Located in one of the furthest corners of the world, is the Temple of the Tormented Ones. A giant walled compound made of black and red granite blocks and contains three giant pyramids and 8 buildings. One of which lies an avatar of DanXurin, the Lord of Black Pleasures.

The left pyramid known as the Pyramid of Agony is where the demon Oni resides. The right pyramid is known as the Pyramid of Ecstasy and is where the demon Engel resides. The pyramid in the center is known as the Pyramid of the Black One and is where the avatar of DanXurin resides.

The Pyramid of the Black One is surrounded by a magical barrier that prevents anyone from entering and exiting. This barrier is powered by the other two pyramids. However in order to keep this barrier from shutting down, a sacrifice is required periodically. One person must be sacrificed to Oni and another to Engel who require the energy from those who are offered up to power the barrier that keeps DanXurin at bay.

The sacrifice to Oni is restrained and taken to the Pyramid of Agony and marched up the stairs to the top. The door is then opened and the sacrifice is thrown inside. Oni will then take it to the inner chambers to be slowly tortured to death for the energy to power the barrier. How long the victim lasts varies depending who is being offered up. Usually, they will last about a year before dying from the torture though.

The sacrifice to Engel is much different though. Unlike Oni who requires a sacrifice for him to torture, Engel requires a sacrifice to torture him. The one who is selected to be his torturer must then use all methods at his disposal to keep Engel in agony so that he can collect the energy to power the barrier. Don’t worry, his wounds will heal completely over night with a fresh body to torture ready the next day. Ironically these sacrifices don’t last as long as the ones given to Oni because there are not a lot of people who have the mental endurance to be a torturer.

Should the barrier fail, there is no telling what will happen when the avatar of DanXurin escapes from the temple compound and into the world. So it is of the utmost importance that the sacrifices are kept up to date.

The PCs could sabotage the sacrifices and try to kill both Oni and Engel (Good luck. This is extremely difficult.) But that would shut down the barrier and they would be fully responsible for whatever doom they consigned the world to when the avatar escapes the temple compound.

The PCs could try to kill the avatar of DanXurin (Just forget it. This is practically an impossible challenge.) and render the temple compound obsolete. But you would have to find a way to shut down the barrier and prevent the avatar from escaping the moment it goes down. And it is constantly looking for a way to escape.

The PCs could choose participate in the sacrifice rituals for a reward. This would be the best option.

Finally the PCs could just do nothing and allow things to go on as usual. Not exactly the best option.

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