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July 5, 2016, 6:28 am

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The Stealing Pouch


This innocent looking, soft leather pouch is a thief in itself. The wearer will always find coins magically appearing inside, while the people around him, will wonder how they suddenly lost all of the coins in their pouches..

The Stealing Pouch

This magical pouch is every adventurers dream, since it will always have coins in it, every time your put your hand inside the soft leather bag. Sometimes there will be a lot of gold and other times, only a handful of copper coins, but money will never be an issue, when you are about to buy something.

The brown, innocent looking pouch, has a magical devious secret. In the bottom of the pouch is a tiny portal, which automatically is linked to the pouches, bags and other forms of containers, of nearby people within a range of 30 meters / about 100 feet. When you reach inside the pouch, it will provide you with the coins of a random pouch, bag, etc. If there are no people in the vicinity, it will grab the coins of its previous owner, if any. If this is not the case, no coins will be available until it is put into range of another person again.

You can't feel the pouch of the victim and he can't feel the coins being lifted from his pouch. Only when then coins are retrieved into your hand, the victim will find his pouch empty. The pouch will only steal coins, but it doesn't differentiate between normal or magical coins. Or between friends and random shopkeepers.

This item can be used in other ways, like retrieving coins from a chest in a dungeon, but due to its size, it can only retrieve 100 coins at a time. You have to grab the coins inside the pouch for it to work. Holding it upside down, will not make the coins fall out.

The downsides to The Stealing Pouch

Coins stored inside the pouch will be split evenly to other pouches within the range. The coins are distributed randomly, so the person, from which you just got a copper coin, might end up with a gold coin instead.

The pouch is a great thing to have, until the day you lose it. From that day on, until you die, the new owner will always be able to retrieve coins from your pouch, no matter how far away you are. Beware! Lending the pouch to one of your friends, for just one "money grab", will put the curse on them too.

Additionally ideas:

  • The pouch already had a previous owner, when it enter the hands of the PCs. This malicious person is always putting cursed coins in his own pouches, which is randomly delivered to the current owner of the stealing pouch.
  • Visiting the local marked of a big city, the PC owning the pouch is shopping at a local booth. Suddenly a special coin is "delivered" to his pouch, bearing the royal seal of the prince. This means two things: One, the prince is at the marked, publicly og in disguise, and two, nobody steals the royal coin bearing his highness seal!
  • The owner of the pouch sometimes pick up both cursed and blessed coins from nearby salesmen. The different effects could add some fun or make it really annoying, when visitng the annual wizards convention.

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Comments ( 2 )
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Voted Scrasamax
July 5, 2016, 6:47
Interesting magic item, I like it. It's useful and random without being game breaking or zany. There is enough to keep it from being overpowered, and it is the sort of thing a low level PC/player would jump at, especially at that stage when they are buying everything wood and leather to gear up with, and a sword is a big investment. After that, it is easy to make the pouch a pain for them, so that they have to go find it, and destroy it, or do something with it so that it stops picking their pockets.

Nicely done.
Voted Woofer295
November 18, 2017, 14:19
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