Dreamkin is the generic name for the half-material, half-ethereal creatures created by the Bloated Moon of Locastus.

By tapping the very essence of the spirit world (the Aetherium), and joining it with the essential salts and vapors of the physical world (the Materium), the Moon is capable of creating new forms of life, often bizarre, but occasonally beautiful in its flagrant abnormality.

The Dreamkin all share certain charachteristics, such as a partial resistance for material concerns such as gravity, nutrient intake and physical injury. Since they do not operate under the same rules as a fully Material creature, one of the Dreamkin is stronger, tougher and faster pound for pound than any natural being.

Due to the spirit-matter interwoven with their physical beings, Dreamkin are never particularly intelligent. Their psyche functions more along the lines of instincts and whims than logical thought. This makes them unpredictable, and have to be slaved to their mistress to function properly. The same etherical component reacts violently to psycic energy and makes them supremely sensitive to psionic assaults or strong negative emotions. Unless they are protected by powerful mental shields, a Dreamkin will instinctually panic and flee from an emotional outburst, if its strong enough.

The Moon has been known to come down heavily on those who hurt or destroy her creations, therefore the people of Locastus leave them alone as much as possible.

On rare occasions, the Moon have given power over some of her Dreamkin to other people. Remus Maal, the Wandering Magus, is said to have been able to command the Orbats, and the Mother Superior of the Guild of Whores can, in times of great need, call upon Nightgaunts to defend herself and her flock.

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