Properly, Xeo America is an ACPS mega resort in a areosynchronous orbit above Kunlun, as geo implies Earth, and most of the western names for Mars and it's features have been replaced by Chinese names, as China represents the dominant nationality on the planet. The resort has been assembled to operate as the penthouse of Wukong's Ladder, a space elevator.


Xeo America is a massive bernal sphere floating above Huo Hsing. It started life as an asteroid, a demi-moon in orbit above the red planet. The Chinese captured it, moved it into a stable orbit, and started building. They flattened one side of the asteroid and used the excess material to fill out the other side. A geodesic sphere was assembled around the structure, and over several years, was filled with a breathable atmosphere. Guests of Xeo America can walk freely across the surface in nothing more than chinos and a polo shirt, or a traditional sarong. 

As a mega resort, Xeo America has a dozen themed hotels, a massive commercial complex, and a huge theme park. The gimmick is that this was not an accurate representation of the former United States, it was very much an Asian-centric perspective on the 'Beautiful Country'. It has many of the salient features of American iconography, a twice the size replica of the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, an Opryland music hall, a giant waving Texas Cowboy, a semblance of the Vegas strip, a highly incorrect version of Mount Rushmore (featuring Mao Zedong, Xi Jinping, Chiang Kaishek, and Confucius), the Hollywood sign, and a few other (insert your own oriental version of significant American landmark) sites. There are many restaurants and spas, but these are very heavily skewed towards Chinese traditions, with what is considered an American flare. Cheeseburgers can be had, but they are made with miso paste, and are more likely to be made of surimi (minced fish) or a blend of shellfish, soy, and other ingredients. Ketchup is present, but almost all other traditional American flavors and sauces are non-existent.

There are several modes of transit in Xeo America, but the main attraction is to ride the perimeter of the resort on what are considered to be vintage American Harley Davidson motocycles. There is also a 'dude ranch' that has a number of synth animals; horses, bison, cougars, and rattlesnakes, all artificial so they need to food or medical care.

Grandiose Plans

Xeo America is a massive monument to the ACPS on Huo Hsing, and as it serves as the upper anchor of the Wukong Space Eleator, it will be the crown of the Emperor's accomplishments. 

Xeo America has no grandiose secrets, no hidden nefarious purpose, it is a massive Chinese vision of America, how it is seen from the outside, and through the lens of time, several centuries after the demise of that nation. For a point of reference, Xeo America should feel like visiting an America themed theme park in the middle on China, being a massive attraction for people who've never been to the US, so it looks foreign and decadent, but all the familiar domestic elements. A contrasting perspective would be native Chinese people visiting a China themed amusement park in the Great Lakes region and trying to figure out just how in the name of the Middle Kingdom that they are experiencing Cincinnati chili spaghetti in Tienanmen Square.

Once the Wukong elevator is operational, Xeo America will become the crown jewel of Huo Hsing. The attraction is expected to drive tourism to the Red planet, as well as potentially invigorate the ACPS space industry. The attraction is expected to appeal to China, Nippon, and a slew of other non-Western countries that were enamored with the legacy of the United States.

Future Plans and Scrapped Ideas

Xeo America is the first stage in the August Emperor of Jade's plan. If it is successful, there are plans to create further attractions, with the most prominent being a real life mega park on the Red Planet to recreate the American Wild West, as well as expanding further into the exploitation of other national cultures. Plans for Xeo France, Xeo Britannia, Xeo Mexico, and Xeo Roma are in the concept and illustration stages, following the asteroid in a ball plan of Xeo America. Half of this is engineering, design, and applied anthropotronics, and the other half is economic and commercial industry. With sufficient economic influence, and investment in resorts, media, shipping, and heavy construction, the ACPS can potentially secure dominance without engaging the military actions. 

There was a ACPS military plan to install a black market source Higgs cannon in the mock up of the Statue of Liberty, so that if threatened, the statue could engage hostile forces with it's torch becoming a beam weapon with a 200 kiloton yield blast. The Emperor was deeply upset by this, as Xeo America should represent the ideal of America, not it's actual legacy. By the Emperor's decree the Xeo America facility is completely unarmed, there are not even point defense weapons on the station, which is a registered and internationally recognized fact, making the entire station a neutral and non-combatant installation. Any ship, ANY ship, firing on Xeo America would be internationally recognized as a pirate vessel, and be subject to military action from any armed ship in the vicinity.

Xeo America is also, for the same reason, deliberately lacking strategic and military assets. It doesn't have a military barracks, no integral fighter support, and while it can dock with military ships, docking procedures are largely universal, and just as it can dock with one of the scarce ACPS fleet ships, it can just as easily dock a Federation battlestar, or Hanseatic heavy cruiser, or any of the remaining Pan-Solar luxury cruise liners. 

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