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May 10, 2011, 2:26 pm

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The Observer's Paradox


The Truth Mage, Veracit, feared to utilize the Observer's Paradox, uncomfortable with their perilous effect on reality.


When pressed for information on The Paradox, the majority of forces are only able to reveal one cryptic statement. "We are all watched by the Observer. How can we know that we exist outside its vision?"

Understandably confused by such a preposterous thing, many have dug deeper to reveal the truth. Of those associated with the Paradox, few manage to determine its actual uses, and fewer still can fully appreciate its power.

The Paradox, when worn, causes one's perceptions- most powerfully, sight- to dominate the truth of the universe. That said, being attacked by someone from behind with a sword is impossible- that sword and person literally do not exist to the person wearing the spectacles. Those wearing the Paradox cannot be affected by the world outside of what they perceive, effectively causing what they cannot see or otherwise know through senses ceases to exist until called back by their perceptions.

Even more perilously, the Paradox allows multiple ways of viewing the world- imposing its views on reality. Gods can be rendered mortal, power struck to nothingness, and individuals empowered to wrought works unimaginable. Usually, this is accomplished through filters those wearing the Observer imposes on their sight, removing an aspect of reality from what exists within their perception. These can range from divinity, to reality constraints on individuals, to magic, to certain colors and spectrums of sight. One can be allowed to see sound, heat, or any other possible type of energy, matter, or truth.

The Paradox allows one to become master of their perception- master of the truth central to their being- and master that truth.



The Observer's Paradox are a simple set of spectacles, two sets of clear glass in an exquisite frame of some unidentifiable metal. Upon close inspection, the frames are engraved with maddeningly small depictions of events from history. The engravings are hard to observe with the unaided eyes, and chronicle events that may not be relevant to the present day.

The view of someone wearing the glasses becomes noticeably brighter to outside observers. Normally this goes unnoticed unless someone is aware of the fact, or is especially good at paying attention to one's surroundings.



The Paradox has had multiple forays into history. The grand majority involved insanity, the purging of vast tracks of land of one defining feature, or the obliteration of multiple hundreds (a few times; thousands) of people. Generally, experimentation with the Observer ends in catastrophe, and investigation into their use becomes fruitless. As such, only a few prominent figures ever successfully mastered their use, fewer still are willing to share that information. The Paradox are generally credited with multiple groups disappearing from record, the repositioning of the city Pyrhic a league to the west outside the path of an avalanche and the recreation of the moon.

Veracit took great pains to hide the spectacles during his final years of life, and was adamant that they should remain unused by humanity.


Plot Hooks

A wizard has gleaned the ability of the Paradox to filter reality, and is scouring the night sky to learn more about what lies in the realms of space. What fruit will his curiosity bear, especially when he fails to filter out all the things lurking in the sky that provoke madness in men?

The disputed politician seeks to convert the world to his views of how society should work... and is willing to use the Observer to do it.

The Character who wears the Observer is forced to walk into a test where ghosts of the past mingle with falsehoods seeking to entrap and entice despair... can they correctly filter reality to discover what is real and what is trickery?

A man seeks to strip all of existence of divinity... will players choose to stop him?


Philosophical Rambling

I think, therefor, I exist. This mantra is the primary reason why one wearing the Paradox still exists.

As for blinking, one usually maintains an awareness of the world around them, even with eyes closed. One could certainly change that awareness to change with the paradox, allowing teleportation to be possible. Usually, blinking occurs so fast the majority of people don't realize they are blinking- the observational narrative of their eyes remains unchanged.

As for sleeping, the Paradox only really affects the wearer until they push the change out into the world. It's a decision to force reality to change to the reality created by wearing the glasses.

In essence, the Paradox creates a separate reality for its wearer, one that mirrors the 'real world' entirely.. The original reality continues to exist, cannot affect the reality created by the paradox unless allowed by the wearer, and is affected totally by changed forced onto it. Those within the original reality continue to exist and move and act as normal- it is the Paradox and their owner who is removed to play arbiter with god-like power over reality.

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Comments ( 7 )
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March 31, 2011, 0:56
Update: You would think I'd get used to BBCode by now. *RAGE*
Voted Cheka Man
March 31, 2011, 17:19


Voted Old Dreamer
April 3, 2011, 18:54

Interesting. I think I would've put the appearance at the beginning of the post as it took a fair amount of reading to figure out they were Super-Specs. As I understand it, these are very powerful devices, as the use/abuse of these would probably be the center of a campaign. As such, I'd like to see the backstory behind the creation of such dangerous magic.

Voted Pieh
April 3, 2011, 19:53

Interesting focus point for a campaign: a pair of glasses. Not the mighty sword of superness or chalice of divinity, but a humble set of spectacles with some intense powers.

What happens when one wearing them closes their eyes? As written, it suggests everything except the back of your eyelids would cease to exist to you... This could pose some problems. Who knows where you would end up each time you blink? How can we be sure you would be returned to the same world each time you open your eyes? The world must exist, to some part, in memory. And how can you know YOU exist, if you aren't looking at yourself?

This is a great starting point for a philosophical rant, but lacks the rant part which I think would be most fascinating and fun.

Voted MysticMoon
April 3, 2011, 20:17

Dangerous, indeed. An interesting way to blend magic and a psychological concept.

Voted RGTraynor
April 4, 2011, 17:27

Not a bad sub.  I do have a couple of comments, though.  First, what in heaven's name prevents right-thinking groups from destroying something so terrible and dangerous?

Secondly, some background about the creator would be useful.

April 24, 2011, 16:45
Update: Yay philosophical rambling!?

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