The Hat of Applejack

The Hat of Applejack is a plain, brown cowboy hat of leather. The wearer of the Hat of Applejack can take two shapes, that of a blonde haired, brown eyed woman, and that of a brown pony that can break a limb or knock all the apples down from a tree with a single buck. However, the wearer cannot tell a lie, even a white one, whilst it is on his or her head. At the moment, it belongs to a close advisor of Queen Yocasta who values having one courtier who always speaks the truth to power.

The Necklace of Fluttershy

The Necklace of Fluttershy is a rose quartz necklace with three silver butterflies upon it, and it's wearer can take two shapes, that of a blonde blue eyed woman and that of a golden-furred pegasus pony. It grants the power to talk to animals, to fly in pony form and in an emergency to fix even mighty dragons with a Stare and force one, and only one, request out of them. However, it causes intense shyness, and one must make a successful Will check to use the Stare instead of fleeing in terror. At the moment it is part of the hoard of a dragon, after it's previous owner made the fatal mistake of demanding two requests from the dragon.

The Bangle of Rarity

The Bangle of Rarity is a silver bangle, and it's wearer can take two shapes, that of a dark haired, blue eyed woman and a white unicorn pony with a purple mane. It gives it's owner the power to detect precious metals and especially jewels and gemstones, both normal gems and Dungeon Gemstones and to make beautiful and stylish dresses, but it also makes it's owner very generous and one must make a successful Will check to avoid that. At the moment it is somewhere deep in the bowels of the Gygaxian Gyre, A Five Room Dungeon after it's owner went too deep and fell to the blade of a dungeon champion, but one day an adventurer is likely to find it and bring it to the surface.

The Belt of Rainbow Dash

The Belt of Rainbow Dash is a simple leather belt and it's wearer can take two shapes, that of a magenta eyed, rainbow haired woman and a blue pegasus pony with multi-coloured wings. It gives it's wearer the ability to fly at great speed in pony form, but once it's owner has sworn an oath of loyalty to someone, he or she is unable to break their oath even if the oath was extracted by force or the belt is removed. Only death or the power of an Archmage can break the loyalty spell. It is used to bind the loyalty of Queen Yocasta's guards within the main barracks of the capital. Every new guard is required to put the belt on to make his or her loyalty oath to the Queen.

The Earrings of Pinkie Pie

The Earrings of Pinkie Pie are a  pair of silver earrings with rubies set in them. The wearer can take two shapes, that of a red haired , blue eyed woman or a pink furred, pink maned pony. The wearer can throw parties, compose songs, bake well, and sense if something is wrong, but must make a successful Will check to be in any way serious even when this is vital. They were accidently buried with their deceased owner along with other non magical Funeral Gold and Grave Silver several years ago.

The Crown of Twilight Sparkle 

The Crown of Twilight Sparkle is golden and set with rubies and is light enough to wear for a long period of time.  The wearer can take two shapes, that of a dark haired, purple eyed woman or a purple alicorn with wings and a horn. It gives the wearer bonuses to Magic, knowledge and studying hard, but the wearer can get very stubborn and reckless and must make a successful Will check to control said urges. It was found after the Proctors of East Point searched  a student's room and has been confiscated by the Headmaster until said student either graduates successfully from East Point Military Academy or is expelled for getting too many demerits in a term, upon which it will be returned to it's owner. There are rumours that the wearer of this crown gains immortality, but they are almost certainly false.

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