What are the Feeds?

The Feeds are the collective output of the CogNet. They are sorted out into channels, nodes, and domains. The most common metaphor is riverine, with broadcast/consumed content being sorted into river terminology, nodes are accumulators or sections of the CogNet that are destinations rather than broadcasts. Users take in the streams and rivers, but they use SimSense gear to dive into a node, like a virtual mall, virtual theme park, or virtual vacation destination. Domains are the oceans, and are associated with large systems, be it the CogNet of smart devices, or the inscrutable machinations of the AISCs that keep the Cosmic Era running, the data engines of the financial sector, and so forth.

Types of Feeds.

There are three major categories of feeds: white, gray, and black.

White Feeds are literally the Daily Discourse and are engineered, sanitized, optimized, and otherwise curated to guide public opinion, and they are technically free of propaganda, agitprop, malicious information, disinformation, misinformation, and malware. This is for the most part false. Huge sections of the White Feeds are nothing but propaganda and misinformation, all groomed to guide the public's overall opinions and sentiments.

What are current-day white feeds? The mainstream media, especially the large networks and associated major newspapers are white feed. Major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are white streams, as they use metering and shadowbanning to make sure unpopular opinions or those that oppose the current status quo are throttled or not seen. White feeds are not all propaganda and social manipulation. Outlets and operations like Wikipedia, or online businesses are generally not selling social engineering and human manipulation.

Gray Feeds are considered disreputable resources, the content they move is not considered 100% authentic or accurate. This isn't to say that these are bad actors, or aren't influenced by white feed guidelines, they are just not operating under the aegis of the daily discourse and its ministers. Most entertainment feeds fall into this category, as do some sources that are rooted in civil rebellion.

Modern Gray Feeds are popular, and the largest operators are the media outlets outside the desired core stream, such as Fox News, or the left-leaning operations that consider current Democratic politicians moderates or centrists. Gestures at outfits online like Occupy Democrats, MSNBC, and so forth. This label applies to non-informative channels like MTV, comedy channels, or specialized interests that have little to no relevance to the discourse, such as Hallmark, SyFy, and premium movie channels.

Black Feeds are highly controversial, regularly discredited, and are banned or purged from white and even some gray feeds. These represent content and broadcasters who speak openly against the government, against the status quo, and attack the daily discourse. Black feeds are labeled as bad actors, foreign propaganda, and subversive/terrorist activities.

The most obvious examples of Black Feed media are the platforms that are literally as described, like Russian state media, Chinese operations designed to steal western data, and the most hotly contested programs. InfoWars would absolutely be black feed. Trump himself was black feed listed, along with people like Julian Assange, or Edward Snowden.

Some FAQ

Is pornography black feed?

Pornography covers all three tiers. The bulk is gray feed, as it tends to be apolitical, and has very little to do with the daily discourse or the operation of public opinion. There is white feed porn, and that's the socially conscious and politically savvy stuff like OnlyFans creators or outlets that have substantial operations and are major studios, the modern equivalent being outfits like Playboy and the like. The bulk is gray. There is naturally black feed porn and that is what I would consider degenerate stuff that is wrong on intense biological and moral grounds: bestiality, necrophilia, recordings of actual sex crimes, violent sex crimes, and stuff with kids. 

Are memes and cat pictures white feed?

Memes are gray or black feed, as the pictographs can be incredibly political or symbolic and the language of memes changes so rapidly the daily discouse automatically refuses any memes to be white feed. Cat pictures are gray feed because cat pics and vids are cat pics and vids.

What kind of feed is my data?

Your generated content and data is gray unless you are a certified/state or media actor, then you are white feed. If you are associated with black feed content or black feed creators, you are bumped to dark gray, and accordingly, this can negatively impact your social credit score. Ending up perma-banned from generating content can cause a Cosmic Era citizen to have their civic status changed, and this can be as simple as being removed from an arcology suite/apartment to live in the Geofront, to being imprisoned or exiled completely. 

Is everything subversive and manipulated in the Cosmic Era?

Not everything in the CE is horror and awful. No more than anything is today. One of the concepts I have behind how it operates is the frog in hot water analogy. People in the CE live in and under conditions that we would not stand for today, but these changes were made over several centuries, and included a near-collapse of the environment, an actual collapse of global civilization, and a rebirth that has seen new wonders and new horrors that are as shocking to us as the dawn of the atomic age would be to a Victorian-era gentleman.

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