The most important thing to remember about the Exterminator and Frayn Corp is that the head of Frayn was a paranoid schizophrenic who also greatly enjoying being a megalomaniac self described messianic figure who suffered from crippling germophobia and anthrophobia. Walter Emeritus Frayn was crap his pants terrified of people, as well as being functionally insane, and still ended up helming a CE ship building facility. Everything Frayn did was guided by the twin delusions of thinking he was a living god, and being absolutely petrified by the presence of other human beings. The story of the Exterminator is the story of a lunatic.   


The Exterminator is a unique, but not one of a kind ship, launched from the Frayn Shipyards. The Frayn Corporation has quietly assembled a number of these head shaped orb craft, with the Exterminator being the lead. Exterminator is an orb craft, forty meters long, 32 meters tall. The more salient features include a gaping mouth and a pair of crystalline 'eyes'. 


The Exterminator is armed with two medium naval grade lasers, in the place of the eyes. 

Defensive Measures:

The Exterminator has highly durable synthetic metal composite armor, and a kleinsche field generator, granting the ship an impressive protective ability. The ship is also equipped with an emotional radiator, a psychotronic device that allows it to project a cone of emotional response, with the system default set to cause fear and anxiety.


The Exterminator has a CIC center, a slaved limited AI control system, and a robust if not particularly impressive drive system. It is limited to subsonic flight, and uses non-thrust based A-pods to move. This gives it the ability to hover for long periods of time. The sensor system of the ship is excellent, and included all different visual ranges, radar, and millimeter microwave scanners. The ship can also instantly recognize and scan biotelemetric devices for tracking humans.

Walter Frayn was obsessed with automata and non-humanoid robotics. He had a plan that would see himself transcend into a new lifeform and the Exterminator was his first big piece. The flying head was supposed to represent his own godhood, his godhead, and with a purely automatic crew, it was his refuge from the horror of hairless hominids and the ocean of disease and bacteria that swam around them. It was clean, it was safe, and it was powerful. Frayn had been early in the orb craft product development, not because he saw potential in the new platform, but because he thought it looked like a skull, and that was cool. So, Frayn built orb craft hulls and parts and a fair number of completed if mundane versions of these craft. He built a frame in the likeness of a skull, and the armor plating was layered to make it appear like a skull wearing a frightening helmet. It made him feel safe.

Paranoia and Production

More than a dozen head style orb craft were built, though none were ever brought into full service. Frayn corp had thought they were building totemic ships, for some bizarre but ultimately profitable purpose. This came at odds with the director of the corp, as Frayn himself started diverting resources to increasing the size of Exterminator, and ultimately building the ship a robot body proportionate to the main ship. This caused an attempted coup inside Frayn Corp, and then a corporate mutiny. 

Frayn held control of the corp despite a coup attempt, and managed to make examples out of several board members, and this would mark his last public appearance. After the failed coup, the remaining and new BOD members sold all of the corp secrets to Union Aerospace and in exchange took positions in that corp, leaving Frayn with a shell of a corp with almost no remaining intellectual assets. The corp was soon pursued by debt collectors and other agencies as the mass defection of staff and employees left it unable to actually do anything, and it was quickly seized and its assets liquidated, confiscated, or abandoned. 

Frayn himself fled, after looting what he could from the corp vault and heading outward into space. His ship took a long parabolic arc away from Earth, made a number of course corrections to throw off pursuit and engaged in three separate encounters, destroying two pirate vessels and one mining and salvage outfit. The armaments and abilities of Exterminator were not common knowledge, so the attacking groups had no idea the ship had eye cannons, or the ability to launch robot drones from it's mouth.

The remaining orb craft were largely broken down and recycled for their materials, and the Exterminator flew off into the annals of obscure shit. It was assumed that Frayn died in his escape attempt and that the ship would continue to fly into the void of space, essentially forever.

Frayn and the Anunnaki

Frayn did not have a random course when he blasted free from the moorings orbiting the Moon, and his path was completely determined. The timing was long, twenty seven months and thirteen days to complete a long powered arc from Luna to rendezvous with Iapetus. He was even expected. During the transit, Frayn spent most of it asleep in a hibernation pod, or immersed in his own inemura salon, living his own waking dream while slipping through space. When he arrived on Iapetus, the Exterminator was greeted an escort of Invader class drones and welcomed to one of their peculiar cube shaped anchorages. 

Frayn became an Anunnaki asset, linking the Exterminator to the systems at Iapetus, and is involved in their ship and vehicle design process. He has found a group that is as deranged as he is and considers them good company. His applications of design and engineering are valuable to the Iapetus complex, and in turn, they are slowly working towards completing his final vision of the Exterminator, a fully functional megascale robot that can alternate it's form from a celestial sphere to that of a giant metal warrior with laser cannon eyes.

The guy's nuts, but you have to admit, he has style.

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