Fascinated by: Zora is a vain and shallow woman, fascinated by her own beauty, and legacy. She spends a large amount of time on her wardrobe, make-up, hair, and her magic is full of flare, shock and awe, and artistic power.

Seduced by: The Sorceress Queen has been seduced by the trappings of power, and glorifies herself with a grandiose castle, cadres of dark knights and dragon riders, and the attentions of a court of sycophants and masochists.

Offended by: Zora is offended by displays of mercy, pity, or by having her appearance or power slighted, she will respond to such things with horrific displays of power, such as ripping the skeleton out of an offending soft hearted soldier, or turning a snide courtier or noblewoman into a hairy animal.

Frightened by: Zora spend her childhood growing up weak, ugly, and powerless, and falling back into this terrifies her, and drives her to be strong, an avatar of beauty, and to force the world around her to kneel to her, to cower at her name, and for strangers to show her humility and tribute.

Rewite 2.0

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