The Paper Shrine of Laymeret

Location: The town of Laymeret, on the south-eastern coast of Kingdom Name

Location Type: Large Town

Environment Type: Coastal

This large shrine the Paladin god Sunglory, is not famous for religious reasons as for architectural reasons. The shrine is made from white marble with black marble used for detail, and the columns covered in highly polished gold and sliver. The architectural nature of the shrine is ordered yet free flowing and seems to be almost eleven in nature. The numerous arched and vaulted roofs, ceilings, and windows are made from ½ inch thick layer of white marble that is semi-transparent. Further more, the marble has all been acid-etched to give it a paper-like appearance and feel. On sunny or even overcast days, natural light comes thru the roof and ceiling.

Location History:
The Paper Shrine of Laymeret was built in the year 9674*1363 to replace a shrine that had burned down in a city wide fire that destroyed 2/3 of the city twelve years earlier. This being the time of great shrines, a time comparable to earth's cathedral craze of the middle ages or even earth's skyscraper boom of the early 20th century and the city losing it city center in the fire and thus it's reputation (In till the fire, Laymeret was famous of it's huge market place).

Magical Effect:
None, although magic was used in its initial construction, the Paper Shrine of Laymeret is not inherently magical itself. However, the local towns people will use any means necessary to protect it including the use of magic. Due to the nature of the construction, the roofs and ceilings are quite fragile and will shatter like glass when hit for more then 12 points of damage, and has an AC of 1. Falling shards will do 1d8 on each hit. The city has a law that forbids the carrying of missile weapons on the grounds of the paper shrine, doing so will land someone with a week of jail time and a large fine (500+GP). To willing attack the shrine with a missile weapon carries the sentence of losing ones own life, but no one has tried as of yet.

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