Special weather type phenomena are associated with overly magical areas. Typical areas these phenomina will be found in have one thing in common. The presence of high levels of magic

1 Dead Men Moan

Manifests as a deathly moan accompanied by very slight wind. Usually created an area where at least 20 Sapiants were killed by the same spell. Causes minor melee combat penalty in those that fail their save. Also ads to the effectiveness of Fear spells cast in its area

2 Cohesive Blood Pool

Huge slimy 1 inch thick slow moving pool of blood, technically undead, creates slippery area with minor harmful effect on movement and dexterity. Created by toxic waste left over by necromatic experiments.

3 Stone Hail

Found in areas of constructed stone that have been subjected to failed stone effecting spell. At first the stone apears normal for its area, but upon being trod on half marble sized bits of stone break loose from the worked stone and bounce around moderatly harmfully(as short sword). When lifeforms leave the large dinning room sized area, the hemisphers reattach to the ground.

4 Demon Devil

Smokey ,sulfur smelling black dust devil created by failed air elemental summoning spells, slight impediment to vision and missile weapons , mostly harmless, just looks and smells ominous.

5 Faux Rain

Rain that comes up from the ground. Very mildly acidic. Created from failed water elemental summoning spells.

6 Ash Flakes

Cloud of snow flake sized ash pieces, Moderate to severe eye hazard ,created from very powerful fire spells. Flows sideways only.Semi sentient and malevolent.

7 Rustorm

Copper tinted wind created by the deaths of a large number of rust beasts. Very corrosive to non-magic metal. ,minor corrosive effect on magic metal.

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