1. Utsu-dude

The Utsu-dude is a guy who is depressed or upset over a life event. This isn't a minor thing, the most prevalent Utsu I can think of is the Dude Who Lost His Wife and because of this can never be happy again, or feel love again. The Utsu is a phlegmatic dude, dour and low, regardless of how good his life *seems* because the people on the outside cannot understand the tragic events of his life. The romance of the Utsu-Dude is isn't rebuilding them, they are powerful, it is rebuilding their ability to trust and be vulnerable to loss again.

John Wick?

2. Maya-Dude

The Mayadude is initially an antagonist, possibly even a villain. The act of meeting the Goddess and falling in love changes their attitude and while they can and often remain villainous, they are only for their one goddess. Relatively simple, the Maya-Dude is an anti-hero or villain, who softens to the FMC, but largely retains who they are.

Skeletor, the Joker

3. Dan-Dude

The Dan-Dude is quiet, shy, and likely introverted. The FMC has to be the one to draw them out of their shell. This is a more passive character trait that is unlikely to work for a sympathetic/intriguing character in a story. The alpha-FMC isn't going to go through the work of unraveling a Dan-Dere, unless that is her thing.

Freddie from iCarly

4. Dude-Dude

The Dude-Dude is a happy-go-lucky, always in a good mood, and probably a dumb guy, the Himbo. He might be shallow, but he is honest, and pure, and doesn't overlap friendships and romances.

Joey Tribiani from Friends

5. Cool-Dude (Kuu-dude)

The Cool-Dude keeps to themselves, avoids small talk, and many assume they are cold, distant, or aloof. This isn't from a sense of superiority, the Cool-Dude just isn't interested in all that petty BS. It's low, beneath him. When it is time to act, the Cool-Dude is all action, no talk, and doesn't show weakness, because that is also beneath him.

Cool Hand Luke

6. Daru-Dude

The Daru-Dude isn't initially popular, they are the male equivalent of the hot girl wearing glasses that everyone thinks is ugly. The Daru-Dude probably has a small but intense area of interest, is apathetic to most other things, and many assume him to be lazy, unmotivated, and emotionally immature. Similar to the Dude-Dude, the Daru-Dude might be shallow outside of their area of focus, but they are seldom convoluted, deceptive, or when acting, emotionally impure.

insert Awkward Nerd cute guy, like DJ Qualls, Jay Baruchel, or Justin 'Banged Amanda Seyfried' Long

7. Hine-Dude

The Hine-Dude has a sharp tongue, a sarcastic attitude, and many assume them to be arrogant or cruel. This is an act to cover the fact that they are deeply insecure and vulnerable inside. Cracking the Hine-Dere is finding the genuine caring person inside the jibes, jokes, and often callous attitude.

Chandler Bing, from Friends

8. Tsun-Dude

The Tsun-Dude is a total dick. They are rude, insulting, and often physically aggressive and even violent. The variant Tsun-Dude (juvenile) is a normal guy, until they like someone, and then they are a dick to just that person. The challenge of the FMC is to overcome/break through the hard shell at which point the Tsun-Dude turns the macho aggression not against the FMC but at anyone who thinks to bother her. The Tsun-Dude and the Maya-Dude are superficially similar, both are abrasive and aggressive, but the Tsun-Dude comes from a place of personal arrogance and superiority (often not undeserved) while the Maya-Dude is literally a bad guy.


9. Nyan-Dude

The Nyan-Dude is a ... furry? Like this is for girls who act like cats and get guys all worked up, but cats are assholes and guys who act like assholes aren't wearing car-ears and body stockings. So Nyan-Dude is a guy who overly associated with some sort of animal, taking on maybe not its specific traits, but the mystique of power and mystery associated with it.

I am Batman

10. Un-Dude

The Un-Dude is the consummate yes-man, he lives to please. They do anything they have to take care of the people around them, and do so without grudge, complaint, or even a hint of being put upon. In the context of male characters, the Un-Dude is the Eagle Scout. He puts others before himself, makes sure that no one does without, and is pained when tough love is needed, or the right thing to do is to do nothing.

Hank Hill, Bob Belcher

11. Yotta-Dude

The yotta-dude is a difficult character, because they are best known for their addictive behavior, most often being borderline or actual alcoholics, or in more sexy circles, habitual or serious drug addicts. The angle is that when the FMC appears, they are able to replace the drugs or alcohol the Yotta-dude depends on. They often remain dangerous, unstable, and otherwise dangerous, but they are intoxicated on the FMC.

Machine Gun Kelly and other super thin super-tatted up, borderline misogynistic naloxone boys.

12. Byouki-Dude

The Byouki-Dude, he's gonna die. He has a terminal illness, a short time left to live, and the FMC is there to keep him from despair and to learn what love and life are in the short time they have left.

Nicholas Sparks legally owns Byouki-Dude

13. Shun-dude

The opposite of the manic pixie girl is the depressed demon boy, and that is the Shun-Dude. He is moody, broody, wears black, maybe even guyliner and too tight pants. He is self tortured and unable to feel anything akin to happiness or joy ... until he meets the FMC and her magic Hoo hoo.

Adam Driver/Kylo Ren

14. Kekkon-Dude

We all know this guy, the guy who hasn't gotten laid, or his visits to Hoo Hoo Land are painfully few and far between. Its pretty obvious because Kekkon-Dude is all about having a wife, three kids, a mini-van, a white picket fence, and probably a bag of ideas that belong more in Leave it to Beaver or the Southern Baptist Convention. In general context, Kekkons are NOT attractive, as they are interested in marital conquest and breeding, and that's not attractive unless the FMC has a breeding kink. Unlikely/niche. The angle here is the Secret Kekkon, the badboy playboy narcissist who actually really wants to be a a great father because his father was such a jerk, and his mother was cold and distant.

hard one to call here.

15. Baka-Dude

The Baka-Dude is a fucking dumbass. He can't find his ass with both hands in his back pockets. In real life, these guys are 100% not female fantasies, because, well, they're fucking dumbasses. But the real angle here is that the Baka-Dudes who are protrayed in film and cinema are comedians, and they are really really good at what they do. The Baka-Dude comes across as the dumbass but he is really the Comedian, the Trickster. He has charm, intelligence, quick wit, and is self depricating.

Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, Leslie Nealson

16. Yan-Dude

The Yan-Dude acts cool, calm, and collected on the surface. Underneath he is all fury, jealousy, rage, and violence. He is a foil to the Maya-dude, who makes a show of their anger, and the Shun-Dude who openly displays their dark soul.

Ted Bundy, Jim Jones, Charlie Manson

17. Bo-Dude

The Bo-dude is a difficult guy. Most of the time he is nice, easy to be around, and generally likable. When he is around someone he finds attractive, he cannot function. When he tries to do things he's so distracted, or overly focused that everything goes wrong. Tools break, he hurts himself, and other people get hurt. Or, he shuts down and becomes non-functional. He can't talk to pretty girls, or he can't move until they leave. The trick of the Bo-Dude is to convince him to accept the FMC as a person beyond interest, so that the normal guy can come out, instead of the guy who punches people when they try to hug him.

Fez from That 70s Show, or Raj Kuthrapali from the Big Bang Theory

18. Sado-Dude

The Sado-Dude is a master manipulator, always working people so that they do what he wants, and he gets his way, no matter what. This is especially an issue when his machinations get people hurt, physically or emotionally. Sado-Dude is intelligent, charming, and successful because he is good at what he does. The FMC has to be the one thing that he cannot control, and while he pursues her for being beyond his power, she falls under hers.

Loki from the MCU, Edward Cullen from Twilight, and Christian Gray from 50 Shades of Grey

19. Hime-Dude

The Hime-Dude literally thinks he is a prince. He might be. He expects the world to bend its knee to his will, and congratulate him on his accomplishments. The Hime-Dude is the hottest guy, the Chad of Chads. The angle is that the FMC must first gain his lofty attention, then hold it, and then cause him to leave his throne and enter orbit around her. This can be overcoming their own vanity and self-importance (for the narcissistic Hime, or duty and obligation for someone who is actually a measure of nobility)

Thor from the MCU

20. Ouji-Dude

Very similar to the Hime-Dude, the Ouji-Dude is certainly a self styled aristocrat. This is the often effete, lace wearing, pretty-boy, dandy. Ouji-Dude is a man of non-masculine interests, non-athletic, likely even of thin or frail stature. He evinces the temporal nature of the Byouki-Dude, but he has no terminal illness, and the arrogance of the Hime. 

Dr Who (esp Matt Smith)

22. Kami-Dude

The Kami-Dude doesn't think he is a prince or a king, he is more, he is a god. While this certainly presents a case for megalomania and weapons-grade narcissism, it overlooks the fact that a mortal woman seducing/being seduced by a literal god is trope for mythology. A divine being taking on a mortal semblance to be closer to the magic hoo hoo and the dance between the two is the gyre of the story.

Zeus a bunch of times, the Sandman, Angels, Demons/Lucifer

23. Kane-Dude

The Kane-Dude wants one thing, and he wants lots of it, and unfortunately, he has very little of it. Money. The Kanedere is a golddigger, and that is a dry well topic for the FMC, no woman wants a greedy dude who is broke as a joke. It's not the broke part, it's the greed and failure part. So, what we have is a sub-genre of the Yotta-Dude, the Broke Dude. The Kane is an artist, a musician, an actor, something, and it drives them, BUT they kinda suck at it. He wants whatever X is, which will be a path to success, but the problem is that the Kane-Dude has no spirit, no soul, and nothing of actual intense emotional value.

Musicians, artists, actors, etc

The Chekaman Additions

When someone is so bold as to not just vote and leave a comment, but make a request, who am I to deny them?

24. The Chuni-Dude

The Chuni-Dude Is a man who is ... delusional. He might have a belief on par with a Kami-Dude, he might think himself a demi-god, or possessing magical power, the ability to divine the future, or that he is an alien, torn from another world, or something else that makes him just fucking weird and generally regarded as a joke. What makes this guy interesting, engaging, even just non-offensive to women? The Chuni-Dude has immediately worked her into his delusion. If he is an Atlantean King, then she is his resurrected Atlantean Queen. Sure, but what is the real angle here? Is any of this true? Absolutely not. That would make him a Kami-Dude. The Chuni-Dude is a profoundly broken, and it is the female lead that has the power to restore the Chuni-Dude's sanity, and reveal that under the facade, he was always a financially secure and eccentric young man. Trust fund kids are so weird.

25. Meta-Dude

The Meta-Dude has a dual persona. He might superficially appear as a dan-dude, or a dude-dude, but he has one hell of a secret, possibly only surpassed by the actual demigod boyfriend. The Meta-Dude is a literal superhero. A costumed, side-kicked, accessorized, crime-fighting, catchphrase-tossing superhero. He is a powerful figure, he's emotionally vulnerable, highly regarded, wealthy, and sensitive. Who is she to him? She is the balm to his savaged soul, the one thing that makes his fist unclench, just to caress her cheek.

Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark

26. Haku-Dude

The Haku-Dude is the female counterpart of 'Ugly Betty', or a remarkably attractive man who has glasses, bad posture, and poor taste in clothing. The female main character is his bestie, and decides to give him a makeover. With contacts, false confidence, and some superficially trendy clothing, the Haku-dude becomes a hottie. This lasts until the woman he is interested in completely discards him, he was just a simp, I mean really. Come on. Then the FMC who has played match-maker and makeover artist, is actually in love with him, and he realizes it too.

27. Marty-Dude

Okay, so this one is playing fun a little bit, the Marty-Dude is a Marty Stu, a personalized projection of the writer into the story. He very likely is rather average, has lackluster interests, and is also probably introverted, or has some sort of social anxiety. But, for some reason, all of the ladies love him. They want to be his girlfriend, he brings out the worst in them, and their characteristics are exaggerated just by proximity. Is the Marty-Dude the object of feminine interest? Yeah, but no. He has a harem of girlfriends, and his rivals and enemies come down to coveting his bevy of babes, and he defeats them with his special nerd interests, and functionally having admin abilities within a story.

28. Sigma-Dude

The Sigma-Dude is is a both simple, and a complicated paradox. He is charming, persuasive, and charismatic, has many people that think he is their friend, or count him as one. He is fit, financially successful, and shits confidence and sweats Drakkar Noir. When he walks into the bar, the other men give him a respectful distance, buy him drinks, and the women remove their panties and give them to the Sigma-Dude with their phone numbers written inside. This is a complete and total lie, the Sigma-Dude is a barely contained bundle of neuroses and psychoses, wrapped up with a skin of narcissism, and a bow of border personality disorder, he is a reptile in human skin, and very likely a serial killer, and he has no emotional capacity beyond hunger, hunting, and blind fury.

The meme of movie characters people miss the point of when they idolize them, many of them are some variation of a Sigma-Dude. Tyler Durden, Arther Fleck, Patrick Bateman, they are awful, fundamentally broken and sadistic people, and they somehow end up leading cults of personality in their wake.

29. Oto-Dude

The Oto-Dude has massive Daddy Vibes, he's older, has a little thickness around the middle, but when things come down to brass tacks, Oto-Dude isn't about mowing the grass on the diagonal and making sure his New Balance sneakers are fresh for the BBQ, he is the father figure who will dress up and let his daughter put makeup on his face with the same enthusiasm he shows in delivering a parking lot beat down to a tatted up punk who groped his daughter or disrespected his wife.

The description might be a bit vague, and a but biased by my consumption of (gross) sitcoms, but the Oto-Dude is well represented in anime, Maes Hughes and Curtis Izumi from Full Metal Alchemist are deeply loving husbands and fiercely protective fathers. The Oto-Dude loves his wife with a devotion only rivaled by how much he loves and is protective of his children.

30. Erotical Illusion, Laying the Archetype Bare

What is an erotical illusion, you ask? Fantastic question, and ultimately, it is something that doesn't exist outside of fiction and art. The Erotical Illusion is a masculine, manly figure, who is in good health, with financial security, an air of danger, or an element that makes him feral, wild, powerful, and completely untouched by the mundane forces of the world, BUT on thing.

That one thing is his emotional vulnerability to one very specific woman.

The Female Main Character.

He can be a billionaire (50 Shades of Gray), serial killer (Dexter and or actual serial killers on Death Row), a werewolf, a vampire (Dracula and Edward Cullen) and all of their power, their virile masculine force can be brought to bear by a singular force in the world, the Female Main Character, and her ability to make him love her, and be willing to change the negative parts about himself to suit her, or being tormented by them, allowing her to bask in the emotional maelstrom of the transformation/self-denial/self-destruction of the monolithic and powerful HIM.

The best indicator of an Erotical Illusion Dude is when men look at the fictional character and wonder, why in the ever-loving fuck do women think this suicidal weirdo psychopath is so hot. The man is blind to the erotic illusion that seduces the female psyche, just as when the woman sees the erotic illusion that sends a man's visual cortex and libido into overload, she's either confused, or disgusted, or both.

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