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October 29, 2005, 2:45 pm

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The Sedwonda


A Legendary magic item given to Oamahar of the Wise by Aurorobouros for achieving perfect harmony with the elements. Warning: This item may not really exist, nobody knows.

A small wooden tube with a bad of seeds tied onto the bottom. The tube is made of dark wood and has symbols for the four elements carved on its surface with a circle drawn on the bottom, near the seed bag. The seed bag is a simple leather pouch containing about 200 small white seeds, similar to sesame seeds.

This item was created long ago by an great nature loving warrior-monk who was a master of the elements due to the harmony he achieved with the world through his discipline and meditation. This man’s name has been altered by many years of story telling. The most recent names are Ohmar the Wise and Oamahar of the Wise. Anyway, the story goes like this:

Ohmar the Wise was a young monk who had just left his monastery because he wanted to learn more about the world outside and have a chance to get to know himself. Ohmar traveled all over the world and learned a great deal about himself and how the world worked. Having seen almost everything this world had to offer Ohmar went looking for a way into the Divine Realm, where the spirits of the dead and the mind’s of the gods were said to exist. Ohmar was meditating on a tall mountain top when, all of a sudden, it rose up into the clouds. It is said that Ohmar glimpsed the Divine Realm on top of that mountain, Rudigha Mountain, and then he met the Great World Snake, Aurorobouros. The Great World Snake picked up Ohmar with his tail and said, “You have found the most harmony with nature that any man could handle, I urge you to go no further or you will destroy yourself. The world would hate to see that happen, you have brightened many lives and that is truly what live is about. You must continue to bring your good company to others. I leave you with this gift.” then The World Snake dissapeared and left Ohmar sitting on the mountain with the Sedwonda and instructions on its usage. Ohmar took his gift and continued to live out his life, only telling this tale on his death bed.

That is the story of Ohmar and The Sedwonda. It might be true. Most people belive it is just a child’s tale, some don’t even belive The Sedwonda exists. It might not. Either way this is a story that could be used in your game. Enjoy.

Magical Properties:

The Magic (This is what The Sedwonda can do, if it exists)

Ability 1 (Fire) - If a seed is put in the tube and you run your left index finger over the ‘fire’ symbols on the side of the tube a jet of flame about 1 foot long will erupt from the tube. This will not harm the tube in any way, nor will the tube heat up.

Ability 2 (Water) - If a seed is put in the tube and you run your left middle finger over the ‘water’ symbols on the side of the tube then water will pour out of the tube, when held openside down, untill about 3 buckets worth of water has come out.

Ability 3 (Earth) - If a seed is put in the tube and you run your right index finger over the ‘earth’ symbols on the side of the tube then a soft white light will shine from the tube. Any stone the light touches will turn to mud and any mud the light touches will turn to stone.

Ability 4 (Air) - If a seed is put in the tube and you run your right middle finger over the ‘air’ symbols on the side of the tube you can direct the wind’s direction and strength with gestures of the tube. Pointing the tube north will make the wind blow north, aiming the tube up will make the wind slower and down will make the winder faster. Holding the tube straight out will cause a moderate wind speed, not too strong and not too weak, just enough for a good push.

- The seed is always destroyed when used, there is no known way to get more seeds.
- Abilities 1, 3, and 4 last for 1 minute per seed used. A variant rule for ability 2 can also produce 1 bucket of water per seed used.

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Comments ( 3 )
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July 23, 2005, 5:08
Well, in and of itself, a generically useful item, with some neato properties.

However, the history REALLY needs some work. A gift from the gods(essentially) that is this weak and limited? Wow, those gods must just HATE the people who serve them. ;)

What I would like to see is a real story about the item's creation. Why the specific powers, why the elements coming together, why aren't the elements in opposition to each other, why isn't this device having an internal struggle with itself? There's a lot of conflicting voices having a say in this thing, at least according to the standard view of the elements.

If I were to make an item like this, I would follow the elemental dominance and opposition standards, and include something bad that happens along with the good. For example, the fire property of a flare(basically) is snuffed out by a large gust of howling wind at the end of it, possibly attracting curious things to see what all the fuss is about. The air power of creating wind, well, wind is typically created by heat, and if you keep the wind blowing for too long, you will see a firestorm approaching from the direction the wind is blowing. If you don't turn it away(with the changing wind direction), it will consume you. Just for a few examples of what you could do with it.
Voted manfred
July 23, 2005, 7:06
I do like mystical items that may not even exist. Yet somehow, it is expected gifts of gods do have awesome powers going beyond the normal.

One special thing is the combination of all elements, even the opposing ones in harmony. Maybe it is all but impossible to create a similar item for the mortal users of magic... which makes its value rise dramatically for magical research.

The magnitude of power itself may be debatable... what if it depend on the user? Somebody in harmony with the world is more likely to do good to it, as well as make a better use of the item. For the common man or adventurer, it can work as expected. But if it is held by someone worthy, the effects multiply.

Thus the legend of Ohmar the Wise, that has seen a great drought, cried for the suffering people, used a single grain, and clear water was flowing from the Sedwonda for a season, until the rain returned. Similar uses can be imagined - a long burning fire that saves from freezing, a rocky area turned to soil and good for settling, or the opposite effect to prevent landslides.

It may seem too easy to spend a grain and have a nice torch, or a bucket of water, while knowing that the right person can help thousands... and there won't be more grains, ever. Can you say - to be used only in times of dire need?

The item then, if it exists, will be likely hidden until it is necessary.

And as for weaknesses, the user could certainly feel the effect using an element too much. Feel free to add diseases and afflictions according to the element.

Overall, I like it. Useful especially for worlds with less magic.
Voted valadaar
August 26, 2008, 12:26
Not too bad - background could use some work, as mentioned.

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