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July 23, 2006, 1:53 pm

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The Omen Star and The March of History


When the Omen Star has been in the first house of stars important events have occurred: The Dragon Line Wars, The War of the Stone Rose, The birth of Zarath and his rise to power, the coming of the Messenger, and many other events of historical note.

This is the march of history for Codal - The World of the Omen Star as the Omen Plague sets in. This is more of an example in how to build a back history and future history, then implement them in a game, than a specific setting and meta plot.  

Each Scroll Entry will detail a specific aspect of the world and how it will change over time. Some of these are racial (Elf Dwarf Goblin), some of them are dealing with the mystical (Magical, Clerical, Darklord, while others deal with the political (Land of the Priest Kings, the Human Lands).  Each Event or Trend will need to be manifested in the world, so example scenarios or events that will impact the player’s worlds will be listed for each one.

There will be key events or trends that will occur for a given aspect. To show where in the general timeline the events happen, the following codes are used:

Phase 0: History and things not directly impacting today.
A prehistory, b history, c last century or so

Phase I: Current world
  A The Last century or so
  B The Last decade or so
  C The Last Year or so

Phase II: Plague Days
  A The Winter and days before
  B Rest of the year/ begin time of change
  C Time of change, the next year

Phase III After Days
  A First years
  B First Decade or so
  C Last Elven ship leaves to one century.

There will be a number of Event Lines: Each one with a number major events (and how they unfold), some minor related events you can toss in, and how this impacts you in other places.

There is
1)   Elf Line
2)   Dwarf Line
3)   Goblin Line
4)   DarkLord Line
5)   Wizard Line
6)   Kingdom Lines Northern corner
7)   Kingdom Lines Southern Coastal
8)   Kingdom Line Armalia a wizardly empowered kingdom in the north east.
9)   Religion Line
10) Good Line (how goods and services will increase and decrease over time)
11)  Priest Kings/ Southern Continent

This setting is more about “the process of change” than it is the setting.
If this was a game book:
The book needs to be broken up into four phases
Part for sectional organization, part to use the phases and sections as a timeline.

Players in this setting, if the campaign lasts for a few years, should travel a decade through time… from pre plague to post plague and all the changes that will occur. Ideally, the campaign should last 20 years, 3 or so before to 17 after…

It is a unique. Sure it is a setting. But the setting has an Metastory arc, the plague and the change to the mundane. And it is more of a campaign process. You can take the work I am doing and impliment it in any fantasy world.

You want to shake up your campaign, insert the omen plague… all of a sudden magic slips away….
Especially since only those with magical potential (like clerics and desperate mages)... will have contact with The Dark One…Creating a serious anti-magic backlash… that plus the disease targetting them. Since magic items create magic… people will avoid contact with them… to avoid taint

So you will see religion, political stuff, social changes/ upheavals, and the loss of magic. In short, you will experience a very cool set of novels through your characters.

**Player character responses should help determine if the changes will lead to a renaissance or a dark age (or how brief the dark age will be)? The GM must follow the player’s cues about being defensive and reactionary vs being progressive and creative. ***

If you have this book, the players are going to expect something like the Omen Plague. So you can give them what they expect or
1)   Have the Dark Lord Invade
2)   War could occur because someone was assassinated
3)   Invasion by the Priest Kings
4)   Mini Ice Age
5)   The Dragons come back, in force.
6)   Hit um with something from your own imagination.

Of course, you can always fix your own campaign by inflicting the plague upon them. you can then use the book as a guideline for what to do next.

If you want to make them nervous, carry this book with you for months before it is going to be implimented. It will build the anticipation for the Omen Plague.

Project is both a setting and a primary story arch to set your own campaign in. The overcampaign shows the march of history, as events unfold because of the Omen Star’s Plague,2616.0.html

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