Forged Buy Genorf Farsige (An ancient wizard with a dark mind) as a cruel prank on humanity. The sword is embossed with jewels of all kinds; the hilt is gold plated and resembles a dragon's head with inky black eyes that seem to stare into the darkest regions of your soul. From the dragon's mouth spouts the blade of the sword, which is engraved, with the seven chants of plague, doom, fear, malice, death, torture, and foreboding. It disturbs your very spirit to gaze upon this sword. But there are a few drawbacks.
You see Genorf was not a master blacksmith by any means, it was with magic that enabled him to give the sword its horrifying beauty, but the sword itself was barely strong enough to bare its own weight, the weapon could hardly be useful except for one peculiar thing, this one thing that kept the sword for being ever displayed in a museum. For when this sword was welded in battle everyone within a twenty-one foot radius would have horrible visions of themselves dieing slow horrible deaths. But this sword was not discriminate as you might think, because even the allies of the wielder had these horrible visions when within the horrible grasps of the evil sword.
The location of the sword is shown in map that is said to have been drawn by the devil himself, which is sealed in the crypt of a one Genorf Farsige

Magical Properties:

When weilded in battle, it causes everyone within a 21 foot radius to have horrible visions of there deaths. The visions are false.