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October 6, 2010, 7:20 pm

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As you walk up the stairs of the black and grey, with white trim Victorian, you can hear the corny organ music. Open the door and an animatronic Dracula near the door snaps into life, its motion sensors tripped by your entrance. "Velcome to 13 Mockingbird Lane. Blaaahhhhh."  You are surrounded by large rubber spiders, cobwebs, and black light images. Proceeding in, you surrounded by more costumes than a Hollywood studio's storeroom.

This is an establishment for a modern, pulp campaign, and near modern campaign. It is tooled towards supers gaming, but is flexible enough.

The large rambling farm era Victorian houses quite a store. The organ music and the occasional atmospheric noise (wind, scream, lightning) are only interrupted by the occasional price check. Rows upon rows of authentic and detailed costumes hang from racks on the main floor. The walls are lined with props of any and all descriptions. In the basement is every possible Halloween decoration made. There is always staff (and video monitoring so they know where to be) to help you find what you need. If you can’t find your costume, props, or Halloween need at 13 Mockingbird lane, you probably wont find it on the planet (without hiring a professional special effect or movie team).

Owned and operated for the last 20 years by Lilian and Henry "Herman" Jacks, 13 Mockingbird Lane, it used to only be open just before Halloween, but is now so popular it remains open, and profitable, all year. It carries seasonal costumes, so if you need a spring fairy, an Easter Bunny, a Santa, a Turkey, or an Uncle Sam, you can find it there about that time. There are costumes for rent here, but the rental prices are excessive. It is shop designed for owning.

In addition to the mass produced Halloween costumes they carry, Lilian and Herman design and construct their own line of costumes. It started as a sideline. Over the years they have become quite expert. Available only by special order, these costumes are often so detailed they are indistinguishable from the real thing—their soldier costumes look like actual military uniforms, their police uniforms feel authentic. They also have access to some extra special materials (ectocloth, hypermesh, fiber optic cloth) for those who need extra special costumes. They have a diverse clientele and should be on any adventurerss rolodex.

Note, they have been occasionally tapped by the local television station and the growing local film industry for costumes. Demand may require them to expand.

The Neighborhood

The shop is located just out of the downtown area, in one of those fringe areas between the urban and suburban. The blocks are mixed with older Victorian styled homes and brownstones, which themselves are a mix of professional offices, kitchy boutiques, and refurbished residences. In fact, they are right next door to one of the citiy's best independent architects and the best sandwich shops in the district.

The Building revisited

While it is on Mockinbird Lane, its address is actually 2813. The proprietors live in three of the upper floor apartments.  The house once housed a huge extended farm family. The three sprawling levels once housed one of the founding families of the city. There is a tiny plaque noting this at the curbside. In the 20s it was broken down into an apartment building. Due to a complex banking issue, it came on the market and Lilly and the large Henry snatched it up. They wanted the house to live in, and they wanted a new location for their costume store (The Costume Closet). The apartments were opened up (and the substandard plumbing and kitchens taken out).  As the business expanded, the opened rooms - former apartments - became departments.

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March 13, 2014, 22:14
I can see a 'CosPlay'-inspired plot grow from this.


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No feller can be causin a ruckus inside any of my fine establishments, as always rule number one god damnit.

n' second the portal works kinda tricky. When ya outside ya cast the spell and lend your will to luck a bit and regardless the doors to the bar will appear, the windows a luminescent amber.. you can hear the chattee but ya can't see in. And the catch is the door might be locked, in which case you chalk it up to lady luck and go walk off and try again in an hour. Now most times the door pops right open and from the outside you always come in the front door, immediately greeted by myself or one of our many fine patrons of Hooper McFin's Ale & Steakhouse.

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Dr. Clarke T. Mulligan - Professional researcher of Time & Space.

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