This fine silver tray is 7 inches in diameter and engraved with images of philosophers and unicorns. The bottom of the tray has ancient stylized glyphs and decorative writing.The tales on the tray are all about deception, greed and murder.

The owner will admit that it is enchanted to give off a faint shine even in the dark so that it can be easily found and used at night. It is magically impossible to stain.

The tray is elegant and well balanced, suitable for carrying drinks, sweets, or fine items.

Magical Properties:

The tray was a gift to a great monarchphilosopher of old. Some say that it was fashioned from a silver gavel of divine judgment. Others claim that it is the purity of the metals and the incantions in the the inscription that give its power.

It has the power to reveal the one holding it as a figure from the stories inscribed on its surface. The holder must be given a small item to carry to another recipient ie. a cup, a candy etc... To those familiar with the ancient stories they will see both the holder and an allegorical character carrying the tray. The object on the tray will appear as something from the deepest ambition or guilt of the holder.

The great mage Elden entertained the chamberlain and discussed the promotion of various apprentices.

'Ah, Migador, welcome. The chamberlain and I were just discussing your Investiture, I have filled him with tales praising your ability and dedication.'

'Oh, I see the cook left tea for us that is getting cold. Would you give it a stir and present it to the Lord Chamberlain.'

Elden's eyes focus as the little cups are deliverred to the chamberlain. To the mage's sight, Migador is gone and in his place a poisonous viper takes the chamberlain a tray of blood stained gold.

When Migador turns toward Elden his aspect changes to that of a laughing jackel carrying a poisoned challice. With studied self control Eldon takes the little tea cup with a small bow. Migdor lowers the tray and is simpley Migdor again.

'The Lord Chamberlain and I will seek a place of great trust and confidence for you Migador. Consider in which part of the empire you would like to begin your service. Now is a time for ambition! Tomorrow you will be placed in the greatest service to the King.

Leave us old men to consider old battles. Tomorrow, you will have a very important day!'

The images produced by the tray are visible only to one intimately familiar with the tray and its stories. They reveal the holders relationship to whomever is to receive the tray contents.

To one unfamiliar with the stories from the tray it reveals nothing.

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