actions. They are a rejected version and the last attempt to create something to infiltrate any army. This failure prompted Sethalis to create more vicious creatures to just wreak havoc and kill for pleasure.

They are not very loyal creatures, always going to the side that they think is winning. They will never attack anyone unless they outnumber them three to one. Their tactics are childish, and rarely good or well planned. They just attack in vast numbers. They have a Shaman that threatens Sethalis’s wrath if their warnings are not headed. Most of the time they are false warnings to give themselves personal gain or protection.

Additional Information
The Obak`e are the most animalistic of the Ma`no. They are the ape to the man. They use crude weapons and an even cruder form of speech. They follow the strongest of their clan and see signs of anything as signs from the gods. Odd weather, animals, stones piled in odd manners. Everything to them is a tale from the gods, which they know nothing about.

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted Scrasamax
January 27, 2006, 8:59
Better than expected, the Obak'e have an almost desperate feel to them, to be deserving of pity as Gollum in LotR was.
February 6, 2006, 9:52
I'm not sure if it is pity I would give them, or think I would give them. But a sort of small sadness from being cast aside for being subpar.

I feel that deep down they know they are inferior and regardless of how many times they gain a bit of elightenment into their weakness, they have a near futile attempt to correct it and better themselves.

Because of this they will often be found to be working with superior creatures of intelligence using them as soldier fodder. They do this to feel needed, wanted, and superior to those they can kill.
September 11, 2010, 10:14
Update: Updated with image... or trying to.

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