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April 22, 2018, 8:12 pm

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The Nine Layers


The CogNet is a big place

The Mists

The Mists are the remnants of the 3rdNet, the predecessor of the CogNet. Most of the structure is gone, and what remains exists mostly as archives, vaults, and forgotten places.

Niflheim, the sleeping dragon, ancient wells connecting the CogNet to the Dreamlands

Industrial Sector

The industrial sector handles the data and information used by the power systems of the Cosmic Era, the actual reactors, generators, relay systems, and so forth. This also applies to non-data crunching materials industry, resource extraction and refining, and construction. This is the blood and oil of the Industrial sector

Mulspelheim, the Surtur, the fire giants, ragnarok


The Admin Sector is the .Gov of the Cosmic Era

Asgard, the realm of the gods

The Mall

The main bulk of the net, the Mall is the commerical and residential sector of the net. The vast majority of civilian and basic commercial traffic are carried by the mall.

Midgard, BiFrost, the encircling sea - separates the Mall from the dreamlands

The Pentagon

The pentagon is the military layer of the CogNet, used for drone control, military encryption, and so forth.

Jotunheim, the ice giants

The Aether

The computer sector of the CogNet, where the AISC communicate and commune with each other, also known as the construct, the roadhouse, very Q like


The Garden

The domain of the terraformers, geo-engineers, and those who are working to repair the biosphere of Earth. The domain of the Utopia initiative


The Mechazone

Not a reference to the war machines but to mechanization, this is the domain of research and development, building robots, autons, and the rest.


The Dead Zone

The Dead Zone is the recycle bin, the discard pile, for data. This being the dreamlands and not an actual hard drive it cannot be truly deleted, just lost and forgotten.


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