Special Equipment:

A gnarles staff with a large emerald at the head.


He is a cloaked figure, who wanders the realms, he appears everywhere out of the blue. Not a single shread of skin is visable on him, his cloak covers his entire body, and his hand are covered by cloves. His face is covered by a opera mask, making his emotions unreadable. Due to his enigmatic appearance, people are unable to tell weither he is a human, a god, or an apparation. He appears out of the blue, but a thick fog allways comes before his arrival.Time seems to stop as he speaks to you, almost as a dream. He speaks in riddles of what will happen in the near future. But the one thing all his prophesis share, are that they are never good news, and they always come true. He speaks to you in a calm male, humanly voice. And he leaves as soon as he goes. Those who know his legend, know that he is never somebody you want to meet. It is also said that if you see him eye to eye. You will see youre own demise.(which is why he is usually looking down)


His origin is a mystery, their are many tales about his past. Some say that he is a ghost of a long dead wizard. others say he is multiple people who are trying to get a scare. There are others that say he is a powerful archmage, from another world. able to trave through space in time, which is why he is able to predict the future with such accuracy.

Roleplaying Notes:

You might want to use this character if you want to give youre players a little heads up, of a great challenge or hardship that lies ahead, but not just come out and say it.

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