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Divine/ Spirit
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November 23, 2005, 2:08 pm

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In the begining there was a great Darkness. Then there was light. It was Helion.

In the begining there was a great Darkness. Then there was light. It was Helion.

Bits and pieces of Helion fell away in that brilliant moment. They are in the sky as stars.

Seeing the world, he breathed life into it. The world smiled at him. He breathed life into the air that moved. He breathed life into the water that stood before it fell and flowed. He breathed life into the earth, and it slowly moved. Sometimes he breathed and some air spilled over, thus bringing fire to the world. The elements played upon the world.

Sometimes he would be close, sometimes he would be far away, just to keep things changing for the elementals.

Then new things came to be. These things began to grow. These things began to move. They grew and moved for a time, then went silent. They needed to be renewed. Helion traveled the sky, bringing light and life to all its parts.

Time passed. Helion granted life each day. He even blew life into the moon, so it could gently grant slight life at the night.

The new things lived and played with the elements. They would eventually die away, their gift of breath exhausted. They would return to the elemental state, to someday receive the breath of life again.

He eventually blew enough spark into a beast to fan a small flame. These beasts kept the flame inside them, never allowing it to burn out. With little thought, they were selfish. They used their flame to destroy the dance, rather than join in. They seldom spread their eternal flame into other like he had. He blew out a few of their flames and the rest of the kind fell silent, seldom to bothers other ever again.

But he grew lonely. He was high above all, shining down on them, forever seperate. There was no one to really understand what he did. No one else to know. Late one winter he despaired. Carefully, quietly, he blew the spark of thought into a few forms. They rejoiced. Helion grew happy.

Eventually he chose a form that was correct for him. He blew not jsut a spark of thought, but fanned it into a small spirit flame. Through these flames he would live among then. He whos flame burned most bright had the touch of Helios and all wisdom. He led the people. They propered multiplied and diversified.

Now things had been accidently created - Shadows. Where there is light, there is dark. As Helion granted light to the world, he also granted dark. They decieved those with flames (probably responsible for Eternal Flame Beasts being Selfish), turning them away from the light and the warm of Helion. Making them rely only on their own flames (and diminishing those along the way).

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Voted Pariah
December 23, 2005, 18:47
And the story behind the why the Sun God is the most revered is finally told.
Voted valadaar
May 15, 2013, 13:26
Only voted

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