The Moaning Lands:
A large island covered in dark sands and huge dead trees. A low howling moan of despair is constantly heard in the air. In some spots if you step down too hard blood will seep up through the sand and stain your boots. Among the dark dead forests of this sandy island are all kinds of ferocious undead creations, most mindless and seeking only the flesh of the living. At the center of the forsaken island is a circular black stone monument to death itself, a strange dark platform covered in fantastic images of death and evil as well as crude scratchings of mutilated bodies and other (not as pleasant) things. At the center of the monument there is a hole about three feet across and two feet deep. At the bottem of the hole is just blood red sand. What could be below?

The Story of the Moaning Lands:
Long ago a very nasty Necromancer moved to this hidden tropical paradise, slew all of its inhabitants and raised them as all forms of undead abominations to serve him. The Necromancer lived here for decades learning all he could about dead and living beyond dead, eventually becoming a Lich himself. He became quite powerful and was almost ready to launch an assault on the main land that had cast him out for him malign interests and dark thoughts. Unfortunatly a band of adventurers stumbled across the island and fought their way through the legions of undead to face off with whatever had done this to the islanders. They caught the Necromancer off guard and a violent and bloody battle ensued, many of the adventurers were killed but they managed to overpower and defeat the Lich by imprisoning him within the island, under his monument to death. Now he lies there is stasis holding a moaning gem with his soul trapped inside, waiting to be freed...

The Monument:
The monument covers a large portion of the center of the island and as described before has some very nasty images upon it, some remarkably well done and others mere scratchings. This is the source of the Necromancers power and allows him to live as an undead forever, to truly destroy the Lich at least half of the monument must be destroyed. The monument also steals the souls of people from around the world and turns them into the undead that roam this island.

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