The Stolen Items

'Hey! That's Mine!' 'Well, you can not prove that. However, we are selling it today.'


Full Item Description
The description of the items is quite simple. They are things that were once in the players' possession. The items were stolen a while back.

The characters were on an 'adventure'. Their property was stolen, presumably by Evil Minion. When they defeated the plans of the Evil Mastermind, they expected to find their stuff, but they didn't.

Yet here it is, quite a while later, in an estate sale of a recently deceased important peson. How did it come into the possession of the King's Cousin (or other important person), when the items were supposedly stolen by an Evil Minion?

Magic/Cursed Properties

Inspired by Strolen's One Line Entry in the original thread.


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Giggle, this would tick off my players so bad. One of them would get arrested for killing the poor auctioneer.

4/5 It makes me laugh at my players misfortune.

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hahaha, great idea

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Oooh! Delightfully nasty and a perfect way to wind the players up!

4.0/5 to you Moon!

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I dub this mini-scenario, 'Proof of Provenance'

PC to Estate manager: 'Hey, that's my dagger!'

Orc standing behind PC: 'Only after you stole it from my dead brother!'