Daywalker Gem

A Daywalker Gem is a magic item created by a magic user for a specific vampire. The ritual requires a piece of topaz or another orange/yellow gemstone, and must be done under the noon sun. The gem is set in a piece of jewelry made specifically for the vampire in question. This allows the vampire for whom the ring is made to travel in sunlight without ill effect. They will appear as a normal, albeit pale, person. The gem is not without drawbacks, it weakens a vampire's blood fueled powers. While this is a minor inconvenience to elder vampires, neonate vampires might find all of their supernatural powers negated.

A second drawback is that the magic user (wizard, witch, warlock) who created the gem can at will undo the ritual and negate the magic of the ring. The death of the spellcaster doesn't undo the spell, but through various means, the spirit of a spellcaster can be summoned through necromancy, and they can be enticed to undo the spell. A more powerful magic user can attempt to dispel or negate the power of any magic item created by a lesser magi. This is difficult, and likely to create magic rivals and feuds.

Gem of Amara Keremets

The Gem of Amara Keremets is a powerful magic item, drawn from the now distant depths of the Wyld. The origins of these gems is largely unknown, but they are known as Gems of Heroism. So long as the Gem is worn, the wearer cannot be slain, no matter the amount of damage inflicted on them. For supernatural beings, a gem of Amara Keremets negates ALL of their supernatural disadvantages. A vampire cannot be staked or burned by the sun, werewolves suffer no extra damage from silver, fae are not harmed by cold iron.

The Gems of Amara Keremets are very rare, limited in number, and all are known. They can also be destroyed easily. A mundane hammer can smash these stones, and render them powerless.

Apocalypse Ascendancy

The Apocalypse Ascendancy was created September 9th, 1999 and created the modern incarnation of LAbyNite. On 9-9-99, the Apocalypse occurred. The Vampire Lords rose, the Wyrm was brought incarnate upon the Earth, and even nuclear weapons were unleashed as everything went to complete and total hell. The Apocalypse Ascendancy is a basketball sized sphere of perfect crystal, containing a mosaic of light, darkness, and swirling colors. Activating the Ascendancy allows a person to travel through the artifact and back into 1999. This is a one way trek, and getting back out requires powerful magic.

The Ascendancy is a cosmic abcess, and destroying it would undo the current reality and allow the Apocalypse Timeline (the Omega Line) to reassert itself.

The Vampire's Coffin

A vampire has a single coffin, made for them, and filled with soil from their place of birth, or the place of their death. The vampire who owns the coffin can use it as a refuge and a safe place, allowing them to enter the Little Death, and allow years to pass away from them. This lets them heal rapidly, and even rise with a new nature, allowing them to assume a new identity. They can also 'set an alarm' to rise when certain conditions are met. Vampires who enter the Little Death are at the mercy of their environment and undead nature for how long they remain in their torpid state.

A vampire can reconsecrate a new coffin, but it requires them to acquire a suitable coffin, and fresh soil from their place of birth or death, and then they must suffuse themselves into this soil filled casket and attune themselves to it. Destroying a vampire's coffin is considered very bad form, and most would rather hold another's casket hostage rather than destroy it.

Starling Collar

Often looking like a necklace, a Starling Collar is a silver magic item that prevents a shapeshifter from changing forms. These are created by magic users in alliance with vampires, and use them to chain the more dangerous shapeshifters who aren't willing to join forces under the vampires. They are considered cursed objects.

Black Spiral Dancers have a variant Whipporwill Collar that prevents a shifter from reverting from their hybrid warform. These are used by suicidal warriors, or for various other, ore nefarious purposes.


A piece of Deadstone is rock hewn from the Underworld, which was used to craft a headstone. These headstones are used to form anchors for ghosts, and anyone buried (within 3 days of death) under a deadstone will be brought back as a restless ghost. Necromancers and blood magi will use these to keep slave ghosts, punish mortals beyond the grave, or as a sort of Hallowed Ancestor charm. These ghosts can do ghost things, be forced to reanimate a corpse as a revenant, and so forth.

Deadstones are stolen from the underworld, and possession of one is to be an enemy of the dead

Bloodstone Gem

A Bloodstone Gem is created by vampire blood magic, and is technically made of nothing more than crystallized blood. This gem possesses supernatural power, and for any vampire wearing it, they will find it can boost their access to blood disciplines.

There are several tiers of Bloodstone Gems. The weakest bloodstone gems grant nothing more than a point of a basic blood discipline: potence, celerity, fortitude. Greater Bloodstone Gems empower the greater disciplines, and allow for a vampire to exceed their generation limit for abilities. There are a handful of Antediluvian Gemstones that belonged to each of the originator vampires, and grant near total mastery over their clan disciplines. Possessing an antediluvian gem is a vexing matter, as the will of the original vampire is contained within it and will continue to influence the wearer of the ring.

Sacred Ash

A Sacred Ash is a mystical tree in the Verbena/Mystic tradition, and it's wood is anathema to vampires and other undead. Weapons made of sacred ash inflict aggravated damage, and more importantly, ignore vampiric fortitude for inflicting damage. These trees are grown as the focal point of a druidic grove, and rarely appear in nature. They are always in places of mystic importance, and form rings that can be used to travel into Rakshastan, the realm of the Fae.

Vampires know about Sacred Ash, and have driven axes and flame to clear the forests. This drives out the werewolves and the mystics, those who are the best equipped to defeat and destroy them.

Vampire's Music Box

A blood magic device that emits a very high frequency sound. It causes extreme pain to those with enhanced hearing, or using supernatural hearing, drowning out everything but it's deafening shriek. It contains the spirit of a Banshee.

Vampire Music Boxes are used to prevent auspex users from eavesdropping on conversations. it also confounds those using clairaudience to listen in as well.

Van Helsing's Ring

A Van Helsing's ring is a mortal Ring of Resurrection. It will bring the body of a mortal (and only a mortal) back to life after they have been killed by supernatural means. If the wearer contracts a non-supernatural illness, suffers a mundane accident, or dies from old age, the ring does nothing. If they are slain by a supernatural or supernatural means, they will rise within 24 hours, so long as the ring isn't removed from their body.

A Ring of Rodents, the Van Helsing rings have been around and allowed mortal hunters to survive many fatal attacks and come back after the vampires who they were hunting.

Van Helsing's pocketwatch

Superficially a pocketwatch, this device uses magic to detect the nearest vampire. Would be hunters use these to try and find vampires for their hunting activities, especially those who masquerade as humans. One of these undead detectors will zero in on a vampire wearing a daywalker ring, a ghost riding a living host, or other supernatural or undead elements.

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