The legions of hell are manifold. Only the most medieval of minds would imagine an army of pitch-fork wielding red skinned devils rising from a pit to do battle with the forces of man and good.

Nay, the Devil himself is crafty, and always up to date with his hardware, and why shouldnt he, he's seen every war since Cain slew Abel...

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Sin-7 Automatic rifle

Infantry Weapon

The pitchfork was replaced in the bloody trenchs of Verdun, the Somne, and the Marne. The machine gun became the ultimate killer of men, and the Sin-7 is the latest incarnation of a century old murderer. The gun itself is a sleek construct of black stamped steel and space age polyurethane plastics. It has a rude air about out, something offensive yet somehow seductive. The action of the recoil mechanism is also lustful as the weapon pours out round after round of 6.66mm lead wrath.

The Standard weapon of the Infernal Infantry is not without attachments. The most standard being a 66 round long clip of ammunition, followed by a backpack/belt fed model that uses a top load mechanism. The Pitchfork has been replaced with a notched bayonet, made of the same black stamped steel as the gun itself.

Over-under combinations include shotgun models for close in messy work, a laser range finder, or a six round grenade launcher.

The Torment Mk.I Multi-Role fighter


The power to control the skies is the power to control the battlefield. The Torment was born from the drone of V1 buzz bombs over Britian, the shriek of the Zero kamakazi, and the howl of the Phantom jet over Vietnam. powered by a pair of afterburning turbojets, the Tormet is a fast and resilient aircraft. The airframe can absorb an incredible amount of damage before suffering catestrophic failure.

It's primary weapon is an electric powered gatling gun similar to the main cannon of the A-10 Warthog, but smaller in calibre. This gun can engage other aircraft, or engage in strafing runs against ground targets. THe craft has multiple hardpoints for ordinance, the most common being Hellfire anti-tank missles (A real weapon system) Sidewinder heat seeking missles, and canisters of the Vietnam favorite Napalm. For Air superiority, the craft can bolt on a centerline electronics pod to fire Sparrow radar guided missles, or the massive Phoenix missle deployed by the F-14 Tomcat.

As a final resort, the Torment can double as a flying bomb to be piloted into a target as a last strike option.

The Crucifier


Operation Millenium was a hallmark of WWII that is often overlooked by historians. For the first time, a massive number of bombers were placed over a target, 1000 british bruilt bombers to be precise. Soon the American 8th Airforce was flying 1000 bomber missions against Germany and her occupied territories. Death rained from the skies. Interest became orgasmic when fire blossomed over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and Rolling Thunder secured the place of the Crucifier heavy bomber.

Unlike the blocky Torment, the Crucifier is sleek, and almost sexy in its design. The wings are long and narrow, set close to the rear of the fuselage. The nose and fuselage of the craft are long and sleek, with the four afterburning engines tucked into the wing roots. The craft is serviced be two bomb bays that can carry large conventional payloads, or their intended cargo of nuclear bombs. Wing hardpoints can mount air launched cruise missles, and a variety of nuclear equiped rockets or missles.

Most disturbing is the very low radar cross section of the Crucifier, and the fact that its four jet engines are specially vented and baffled to minimize the noise and heat generated by the craft as it wings silently overhead

The Decapitator

Main Battle Tank

The first tank was a dismal beast of clanking iron and smoke, but witihn its overheated bowels there was great promise. Soon they became more elegant, sleeker, faster and more deadly. The Decapitator, or Death's Head as it is often called is the epitome of the tank. It's primary armament is a long, smoothbore cannon that delivers an armor piercing high explosive round. Fast moving and accurate, the tank is defended with a turret mounted Hellfire missle launcher, a pair of machine guns, and a hull mounted flame thrower, for parties.


A variant of the Decapitator, the Headhunter sacrifices the missle system and a full layer of armor to sport a heavier Abysswerks 122.22 mm tank killing cannon and a pair of flame throwers.


Another variant, the Hellsong removes the main cannon from the turret to make room for a pair of 6inch reloading rocket launchers. Able to fire two vollies of 12 rockets a minute, the tank can release a stunning amount of destructive firepower against infantry and lightly armored vehicles.

Asmodeus Medium Tank

Infantry Support Tank

The Asmodeus is one of the most easily recognized of the Infernal Tanks, and at 35 tons, one of the smallest. It is also unique in that it uses four pairs of electrically driven drive wheels, rather than the standard caterpillar tread. The tank has a rather boxy profile with a small turret.

Firepower comes in the for of a trio of turret mounted flamethrowers that have exceptional range for their weapon type. The flamers are supported by a hull mounted machine gun, and a two shot anti-tank missle system.

The primary role of the Asmodeus is as a shock weapon, advancing quickly on enemy lines spewing streams of fire into bunkers and trenches all the while be supported by heavy infantry with mortars, grenades and assault rifles.

Ba'al Heavy Tank

Multi-Role Heavy Tank

The Ba'al is the heaviest piece of armor in the Infernal arsenal, tipping the scales at a hefty 120 tons. It is not a fast tank by any means, but it compensates for this with a legendary 300mm mortar cannon. This 6 inch gun lobs a 65 pound shell as far as 12 miles with little regard for collateral damage. A line of Ba'al tanks can quickly pound a row of armored vehicles into scrap with a short barrage of these hefty rounds.

The biggest weakness in the Ba'al is its slow ground speed and mediocre armor. It is vulnerable to tank-destroyers and to infantry as well as it lacks a fixed machine gun, using a fixed flamethrower instead.


Infantry Support Gunship

The sound of rotors thumping over the jungle was a familar sound in Vietnam, followed by the roar of rockets and the hail of minigun fire. The Blackwing is a newer version of the venerable Huey helicopter, one that has been cross-fertilized with the Apache and the Soviet Hind class gunship. It is a large helicopter with stubby wings on its side for mounting weapons.

The main armament is a pair of electrically aimed and driven mini-guns similar to the main cannon of the Torment fighter. The Blackwing supplements this with a pair of 6in rocket launchers, each capable of holding 18 rockets. A single machine gun, aimed by the navigator is fixed to the nose of the craft.

Like the Hind and the Huey, it can carry a squad of infantry into battle, support them with heavy firepower, and then retrieve them after the mission is complete.