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The P'nash trees are 'created' trees, from the works of a race long ago. They sought harmony with nature, be still being a civilised people, harnessed it as well. Their philosophy was not to break the trees, or even bend them, but to shape them. To that end, they gained the knowledge to change a plants nature, how it lived and passed on it's seed to further generations, to to change the plant from what it was into something that was better suited for their needs.

The White P'nash tree produces a berry much like a Blueberry, but pale white and devoid of color. Typically, these are fermented into a wine with a tranquilizing effect.

However, if the berries are reduced to a paste and, once applied to a person's body, subjected to a euphoric mental state, the paste has a different effect. Activated paste, by itself, has no effect. If an activated white paste and an activated red paste come into contact, they explode.

Additional Information

Remember that the mental state of the creature wearing the paste is the key. Movement and sound have nothing to do with activating the paste, but if the consciousness of the creature is disturbed, then the mental state is lost.

A humanoid creature covered head to toe in activated paste typically creates a fireball sized explosion.

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