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January 29, 2007, 4:45 pm

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The School of Scholars presents: Myths of the Lizardfolk


Many are the tribes of Lizardfolk, and many more are the myths they keep telling until today.

The Lizardfolk have many tribes, and almost every one of these tribes has a different creation myth, and as many stories of the past as there are stars in the sky. We present some of them here.

Underlined terms are explained at the bottom of the page.

Xhotl Tribe Creation Myth

Why Chotec Crosses the Sky

How Yulath was punished

How Tlaxi Gave Us The Olchilike

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Chapter One: Creation Myths of the Lizardfolk.

Xhotl Tribe Creation Myth:

Before this world, there have been seven other worlds, and the gods destroyed them all. The first world was the world of emptiness, where the quiet things lived without help of the spirits. That world ended in fire. The second world was the world of Ixchalancha. It was home to white, scale-less giants with the faces of frogs who worshipped a blind babbler. That world ended in a great earthquake that swallowed up the giants and their god. The third world was the world of great marshes. The forests and jungles and swamps went on forever. In this world, the spirits of earth and wood and water made the Quetzalx, and gave them the swamps. But this world, like all other worlds, was doomed to end. This world ended in a rain of stones. The spirits took pity on the Quetzalx and carried them to the fourth world, the world of stones. This world was all mountains, and the Quetzalx suffered terribly, for there were no trees or swamps or water for them. The spirits of the stones led the tribes across the world of stones for four-hundred years to where the Boat of Tlaxi waited for them. The world of stones ended in a great war where the spirits of the stones slaughtered all the stone-monsters. The Quetzalx rode the Boat of Tlaxi to the fifth world, the world of Tlencan. In this world, the tribes of the Quetzalx followed the spirit Tlaxi across the great plains of bones and fought against ten tribes of monsters called the Tlencani. Tlaxi helped the Quetzalx slay the Inti of all the Tlencan, who was blessed by the spirits of death, by tying him down and cutting out his orange tounge. Then, the Quetzalx chopped him to bits with their atlatls and axes, and stomped on him until he was dust. That world ended in a great storm. The sixth world was the world of sand, and Tlaxi had to take away the arms and legs of the Quetzalx so that they could crawl across the sands. When the tribes came to the end of the world of sand, he gave back the arms and legs. But one tribe refused their arms and legs and became snakes. This is why snakes are cursed by Tlaxi. That world ended in a great flood. The seventh world was the world of water, and Tlaxi got the spirits of water to help him by turning the Quetzalx into fish so that they could swim in the world of water, which was all water and nothing else. When the Water-Sun came out and started to dry up the world of water, Tlaxi turned the Quetzalx into frogs, newts, and axolotls so that they could both swim and walk. When it came time to become upright again, one tribe stayed as fish and one as frogs, newts, and axolotls. These things are not cursed by Tlaxi, because they are closer to his heart. The eighth world is now, the world of Zlatan. The Great World Pond is what is left of the World of Water. The hairy ones rule this world, but the Quetzalx will rule in the end, before Tlaxi ends this world. This world will end in a great hurricane.

Blind babbler: In Lizardfolk mythology, a kind of demon or evil spirit.

Quetzalx: Lizardfolk name for themselves.

Tlaxi: Lizardfolk hero/deity

Inti: Literally "Sun". Used to mean leader or king.

Water-Sun: A name for one of the "forms" of the Lizardfolk sun god, Chotec.

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Why Chotec Crosses the Sky, as told by Montuzipec Runs-On-Water, Inti of the Huapec Tribe.

Chotec, Lord of the Sun, sat in his great House in the Sky and sighed. Tlaxi approached him and said "Chotec, why do you sigh? You are well. Your wives are beautiful and your eggs are plenty. Your scales shine like gold. You are wealthy beyond all others. What troubles you?" Chotec sighed again and rattled his spear, saying "I have all of those things, but I lack something else." Tlaxi extended his frills and scratched Chotec with his claws. "You are being foolish." he said. "I will take you out into the world and show you that you lack nothing." So Chotec and Tlaxi walked out into the world and walked for six days, coming to Itza, the oldest and greatest city of the Quetzalx. Old One, the lord of Itza, came out of the city with a guard of jade armored warriors with splendid weapons. In his voice that rattles the Nine Heavens and the Nine Underworlds, Old One said "Great Gods Chotec and Tlaxi, we are honored to have you in our city." Chotec and Tlaxi stayed for six days and six nights in Itza, sampling all it had to offer. Chotec said "There is nothing here that I do not have. We must go on." So Chotec and Tlaxi walked on and left Itza far behind. Soon, they came to the Great Wakamol Crater, where all the waters of every swamp pour into the Nine Underworlds. The tribes of Quetzalx who lived on the edge of the crater came to Chotec and Tlaxi, and their leaders, Tzunki-Scales-Of-Fire and Skink-Sleeps-In-Moonlight, came to the two gods with a regiment of bronze armored warriors with atlatls of brass and said "Great Gods Chotec and Tlaxi, welcome to our home." Chotec and Tlaxi stayed for ten days and ten nights with the wealthy and powerful tribes of the Wakamol Crater, sampling all of the joys and wealth of these tribes. Chotec said "I still cannot find what I am looking for. We must go on." Soon, Chotec and Tlaxi had left the Wakamol Crater behind, crossed over the Plains of Culchan, fought through the demon-city of Xocibiki and entered the great Desert of Pahuanctli. The tribes of the Desert came to Chotec and Tlaxi with their leaders, Pahuanctlaxi-Of-Sands, Xotloctli-Has-Never-Swam and Only-He-Has-Leapt-So-High. They said to the gods "Welcome to our desert. We would give you everything, but we cannot spare anything, for we have nothing, due to Chotec's fiery heat." When Chotec heard this, he roared and croaked and rattled his golden scales and said to Tlaxi "This is what I lack! Charity!" So Chotec and Tlaxi returned to the Great House in the Sky and gathered together supplies for Chotec. Chotec then set out on an endless journey across the sky so that he could warm the lands for the Quetzalx just right during the day, and rest and partake of his wealth during the night. This is why Chotec crosses the sky.

"You are wealthy beyond all others": To lizardfolk, the term "wealth" means possessions of food, servants, and, to a lesser extent, jade and gold.

Nine Heavens and Nine Underworlds: In lizardfolk mythology, Heaven and the Underworld each have nine layers.

Wakamol Crater: In lizardfolk mythology, a giant hole in the ground where all water eventually flows into the Underworld to escape the heat of Chotec.

Plains of Chulcan: In lizardfolk mythology, a near-endless grassland full of monsters and elven warriors.

Xocibiki: In lizardfolk mythology, a ruined city of demons and evil spirits.

Desert of Pahuanctli: In lizardfolk mythology, the desert that exists where Chotec first started drying up the ocean (see creation myth)

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How Yulath was punished

Yulath was a selfish and arrogant god and used his powers in wasteful ways which angered the other true gods. He would speak as a better at any council and stopped at nothing for his own vanity.

The gods were most displeased when he used his power to force the Lolisty flower's petals to always point in his direction so that he could always look upon their golden beauty. It was a petty wasteful thing that did nothing but annoy the gods that were already heated with their anger. It took them over the edge of anger into action.

They decided to punish the god by banishment for a term to be determined by the council of gods. Because of his vanity it was deemed that the depths of the marsh could teach a lesson in humilty.

To ensure he stayed there the god of the heavens was asked to be his keeper. If ever the Lolisty petals would cease to point towards the swamp the god of the heavens was to direct the full force of the suns power on Yulath until he returned the marsh.

Through his banishment Yulath could not resist using his powers to bow still more to his will. He needed servants that were specialized for the swamp so they could provide him with his every need. He decided to give lizards intelligence and helped mold their bodies to better perform their duties. Not being the most original person he made them in the shadow of man. With these new lizardmen as servants he was able to live out the extent of his banishment in comfort.

When Yulath was released he abandoned his lizardmen creation since he had no more use of them outside the swamp. They were not pretty or dignified enough to serve him on the outside.

In reward for the god of the heavens help in keeping Yulath confined and to further punish Yulath the gods renamed the Lolisty flower to Sunflower and had the Sunflower follow the path of the sun across the sky.

The lizardmen continue to grow and prosper. Some still worship Yulath as their creator while most others have moved on after the abandonment.

2007-01-29 04:30 PM » Link: [3624#24588|text]
How Tlaxi Gave Us The Olchilike, as told by Xoctezuma, Inti of the Chaxayun Tribe

When the Quetzalx first entered the current world, they were lost and and could not find Xom or Xop or Cha or Txal, for they had lived too long in the world of water as fishes and frogs and newts and axolotls. The tribes wandered in the dry rocks, searching for a swamp or a forest where they could sit and swim without the awful of bite of salt. Tlaxi looked at the Quetzalx, and saw that the rocks and the salt and the hot shining of Chotec had made painful sores on their feet. So Tlaxi took his warclub and struck the stones, breaking it so that the waters of the Great World Pond flowed in. Then, Tlaxi swam down to the bottom of the World Pond and brought up some mud to make the world with. Then, Tlaxi threw the mud all over the world, and called out to the spirits of water and wood to make the land for the Quetzalx. For ten spawnings, the Quetzalx lived in the land alone, until Xipe-Totectli, god of the low-growing things and grasses, grew angry, seeing that the Quetzalx used his plants only for medicines and decoration. So Xipe-Totectli reached into the Nine Underworlds and pulled out an evil seed to plant in the ground, which he watered with the salty waters of the World Pond. In two spawnings, the evil seed grew up into a demon-tree, and it's fruit was the hairy things. The hairy things battled the Quetzalx and slew them horribly, and worshipped demons and bad gods, and treated the land and the spirits with disdain, raping it for their growing plants and their wood houses. Tlaxi, seeing that the hairy things were destroying the Quetzalx, his chosen people, went to Xipe-Totectli and struck him with his warclub and raised his frills, shouting "Why have you done this thing? You make the world shed tears!" Xipe-Totectli wept and vowed never to see the world again, sealing himself in a cave. Tlaxi went down to the Quetzalx, and taught them to call the spirits of earth and wood and air and fire. He then showed the spirits how to ride the Quetzalx, sharing their power with them. He told the Quetzalx that only special ones could be ridden by the spirits, and he called these special ones Olchilike. The Olchilike went out and defeated the hairy things with their spirit powers, and forevermore, the hairy things fear the Quetzalx and trouble them little. As for Xipe-Totectli, he eventually came out, his belly starved with hunger, and while he was gone, the low-growing things and grasses died. Tlaxi told him that he had to return to his cave every spawning as punishment to him and his hairy things. That is why the Xom and Xop lands have a cold time.

Xom or Xop or Cha or Txa: North or South or East or West

Without the awful bite of salt: Salt is highly unpleasant to the metabolisms of Lizardfolk, and, in large quantities, even harmful.

Great World Pond: The seas and oceans

Ten spawnings: Ten years. Each year, the Lizardfolk spawn a new nest of eggs.

Hairy things: Mammals. More specifically, humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, orcs, ect.

Olchilike: The Olchilike are the holy god-warriors of the Lizardfolk. Very few have ever existed. They are "ridden" by spirits, and thus, have fantastic powers of combat. Olchilike is the plural form of Olchilik.

Cold time: Winter

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Barbarian Horde
July 20, 2007, 22:06
Ancient sages of 7500 BCE (Before Common Era) belonging to Aryan settlement on the slopes of Caucasus Mountain, in what is known as Scandinavian Region today; had woven many myths. They tried to explain how to read the God's message from the events taking place on the Earth planet. Today they are known as "Puraanic Tales".

If you may like to keep in touch I'll appreciate'

With warm regards,

My name is Madhukar Vichare, I'm a member of "Helium Writers Group". My book "Universal Religion" is published last year by the UK publishers Authoe House(TM). My E-mail ID-;
Michael Jotne Slayer
December 25, 2007, 21:24
Have you seen this Cap'n?

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