The Sons of Charshaf are assassins devoted to the worship of Charshaf, the Lord of Ashes, a god of disease and plague. The Sons of Charshaf have an elaborate temple-fortress in a cavern complex in a certain mountain range in a certain portion of the land. They can be contacted by knocking on the corner of the building closest to the gates of a city, whereby a nearby initiate/contact of the Sons of Charshaf will be sent to take the price.

The Sons of Charshaf have a very unique way of killing their victims- in their Temple of Charshaf, they possess jars containing dusts of the various plagues and illnesses that they have collected in their long history. When the Sons send out an assassin, they contaminate him with any of a great variety of horrible maladies.

The Son of Charshaf travels as beggar or a leper, resisting the disease with willpower and prayers to the Lord of Ashes, making his way to the appointed victim. When the victim is found, they are infected, and the assassin usually either dies from the disease or allows himself to be captured. There are no antidotes for the sicknesses that the Sons of Charshaf keep; the deaths of their targets are assured.

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