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How Green Was My Valley

Martian colonist and terraformer is despondent about leaving Earth and her family, and struggles to find meaning in her existence on the red planet while dealing with frontier issues, hard rock miners, and the pending martian civil war

Starship Gump

A below average man finds himself in increasingly extraordinary situations and becomes a hero - a CogNet fantasy sim


Slice of life story from Southland Arcoplex sprawl, with competing ethnic and bio-ethnic groups in contentious hostile relationships, all lorded over by racist police and the distant lords of the towers

Speilberg in Love

A drama-romance set in the neo-1970s with a dashing Steven Spielberg romancing his way through several movies, all mysteriously with the same cast, chasing the same actress until she falls in love with him

The Dead Earth

A mid-western family indebted to a corporate lord work the land, and through cleverness they prosper until war decimates the region, and forces them to flee to Chicago, where they live as scum. After a major riot and DFE, they find hidden wealth and return home, purchase the old lord's house, and take over. IT all comes to naught as the driving characters are killed, and the neer-do-wells abscond with what remains of the money, where they themselves are murdered by bandits.

War of Marriage

A nuclear family falls apart, completely contrary to social gender roles, lawyers engage and display their worst, generating popular discontent towards human lawyers, gender roles, and traditional marriage. A period agitprop piece

The Hawk

A gene-modded parapsychic suffers delusions that his movie roles were real, and that rather than being a Hollywood living special effect that he is an amalgam of superheroes, culminating with his accidental suicide while his gene-modded daughter watches

An Old Man and His Cat

The road piece follows an old man attempting to walk his cat, going through the pitfalls of old age, traditional familial relationships, property ownership issues, and societal abandonment. Mad Max, but old, sad, and without violence.

Around the Solar System in 80 Days

The psuedo-mystical adventure of a corporate gentleman's personal quest to visit every planet in the solar system in less than a year.

The Beautiful Game

A mentat savant suffers continual hallucinations where he cannot tell who is real and who is not, and through the course of investigating a DFE, he stumbles through a phase shift, where no one is real, and everyone is real, and begins to think that he is the hallucination.

The Woman in Red

An cubicle slave is suddenly captivated by a woman in red, and begins doing things so that he can cross her path by chance. He strikes up a rapport, and attempts to cheat on his spouse with her, but is killed attempting to escape from her spouse upon his return. Red is revealed to be a sex lure, and routinely follows this path for attention and media endorsements


A lone spacer survives the break up of a asteroid mining platform, hallucinates, and wakes up on the beach. Did she really survive, or is this another potentially fatal hallucination as she dies from oxygen starvation

The Rose

Set in wartime, the protagonist couple are spectator, and soldier in the battle. The wife gardens, and is returning from a show when an enemy raid sees her husband sortie against the attacker, which he succeeds in destroying, and winning over. Collateral damage from the attack (caused by the attacker) sees his spouse killed, and a large section of his home destroyed.

Born Yesterday

A man takes a clone wife as a trophy, and doesnt realize she comes from high IQ stock, and is smart and capable, she eventually undermines him and takes control of his affairs, much to her amusement. An anti-clone propaganda film

Bridge of Lies

Legal drama with the people's most charming actor defending a spy, then working to trade said spy to the villains to secure the exchange of heroes captured by said villains

The Last Marine

The last surviving American marine, blind, goes on a Catcher in the Rye-esque weekend before planning to end his life, but doesnt, instead becoming a father and moral figure for his PA, a young man facing his own demons

The Artist

A camp smarm arthous film

My Fair Lady

A street urchin is brought into Number 1 arco and turned into a proper debutante as part of a bet between a pair of well heeled socialites

The Blind Side

An unscupulous sportsball recruiter finds potential physical adept children, adopts them, gene-mods them, and gets them lucrative careers in sports and entertainment, using charisma, coercion, deception, leading many of them into wealthy, but lives worse than the ones they had before. propaganda - success belongs to your betters, and happiness is found on the street and the ghettoes.

The Wild Man

A PacRim family adopts a DFE sourced bigfoot

The Greatest Show on Earth

the cybernetic spectacle of a circus, with a freak show, de-extincted megafauna, clowns, etc - follows the manager, faces corruption, etc, all part of the mundane biz behind the dazzle. Dinosaurs, X-men, etc

Dead Mountain

A pathos laden tale of war, with the protagonist deserting the losing side, facing trails on the road home, is attacked by anti-deserter forces, consumates his romantic relationship, and dies.

Life Becomes Her

A man builds sexbots that dont know they are machines, they hate each other and lust after his affections, even as he ages and they become increasingly damaged

The Beast

A man is afflicted with unstable biology after a DFE, he turns into a monster and rampages

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