Special Equipment:

- A small, quick, and very evil dagger.
- Lots of random potions.


Tolk stand about 3ft tall, maybe a little shorter. He wears dark blue robes, almost black, that cover his entire body and a pair of worn brown gloves. His face is always cloaked in shadows except for his piercing yellow eyes. He wears a belt full of pouches and always carries an oversized saddle-bag. Nobody knows what this could contain.


Patrick Greenbottle was a normal halfling spellcaster who loved potions. He started dabbling in magic at a young age and caught on quick, soon he was teaching others the art of magic. He often left his homelands in search of rare potion ingredients. On one such trip he made contact with a group of mages known as The Brothers of Arcane Might. They all wore dark robes that covered their entire bodies and worn old gloves... and they had a very evil taint about them. Patrick was a very neutral person, not one to judge by appearance. He went along with the group to their underground lair. It was filled with lots of wierd magical devices and even wierder odors. They took him in with open arms and welcomed him as a fellow spellcaster. Soon he felt at home, he felt like one of them. He forgot all about his potion ingredient and forgot about everyone he he ever knew, all he knew was his new friends... That's when the ritual took place, the same ritual all the Brothers went through. He was taken to the lowest level of the lair and the things that happened there are unspeakable. His body was destroyed and transformed into pure arcane energy then bound within a dark green robe and a pair of gloves. Then he was given his new name: Tolk, a four letter name, like all the Brothers. He became a legend to his family and friends, they never found out what happened to him, they believe he made a potion that turned him into and angel and he went to serve a higher purpose... It's sad, isn't it? Tolk now lives with the Brothers and occasionally helps recruit new members. He still makes potions but they are now more powerful and usually have an evil twist.

Roleplaying Notes:

Tolk is evil, but not totally EVIL evil. He is ruthless when it comes to enemies but is not likely do kill someone without reason. He also will not hesitate to use a potion or hurl a fire-bomb at someone, he rarely uses his dagger of evil but when he does it has devastating effect.