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November 4, 2017, 9:58 am

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The Lillith Virus


The Lillith Virus, named for Adam's first wife, was first found in an ice core sample from Antarctica. It's spread through the human population was rapid.

The Lillith Virus is technically an arceovirus, tens of thousands of years old. There was very little of it left in the ice cores we brought back from the ice shelf, but it was enough to infect two people in the research team. One of these women would be instrumental in the exponential spread of the virus around the world.

The Virus

Lillith is an archeovirus that seeks out nerve cells. It enters the cells, infests them, and then starts replicating. This causes minor changes in the structure of the brain, especially sections like the pituitary gland, the amygdala, and can cause the appearance of tumor masses. It is easily spread through fluid exchange.

The Lillith Virus behaves like influenza that only infects women, and after recovery the infected manifest parapsychic powers.

Known Manifestations


These manifestation account for over 75% of parapsychic powers caused by the Lillith Virus

Telekinesis - the ability to move things with the mind

Biokinesis - the ability to control the bodily function of the self, and then of others

Magnetokinesis - the ability to control the power of magnetism


These account for 20% of powers caused by Lillith

Pyrokinesis - the ability to control heat and flame

Hydrokinesis - the ability to control heat and water, typically manifesting as ice manipulation

Terrakinesis - the ability to manipulate matter


This power accounts for less than 5% of the victims of Lillith

Psychokinesis - the power to control power, mind control


Unlike a disease vector, a parapsy vector is how many ways a parapsychic can use their powers. A telekinetic with one vector can only manipulate one object at a time with her power. The average parapsychic has between two and four vectors. With training and practice, this number can be increased. There is a link between the severity of the disease, and the number of vectors manifested. Those who have serious reactions to the virus can manifest as many as a dozen vectors. Those who walk through with the sniffles for a week have one or two.


Magnitude is the relative strength of parapsychic powers, independent of the number of vectors. Typically measured on a ten point scale. This scale was created around the common power of telekinesis, and it is approximated to the other powers.

M1 - 1 lb

Car keys, a drink, a pinch

M2 - 10 lbs

Tools, weapons, a distracting punch

M3 - 100 lbs

bag of concrete, people, a hard punch

M4 - 1000 lbs

motorcycle, group of people, lethal punch

M5 - 10,000 lbs/5 tons

cars and trucks, rip doors open, armor defeating punch

M6 - 100,000 lbs/50 tons

tanks, big rigs, pull buildings apart, bunker defeating punch

M7 - 1,000,000 lbs/500 tons

Boats, generators, heavy machinery

M8 - 10,000,000 lbs/5,000 tons

Most things this heavy don't have the strength to be lifted without breaking

M9 - 100,000,000 lbs/50,000 tons

Destroyers, cruisers, nuclear reactors

M10 - 1,000,000,000 lbs/500,000 tons

Cruise ships, aircraft carriers


The vast majority of parpsychics created by the Lillith Virus range between M2 and M3. The ratings from M8 through M10 are theoretical, as the strongest telekinetics are currently in the M7 range.

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