The Lockzennites

Unlock your mind. Stand naked in thought and body before your enemy. Move as the breezes that caresses your vessel. Strike as the earth that calls from under your feet.

- Nesu-kitt, Ancient Lockzennite



A cranium full of knowledge can never know the wisdom that lies beyond the soul. A man of intelligence will push with logic, despite the heart's weary utterances of enlightenment.

Long before the bellows breath gave life to the spark of peace and prosperity, there were savages and there were the progenitors of civilization. The progenitors started to build villages and cities upon the land, centers for education were erected, scholarly knowledge was rewarded with praise. The savages wanted no part of this, they fought tooth and nail to acquire what the progenitors sought with kind words and an equal offer. These dark times gave rise to the Lockzennites.

The early Lockzennites were a loose band of like-minded savages, they were scattered across the lands of Beltenor physically but united in thought and practices. They began with no name, like the things they had no name for, they were a natural part of the world. They never named these things. To name something is to try control it, and only a fool would control the world around them. Their founding practitioners taught a few very simple philosophies that, if taken to extremes, eventually produced results equivalent in scale to civilized magic but was considered "pure" by the savages.

These are a few examples from the Lockzennites cryptic code of conduct:

I - Never try to control the world around you, flow through events like a leaf on a river. Have no direction, but have purpose. The leaf knows not where it will end up, but when it stops it will decay and return to the earth to be born anew with the experience of a river.

II - Don not the flesh and warmth of other animals. You are an animal, the earth provided you body, it will serve it's purpose. When it is cold, you are meant to feel cold. When a wolf's fang pierces your defenses, you should bleed. To accept the metal skin of civilization is fear the repercussions of your failure.

III - Fear not the death in battle, your earth given soul will move on if you are worthy. Strive to be worthy, but never dance with insecurities.

Modern Lockzennites

Eventually the true masters of unlocking potential passed into spirit and thought and became a part of the world. Their name lived on in impressive stories and eventually was adopted by by the guardsmen of Govenheim city. They hardly knew the name they used, but found it fitting the industrious metropolis they guarded. They heard tales of the Lockzennites used lances that could remove armor and eventually these New Lockzennites started to focus on sundering attacks.

Recently, in the Wild Lands, the traditions of the Ancient Lockzennites have been resurrected and some of the fledgling freedom masters are preparing to take their name back.

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Goto Author

I quite like the underlying concept. Execution is also solid. The itallic bits in particular do heighten the atmosphere well. However, this piece somehow left me logically impressed while its emotional content didn't seem to have come across much in the overall sense. In aggregate, I still think this is a decent piece, hence the median score.

Goto Author

This seems to be a take on a Luddite, but to a greater extreme.

Given their tenants to shun both clothing and armor, are we to assume they are limited to tropical regions? Or are they gifted with some magic to keep from freezing to death?