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January 21, 2007, 11:05 pm

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A wonderer, a warrior. He is both cursed and blessed, he is feared and loved, but always misundestood.


Tython is 5’9. He has green scales all over his body, with clawed feet and hands. He has long purple hair, and deep purple eyes. He has a blue turtle shell, that also covers his chest and stomach. He wears a grey hooded robe, grey baggy pants(like DBZ), and a brown belt.


Tython was once a Human, and also a different person. He was born in the capital city of Shod-Arc-Vas, located in Drivend, the trade city of the world, Novern. He is the son of poor trader Cylios, and whore Dezerc. Dezerc left Cylios soon after birth, never to return. Cylios stuggled to support young Tython, until he hit it rich with a home made steel, called Tylios, named after both of them.
Cylios spoiled Tython with gifts, but taught him right from wrong. Due to this Tython depended too much on his father, and although smart he barely used any of the information he learned from his private teachers. The only thing he did’nt depend on was weapons. He was trained at a young age in the art of hand to hand combat, and exelled at it.
When Tython was 19 his father died due to an illness, and inherited his money and buisiness. He fell apart however, and lost everythig within a year. He had only the clothes on his back, and started to wander Shod-Arc-Vas.
He grew to like being alone, and the peace it brought him was amazing. He had never felt this carefree even as a child. He grew a bond with nature, and over the next couple of years learned how to use nature to heal, and strengthen himself. He kept wandering Shod-Arc-Vas, helping those he saw. After a couple of years of doing this he was known all over Shod-Arc-Vas as The Wanderer. He was happy with his life, and exchanged all his knowledge with those he met. He learned much about Shod-Arc-Vas this way, and was very intelligible.
When Tython was 31 a poweful necromancer named Vothil Judius was killing and raising an army of dead. He was on a war path towards the capital city in Drivand. Tython joined the Imperials in their fight against the dark tyrant. After 26 years of fighting the two armies met at the center of Shod-Arc-Vas, in Borag-Tal, for the final confrontation which would later to be known as the Battle of Life and Death.
The battle was looking grim after 3 months of fighting. Vothil was winning, and was now attacking in the front lines. Tython led the Imperials to battle on the final day of war. He met with Vothil in battle, and killed him. With the death of their leader the animated corpses fell limp. But with his last breath Vothil cursed Tython with the blood of a demon. Tyhon transformed into a hideous beast,and although he was stronger he was believed to be possessed by Vothil, and was hunted from then on. He left Shod-Arc-Vas in search for a cure. He still helps anyone in need, no matter what they think of him. He is a tactical fighter, and lightning fast. He is honor bound to help those in need, and is now completely unselfish, gladely willing to sacrifice himself for a stranger.

Roleplaying Notes:

Plot Hook
The Pc’s find out the bounty on Tython, and search for him. On their journey they meet with his mother Dezerc. She tells them where he was born. When they reach Novern all the traders tell them of his past up to his ‘final’ battle, and how he was possessed by Vothil. They also say they know nothing else of Tythons journies. When they decide to leave the city they meet a bounty hunter named Herad. Herad tells them he’s tracked Tython down to his current campsite after months of following his trail. He offers to split the reward if they help him defeat him, since he did beat Vothil. If the Pc’s agree they will follow Herad to Tythons campsite. Tython engages in conversation, and Herad tells him why they’ve come. Tython explains what really took place, but Herad was only in it for the money. The Pc’s now have a choice. If they help Herad they will get 150 gold. If they help Tython will thank them. He also says he can trust them, and asks if they can help him fnd an old relic that can change his appearance. It is called the Amulet of Shapeshifter. He says it can be found in Catoraph, a country in the northern nation Bladendor. If the Pc’s agree Tython will join their party. When they reach Catoraph and ask the taverns of Catoraph were the relic is, but with no luck. After they exit the last tavern in Catoraph they meet a drunk named Jon Armad who claims to know where the relic is. If the Pc’s folow him outside city limits they will be ambushed by three thieves. When they corner Jon after the fight he says he was told by the Bandit Lord to kill anyone looking for the relic. He also says that they may have found it in an old castle in Tel-Ager. If the Pc’s kill him he wont be able to warn his friends at the castle, whichwould make it easier. When they do reach the castle they see 5 bandits gaurding the front gate. After they fight and enter the castle they must navigate past zombies and traps, until they find the treasure room. In the room they see Jon with tree badit captians, and they fight. In the aftermath of the fight Tython puts on the amulet, and changes his appearance to his old look. He then leaves, and the Pc’s get the 500 gold pieces left in the treasure room. From then on Tython will appear al over the world, in cities, an on the road, selling rare weapons of Tylios. He will sell these items for a cheaper price then other shops to the Pc’s.
Demon Eyes
Normally Tython has purple eyes, and is as strong as he was
when he fought Vothil, but with more knowledge on the world. When his eyes turn blood red he becomes full demon, and is faster and stronger. His claws become unbreakabe, and his arms are like steel. He can also use his ultimate technique in this form, called Demon Hand. Its quite simple really, he heats up his hands to about 200 degrees, enough to melt metal in seconds. The only bad thing to this is that after 30 minutes he will become unstable, and attack anything he sees, friend or foe. Thus, he almost never transforms, or he might end up hurting the ones he’s trying to protect.

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Comments ( 5 )
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March 6, 2005, 3:58
I like the character quite a bit - tragic hero, 'tis on what many a story thrives. The plot hook is not exceptional, though, but that does not reduce the quality of the character.
Dragoon God
March 6, 2005, 4:27
Thank you! I really am happy that I got such a high rating, I cant believe it! I added something to him, so you might just want to check out the notes section for his demon abilties.
March 6, 2005, 10:08
This guy is really cool! Isaw him in a couple of the forums to, he seems kickass! Raelly good job dude!
Voted Zylithan
November 10, 2005, 11:49
This character is better than several I have seen, and the addition of the plot hook is nice, but the post could be improved in some ways.

-formatting. I haven't posted here yet, so maybe it's harder than I imagine, but a little big of formatting can go a long way.

-nuance. While you have given a long history of the character, it seems that only events which explain his powers are given. In a complicated situation I don't know how this character would act, because the background relies more on cliche than on humanity and emotion.

Have you tried writing up weak characters ever? I imagine it is much harder to make them "individual" because they don't have wild things like animal body parts and etc. but for exactly that reason I think it would be a good exercise for everyone (myself included).
Voted valadaar
March 25, 2014, 9:34
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