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January 19, 2007, 7:26 pm

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She’s a were hybrid (hybred?) Her mother is fox were her father is wolf were.  She’s a healer, but also a warrior.  She does not like to fight, but will if she has to.  And she will to defend what she thinks is right.  She is skilled in everything else needed to survive in the wilderness.  Such as tracking, hunting, etc.  She is always accompanied by her spirit guide, SkyStar, a large male wolf.  They can speak telepathically to one another. And they also share a common language, wolf.

Special Equipment:

A small leather pouch containing items her pack considers to give power and bring luck. (They are very supersticious.) Also a double edged sword given to her by a special friend.


Her skin is a dark tan and she stands about 5’4” in her human form.  In her maned fox/wolf hybrid were form she stands about 8’, small for a were. In both forms her mane/hair is black and her eyes are green. In her were form she has grey fur and sharp black claws.  If you’re still having problems pictureing her in were form go to and look at some of Golden’s were art.  It’s pretty close to how WindSong’s were form is built.  She’s pretty, but not drop dead beautiful. She has come to like human clothing instead of the animal skin clothing her people wear.  She’s cool and calm.  An easy going creature, for the most part unless you send her over the edge.  By then she’ll porbably be so enraged she’s already turned into her were form.  Emotional or physical stress can make her morph, but she can also do it at will. She adores children and is respectful of old and wise.  She hates to see either abused.  She is swift of foot and mind, she’s a skilled warrior, and big of heart.


She was born to a were pack made up of mostly wolf weres.  Her mother is fox were and her father is wolf were.  Because of this she’s a were hybrid.  They are a simple race, so they live simply.  
     Though this certain pack is more sophisticated than some.  The pack’s home is a cave on the base of a mountain.  The cave is much like a fortress with its intricate tunnles and such.  With the steep mountain at their backs and a wall of marble that they surrounded their mountain fortress with, from some help of the elven king, keeps them protected.  They are the first were pack known to do this.  The rest are nomadic and fallow there meat source as it migrates.
     They are allied with the elven folk. WindSong has many friends among the elves.  There has been conflict between the weres and humans for many centuries, but there are still some humans that have allied with the were’s. Here at this fortress they have much trade with the elven folk and humans.  They trade mostly furs and rare plants.  
     WindSong is highly respected among her people.  Respected because of her love for them and her kind, careing heart.  Her people also expect a lot from her which can sometimes be a problem.  They think she is destined to be great, because her family has always been highly honored and most are high in rank among her pack.  WindSong’s Uncle on her father’s side,FlashFang, is the alpha male of the pack.  Her aunt,Hawk, is alpha female.  They both hope that she or her brother, BloodCaller, will become one of the next alphas. Her father,One Who Knew, is a healer, from him is where she learned the art, and her mother,TrueHeart, came from another pack after it was destroyed by humans.  She also has a baby brother who is too young to have his name day, which will not happen untill his fifth summer.   WindSong’s bond to her family is strong.  She protects them fearlessly, almost ferociously.  They always come first in her mind and heart.
     She has been a sailor and loves the ocean, but does start to get homesick.  Despite her love for her home she has always been a wondering spirit and has traveled to many foreign lands.  She has helped many in need over the years.  She has now seen her sixteenth summer and is living with her pack,but can at any time decide to travel again. 

Roleplaying Notes:

She could become someones healer.  Or a fighter in an elven army.  Fighting for were freedom.  Fighting against slavery.  A sailor.  I usually see her on simple travels to distant lands and helping others with their problems simple or complicated. I don’t know.  Something will present itself.

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Comments ( 7 )
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March 30, 2004, 18:09
I don't have any sort of sense of personality from this. What is she like? What are her likes and dislikes? This is more about her family than about her.

March 30, 2004, 18:13
Oh, yeah and...
The name is very stereotypical, and the word is spelled "morph".
Obsidian Shadow
April 1, 2004, 1:41
Your background needs to be a liiittle bit more in-depth and easier to fallow. I agree with the Cap'n, I really can't get a sense of windsong's character, not with all the interference from "Trueheart" and "One Who Knew" and whatnot. The basic idea with the hybrids and were's is great, it's the details that need developing. On a more positive note, that link you gave about were's is freakin' awesome! ( )
Gave me some great ideas. Keep 'em comin' man,keep 'em comin'!
April 1, 2004, 18:54
I've tried know to give a better feel of her personality and I've corrected the word morph. Thankyou for pointing it out. I hate misspelled words in my posts. I'm sorry you dislike her name, but once I give a give a character a name I don't change it. Sorry Obsidian, I didn't notice that! I've tried to get it based on her again, but to me the family is part of the character. A character's family are what shaped and molded the character through life, so I wanted to incorperate them into her history. Details Details Details! Yes they are important. I'll try my best to start doing that. I used to pretty good at it, but my friends used to complain that I went to in depth, so I tried not to. The only problem is I can't get in between. I'm either too in depth or I'm not enough. Plus I get ideas in my head,but it's hard to completely explain them. I'm glad you liked the site! I'll send you the names of a few more sites I know!
April 2, 2004, 9:57
You should post the websites you know in here, Tsar:

I suggest, also, that you try to be in depth, and make your friends deal with it ^_~ A thorough submission is better than a shallow one where people have to fill in the void with questions to the author. Keep the ideas coming!!
Voted valadaar
May 14, 2013, 20:47
Only voted
Voted axlerowes
March 21, 2014, 6:38
has a classic RPG feel to it. simple in scope and execution, an easy to grab mystic

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