Special Equipment:

The ring of Fire, Mana orb, Marek's Bear Skin.


Has long black hair, and beautiful eyes. She is very beautiful and anyone with low wisdom will do anything for her. She is very polite and is of the middle upper class.


Vinet grew up in a big home with her mother who was a great mage. one day when her mother left to go get some magical items she never returned. Now at the age of 20 she searches for her mother and for the person who kidnapped her. She doesn't let this get in her way of her adventures though and she never holds her party back.Her mother told her that she should always choose an element that shes interested in and she should never fear it's opposite element.

Roleplaying Notes:

is at about level 7 - 14.She can be used in hard or easy plots but if it;s to hard than she might die.She is not very good in physical combat because of her low strength and HP but she is great with magic. What if her and her friends found the guy/girl that kidnapped her mother? what would she do? how would she react?

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