Full Item Description As stated earlier, it is merely a slender rod cast from a metal smelted by the Quarsooth. No longer than eleven inches in total length, it is extremely light, and has an elongated, tapering mouth piece at one end, which seems to be able to accomadate the mouth of any humanoid being, regardless of how large their mouths might intially be in proportion to the mouthpiece.

History When the Quarsooth first begun the evolutionary process of infesting the inhabitants of the advanced cultures that dwelled on the planets located close to their home-world, they discovered that unlike the brutish reptilians that they had been the first to have their primitve brains seized and hijacked by these sentient microbes, fairly intelligent races were often capable of mounting a succssseful campaign of resistance when escapess from the Quarsooth would exploit their advanced verbal skills to warn their kindred of what the Quarsooth had in store for those that they captured alive. Horrified and appalled by the idea of their free-will being seized entirely by intrusive alien parasites in their very minds, these cultures soon developed a ferocious determination to die in battle, rather than suffer the dreadful fate of becoming a slave of the Quarsooth, with some of them even adopting violent sucide assaults on Quarsooth military targets as their main means of waging resistance. Of course the introduction of the Ahoi worm equipped weapon alleviated this problem to a large extent, but despite that, there were stil some captives that proved immune to the worm's toxins, or even worse violently allergic, resulting in painful convulsive deaths that subjected the Quarsooth to witnessing the gruesome spectacle of seeing perfectly healthy hosts die in front of their eyes. Now aware that purely physical means would not suffice for the enslavement of every sentient race that they'd encounter, the Quarsooth embarked on a more subtle method of rendering their captives easy victims for infestation.

Avid researchers of the rich and vibrant cultures they subjugated, the Quarsooth soon came to understand that many audially enbaled races enjoyed indulging in something called ''music'', a collection of various sounds that they evoked a joyous response from those that listened to them. Eager to exploit this new phenomenen their best researchers channled their ample resources into inventing a tool that would employ the aid of pleasing auditary gratifications, to pummel a sentient creature's free-wil into submission. The result of this was an instrument that when played to captive audiences, soon had them transformed into beaming creatures ready to subject themselves to the fate of infestation.

Magic/Cursed Properties When played, the Voice Of Blissful Enlightenment creates a hallucigenic effect in the minds of the audience. Surprised? Don't be. The moment the player blows his breath into the mouth piece, the spores of a certain fungus are released from a hidden compartment in the instrument and are widely dispered on the air. Endowed with the ability to induce a state of mind when unwittingly inhaled , the individual actually begins to have astonishingly vivid visions that are given shape by whatever auditory stimulus that his mind is currently recieving. Hence, shortly after the musical performence begins, he begins to have imposed but powerful fantasies of all the great blessings that the Quarsooth will bring their new subjects. And desperate to partake of them, he allows himself to recline into a state of content passivity, making himself an easy target for infestation.

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