As a DM are you getting tired of running your players through the same old dungeons? Do you want something new and different for a change?

How about sending your characters into the middle of a gold rush. In the real world many gold rushes happened in remote and inaccessible places (like the Klondike). Just getting to the golds location often pitted people against the worst conditions that nature could throw at them. That long arduous journey brought the potential prospector to a boomtown, an often expensive and lawless place that did it's best to separate prospectors from their money via legal or not so legal means. Murder, mugging, scams, and all manner of other crimes could befall someone before they even got to the gold itself. That is in the real world.

In a game world you can take it to an entire new level.

What if the town is run by werewolves or doppelgangers?

Perhaps a nearby dragon watches with glee as the foolish humans dig up the gold for it. The dragon positions itself in the only navigable pass between the boomtown and the outside world. Prospectors must pay with their gold for their life.

Local goblins or orcs could stage raids against the traveling prospectors.

For a final twist you could make the entire goldrush a scam. There really is no gold!

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