This scenario is about the dagger that is needed to permanently banish Xolthog.

Remember that the scenario stresses atmosphere and not combat. Care needs to be taken to make sure the atmosphere is right and that the characters donât just wander from place to place bored. Keep them alert. Possible encounters for the combat oriented are the Satyr, the nymphs, forest animals, the rune wraith, the coven, the villagers, the forest troll, the nightmare ghosts and the envoys. In addition the witches keep all manner of pets, ranging from cats to rats and serpents. They might also have some pet that is less of a cliche.

-Understand the prophecy and locate the abbey.
-Find the Satyr
-Create the dagger

The scenario can be solved in a number of ways:
-They can slay the satyr and carve a dagger from its hip bone. This is something the shadowdancers probably will favour and the others wonât.
-They can talk to the satyr and convince him that their cause is a just cause. Then he will direct them to the remains of his slain rival, Lupercus. Lupercus' hip bone can then be used to create the dagger. Lupercus remains are located in the area of the abbey lake.
-They can romance the nymphs of the lake and get them to tell about Lupercusâ remains.

The prophecy:
The prophecy speaks of the dagger made from a Satyrâs hip bone:

"... Zarghuthen the Hermit, beloved of Aahr our lord of time, has once again spoken of the future. Let the truth be told to the children of Laumaetha. (Ancient Bluethon for Lumaratha)

Long hair, dirt and grime.
Adderâs bride, marked by time.
(This portion is about the witch Famina).

Child bearerâs lover, the ancient beast,
Carries the secret, the hidden piece.
(This portion is about the Satyr and reveals that he has the dagger).

Northern mountains, fallen faith,
blooded moon, female krait. (Nocturnal snake)
(This portion reveals the location of the dagger to be near the abbey where the coven has taken over).

A dagger carved from Satyrâs bone,
Sharpened hip makes demon groan.
(A dagger made of a Satyrâs hip bone will be useful against Xolthog)

Zarghuthen howled these words after the audience with the white mage of the elves had ended. His howling ended with the heartbroken whispers 'woe to the people of the forest, woe and eternal sorrow. Long shall they fade and in the last of their days shall they fall to a traitor. Their very souls shall be in peril and their blood shall be abused. May the goddess have mercy on them' ".

The Abbey of the red moon:
The abbey of the red moon is an old convent of Fhalgharod. It is a beautiful building located at the top of a small hill surrounded by the forest of the abbey. In the distance to the west is the mountain range known as the Cyllearean Mountains. The ocean in the east can be seen from the abbey if the weather allows it.

A small cobble stone road, partially overgrown by grass, wind down the hillside. It stretches through the forest. Close to the village, in an oak-covered part of the woods, is a brick-bridge wide enough to let a large wagon cross.  Within the forest is also an idyllic lake, a place where the young village couples romance on hot summer nights.

The abbey itself has been erected on the levelled hilltop. Once the abbess made her nuns keep the grass short, the hedges trimmed. But now the garden is overgrown, the abbey decaying. Some of the hillsides (south and west) are steep and bricks and large stones have been used as a foundation to make the hilltop level, thus brick-walls can be seen several places on the western hillside and one place on the southern side.

Forest of the abbey:
The forest of the abbey is a mixed forest with thick coniferous woods at its heart. At the edges grow oak and ash and the trees are more spaced. Moss covers much of the forest floor and several streams run through the forest. Their waters are icy cold and originates from the ice and snow in the mountains.

Scene: Travelling through the forest, the pcâs will discover tracks of a large hoofed creature. Strange thing is that it seems to walk erect. If they follow the tracks, they will lead to the small forest lake. There they will encounter yet more tracks, these of barefooted human females or possibly small men. It seems like the females and the hoofed creature was dancing together. The human tracks originate from the lake and it seems they arrived by a small canoe. They obviously left the same way.

The hoof tracks continue to the abbey, where they abruptly end near the south edge. At this location there is a sheer cliff some forty yards up to the abbey.

Searching might discover nearby holes in the cliff face. These small holes have been carved as to not be seen by travellers. This ladder ends 10 yards above where a small tunnel concealed by bushes is hidden. These bushes are called Fyrmaen and carries small yellow berries called Camlob. The berries have the ability to heal the body naturally. The tunnel leads to the portion of the abbey called the hidden sanctum.

Scene: At some point the characters will feel watched. But when they search the area they will discover nothing. They will feel no ill will or hostility from the watchers and an idea check will reveal that the spirits of the forest have gathered to watch the first elves seen in several thousand years. Upon seeing the shadowdancers the trees will begin to creak and grate for some seconds in protest against this abomination. The elves will feel an atmosphere of sorrow and regret, even though they might not understand why.
The shadowdancers will not feel watched, having lost their affinity for nature.

Scene: The elves notice a foul stench carried by the wind. It smells like rotting flesh. The shadowdancers will growl and will feel compelled to hunt down and eat the source of the smell.

The smell originates from a moss covered cave in the coniferous part of the forest. Within the cave dwells a forest trolls and the smell comes from the rotting corpse of a small girl. The troll is strong and brave but will turn to stone if exposed to daylight. He is not very bright and do not know any language other than the speech of northern troll kin.

His tree-trunk club can kill a man with a single stroke. Luckily he is slow.

Abbey Lake:
The abbey lake is a peaceful place. If they stay here for a certain period of time some interesting things might happen. It lays south of the abbey. The southern edge of the lake is a marsh full of reeds, while the eastern edge rise fifteen feet above the water, an excellent spot for divers. The western edge is shallow and has a small, muddy beach.

Scene: (While resting and after a certain amount of the story has passed) Three unnaturally beautiful ladies emerge from the lake. They head towards the nearest, non-shadowdancer, elf. The ladies will be charming and will try to engage any pretty elf in conversation. The ladies are not terribly well oriented about anything outside the immediate area. If some elf manage to romance one of these ladies, they might tell about the remains of Lupercus IF they are told of the elves quest.

If an elf has smitten one of the nymphs they will attempt to get him to stay permanently.

If Inuus discover that one of his nymphs has abandoned him for a mortal he will be enraged. The poor individual will know the full rage of a fully grown Satyr.

The Village of Herschburg:
In the valley below the abbey lays the village of Herschburg. Its buildings are two to tree stories tall and made of bricks covered by white plaster. Wooden beams painted dark brown can be seen on the surfaces. The roofs are covered by red tiles.

In the middle of the village lies the village square. There is a small, round and unadorned fountain here and two to four local merchants gather on the square each day to sell food and clothing to the villagers. The only public buildings are the town hall and the tavern of the broken keg, both located at the square.

The elves will not be welcome in the village and will be engaged by a scared local militia if they do approach the villagers. They villagers will be scared out of their wits and will employ ranged tactics like hiding behind their tower shields while drawing their crossbows. Then they stand upright, partially hidden behind their shields, and launch their bolts. Their skill is not terribly great.

If the elves charge the militia, most of the militiamen will flee in panic. If the hexenjaegers are in town (late afternoon/evening) they will follow the militia and will not flee. Instead they will use the confusion to ambush any bloodthirsty elf (i.e. the shadowdancers) following the fleeing militiamen.

The eastern Abbey hillside:
Eight black rams graze along the road here. They are large creatures, maybe five feet at their shoulders. They retreat from anyone closing in on them, even elves, and seem strangely fey.

The rams are the witchesâ animals and can be called upon by their owners. On the night of a full moon the rams gain the ability to run on the winds and talk. On rare occasions the coven rides nude to the witches Sabbath astride their rams, as witches are wont to do.

The Garden of the Abbey:
The garden is in a serious state of neglect. The grass has grown tall and small bushes and trees are growing everywhere. The statues circle, of the fifteen saints, is covered in bird droppings. The inscriptions on the statues cannot be seen anymore, having been totally covered by weed.

The hexenjaegers can be sometimes be found sneaking through the garden at night.

Scene: (night time) the garden is filled with ravens. Amidst the ravens walks a lone lady. She is softly singing to herself. Or is she singing to the ravens? After a few minutes of singing, she exits the garden through a door into the abbey.

Scene: (full moon) a large bonfire has been lit in the centre of the gardens. A pregnant and repulsive old hag is throwing small items (dung beetles) into the bonfire. The other witches stand in a circle around her holding hands. There are a total of seven witches all wearing red robes with red, crescent moon necklaces around their necks. A shrill scream climaxes the chant they are performing, and the centre figure faints. She is shortly thereafter carried inside the abbey by the scared and panicking women.

Scene: (dawn, unless it is the night of a full moon) A large man, hoofed but walking erect, enters the garden. His head is bearded and he has large curved horns, at least two feet long, protruding from his forehead. He is nude with only a reed pan flute hanging from a thin, worn rope around his neck.

Right behind him is an old, ugly crone. She is apparently pregnant and the couple stops outside a large window. They seem to argue in agitated whispers and then the beast howls and starts dragging the woman after him. The woman utters a syllable and her hand becomes black and smouldering and she rests her hand on his wrist. With a horrible roar he lets her go and shakes his head. Then they hesitate for a moment before hugging each other. The crone remains while the beast descends the garden well.

After a minute several half naked women appear and look around. They all start to question the pregnant crone who whisper something then withdraw inside.

The Abbey cellars:
The cellars have a low ceiling and even lower doorways.

The wine cellar:
Huge amounts of wine have been hoarded in this cellar. The walls are lined with the fine vintages of the abbey. The wine supply seems to be dated from before six years ago and no newer wine is present. One chamber has had its wine partially replaced with empty bottles.

The abbey archives:
This small chamber has had its walls covered with bookshelves. Within these shelves scrolls have been placed.

The scrolls are mainly records of purchases and written records of unusual activity. Three passages detail the coming of the red coven: (The seer will know they are here if her visions have not been rendered useless by herbal potions)

"Shultar the eight day of the month Kaldamar, Aahr 972 after the landfall:
Today the strangest of women paid the abbess a visit. She claimed to be a member of a powerful order of sisters dedicated to divinations and healing. While I sensed that she was untrustworthy, there was also a ring of truth to her words. I did not like the looks of that woman but the abbess says I am too suspicious of strangers."

"Tirendil the seventeenth day of the month Arbanagh, Aahr 972 after the landfall:
The strange woman came by today. Her wolf fur cloak was coated with snow and she was cold and sick. The abbess bade sister Magda and I take care of her and nurse her back to health."

"Tirendil the third day of the month Dhaarnaz, Aahr 972 after the landfall:
The abbess passed away today. The plague has taken everyone now, except sister Magda and me. In a matter of days this strange affliction has decimated our order. Our spells donât work and we are left defenceless. My strength is now leaving me and I fear I shall fall victim to the plague as the other sisters have. I pray to Fhalgharod for mercy and that he will protect poor Magda. The plague cost the use of her eyes and now she will soon be left all alone. I know that the ungodly woman we nursed is responsible for this. I could feel her weave her blasphemous spells when she thought us asleep. The abbess would hear none of it though and I was forbidden to talk to her. The sanctity of the abbey has been ruined now and I will retreat to the hidden sanctum where I will die close to my god."

The prophecy of the coming saviour can be found within this chamber, as can the prophecy of the dark war. (Relevant in the third and second campaigns)

Scene: (if the elves rest in the cellar) the hilltop was a sacrificial site in the ancient days before the rise and fall of Bluethon. The wards of Fhalgharod banished the pagan spirits that haunted the hilltop but now that the wards are gone, they have returned. Within the cellar wanders a spirit known as a rune wraith. In life they were chieftains and shamans of their tribes who failed to administer the law of their tribes. They were corrupt and were damned for it, cursed to forever walk the earth and judge the living.

The air grows chill and there is a strange tingling through the flesh of the elves. Dark shadows dance on the walls and the shadowdancers growl, their demonic senses alerted to some unseen presence. Suddenly a vaguely humanoid shape materializes. It is composed of translucent dark mist, a rune wraith. Its face bears a cold, emotionless expression. It will stare intensely at all the characters, one at a time. If engaged it will do battle draining the life force of its victims with its gaze and killing with its touch. It will not attack those that restrain themselves. If left alone, it might tattoo a rune into the chest of one random character before disappearing. The tattoo will reflect the soul and actions of the chosen individual and will be a boon if the character has been true to his cause and a bane if he has not. Regardless of the nature of the rune; it will bring searing pain to the bearer whenever he is in the presence of a rune wraith.

The hidden sanctum:
A small altar with fifteen small statuettes (the fifteen holy saints of Fhalgharod) on has been placed against the far wall in this room. In front of the altar lays the skeletal remains of a human clutching a medallion (the holy symbol of Fhalgharod). A lion face relief has been carved into the wall above the altar and from its mouth runs cold water (healing and cures any non-magical disease). The chamber is dimly illuminated by a crystal ball resting atop a shelf on the wall (provides light. Any individual peering into it will feel inner calm if of good alignment or feel uneasy if of evil alignment).

A sword has been inserted into a custom made slot in the altar. Its hilt is the only part showing and is made of polished ivory with a pommel of polished steel (although some dust covers it now). If drawn they will see that it is a bastard sword with a blade of polished steel and the ricasso has a rune engraved (Rune for courage). It is a beautiful weapon and one that the followers of Fhalgharod believe to be blessed by their deity. It is not magical however, but in the hands of a true believer it will bolster his skill as well as the damage he does. It is considered a lesser relic by the church of Fhalgharod and is called "Sun's searing".

A hatch leads through the ceiling and into tunnels beneath the abbey. The coven does not know of these tunnels, except Famina who knows that there is something down there but now what. Only Magda and Inuus know the tunnel network and Inuus use the tunnels to reach Famina so he can mate with her.

The abbey interior:
The abbey interior is lavish and filled with expensive carpets, extravagant furniture and silver candelabras. Huge paintings of the fourteen abbesses that have served within the abbey adorn the entrance hall. Landscape paintings adorn the other chambers throughout the abbey. The walls are made of bricks, as are the fireplaces and stairways.

The abbey has fallen into a serious state of disrepair and cobwebs and dust adorn almost any room. The rooms are inhabited though, so cobweb wonât block doorways and windows. Some of the witches do not care for dust and cobweb and has cleaned their rooms.

The witches roam the abbey at will and thus there are no scenes for meeting the witches inside. Use their description and reason instead.

The abbey east wing:
The abbey east wing is reserved for dining and guests. Currently the envoy from Bin-Erek and his manservant occupy two of the rooms. Their sacrifice has been locked within a third room whose window opens towards the south side of the cliff. The envoy is enraged that he has had to spend almost a week here now and the hags still wonât see him. If the elves chance to listen they will hear him venting his anger on his manservant. After dusk he will be drinking heavily and complaining as usual. His manservant wonât be present though and will be sitting in his room reading letters of romance from Tatiana, a girl from the border city of Ohenaakar. He asked her father for her hand before he departed for the abbey and is longing for his return.

The abbey west wing:
The bedrooms of the coven members are located here. This is also where the elder witch lies sick in her bed. She occupies the room formerly belonging to the abbess of the convent.

Nightmares come to life: The elder witch is bedridden, dying of some unknown disease. This disease is in reality a poison and hails from the Dorwale black thorn. While out gathering herbs, the elder witch stung herself on this dreaded and extremely rare plant. Its poison brings slow, wasting death filled with nightmares. This time a strange twist of fate has increased the potency of the venom. The elder witch employs a strange necklace, the elderâs dream pearl necklace, to project herself into the dreams of otherâs. Thus she has visited young Lathia and tormented her.

The necklace has one property she is unaware of; it can project the dreamscape of the wearer unto reality. Thus the wearer could project a ghostly image of herself to any known place. Unfortunately this only applies if the wearer knows what he is doing and is in control of himself via meditation or the like. The elder is neither in control nor does she know what she is doing. She has fevered nightmares induced by a cruel poison and she triggers the necklace unconsciously.

Her dreams have brought her back to her childhood and reunited her with her abusive dad. She is constantly on the run throughout the convent, the dreams merging with reality.

Thus the elves may encounter a frail ghostly girl running screaming through the halls of the abbey. She might run straight through a character, resulting in his bodily temperature dropping a couple of degrees. Behind her comes her dad; wearing a thick cape and a hat with a buckle on, much like a pilgrimâs hat. His form seems immense and ghostly shimmering. Off goes his belt and he will run after the terrified girl lashing wildly with the belt. The characters will probably get hit by the belt and will lose the use of any limbs hit for the next couple of hours due to the cold. In addition the cold will result in some frost injuries. Then the pair will get out of sight and disappear. Shortly thereafter they will hear a heartbroken scream fading into miserable sobs. The ghost cannot be found now, having faded away. The sobs will linger though as will random screams of pain. Attacks wonât affect the ghostly projections but might make the elder witch scream. These ghosts wonât be met outside of the west wing.

These ghosts are the reason for the fear in the witchesâ coven.

The abbessâs room: This room is larger than the others and will contain the sick elder witch (see description). She wears a pearl suspended from a golden necklace on the inside of her white nightgown. The elder witch favours white and especially white linen.

Beside her bed is a silver tray with a china cup and can. The can is filled with tea which is warm at dusk and dawn. The tea contains a soothing herb which calms the fever and nightmares. Thus the characters wonât meet any ghosts at dusk or dawn when the elder is fed by her friend Dara.

Sample west wing noises:
No other noises than the screaming of the elder can be heard during the projected nightmares.

#1: The elves hear a piano being played somewhere ahead. Someone seems to be singing along but the song does not match the melody at all. While the piano is being played by a true master, the singer often misses the tones and ruins any pleasure they might have had from listening.

#2: The elves hear a glass breaking followed by the enraged howl of a human female. âYou imbecile canât you do anything properly?â the voice will scream. Then they will hear someone slapping someone and a frustrated scream. Then silence.

#3: Several female voices can be heard snickering and laughing. "Bring your boy Lathia, let us see you two lovebirds dance". The voice belongs to an obviously young female. Many other voices laugh at this and someone can be heard running away.

Other: The cast has enough notes to create a dynamic scene outside as well as inside the abbey. Study the cast and roleplay.

-The witch hunters/hexenjaegers are prowling through the surrounding are at night. They will consider the elves as enemies but wonât attack until they are at a disadvantage. Remember that the elves are masters of stealth and might not be noticed by the hunters.
-The witches are panicking. The elder is dying, the second elder is pregnant and faints during divinations and the last elder is eating herself to death.
-The goal is not to slay the women nor raid to the abbey. The goal is to get the dagger.
-If the characters ever let their guard down, make sure they regret that decision.
-This is not a combat oriented mission. Remember atmosphere. Sounds, weather, description, emotion and voice acting. Remember them all. Engage every player and bring the game to a personal level.

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Non player characters/Coven of the red moon:

Witches of the red moon currently located at the abbey: (The red moon coven is a very large coven and even has its own tower at the college of higher magic.)

All the witches are sent on a hunt for a familiar when they join the coven. Those familiars are bewitched men. When they become elders they have to sacrifice their familiars in the summoning ritual that bond them with a darker power known as Azarghuel. They lose a part of their humanity in this ritual.

Eilira, human female age 19.

Eight witch of the abbey.

Eilira is an innocent looking female with large blue eyes. Her lips are full and often she pouts and behaves in a childish manner. Several of the older witches favour her and she has become severely spoiled. It does not help that she is the youngest and prettiest daughter of the wealthy merchant Ardel Anthony of Cormalth. Her little tantrums are oddly enough considered cute by the elders. She wears far too much perfume and is given too much candy. Her belly has slightly begun to grow and thus she is currently in a state of panic, whether pregnant or a glutton, it can't be good.

Familiar: Zacharye Sulla, human male age 31

The oldest son of councillor Marcus Sulla of Cormalth, Zacharye was a popular man among the social elite of that city. He is a handsome man with curly hair and a strong physique.

Eilira fell in love with Zacharye when she was on her hunt. He was not the least interested in the spoiled little brat, so she bewitched him. Now he stares longingly at her all day long and is often the target of her irrational fits of anger.

Lathia, human female age 25

Seventh witch of the abbey

Lathia is a plain looking young woman with a fragile constitution. She has been with the coven for some years and has second thoughts. She is too afraid of the other witches to do anything though and is tormented at night by nightmares. In those dreams she relives the summonings and sacrifices committed during her years at the abbey. In particular the elder witch scares her and she has made a voodoo doll of the elder witch that she uses to expedite her demise. The doll is hidden beneath her bed alongside a pouch filled with needles, poisons and living dung beetles.

Familiar: Shade of the long tree, human primitive male age 14

Lathia did not know what to do on her hunt. She wandered about and encountered a tribe of primitive plainsmen. There she was made welcome and for a time she forgot about the hunt. But after a while she had nightmares about her fate should she abandon the hunt, and she hastily bewitched the young son of her host and hurried back. When she returned home with the love struck child she was made the laughingstock of the coven. She still is.

Mira, human female age 32

Sixth witch of the abbey

Mira is a woman seeming quite sure of herself. She favours white robes, proudly displaying her red moon necklace and a lot of cleavage in the process. She is friend with everybody and is vulgar and brash. If she could, she'd have dozens of familiars. She keeps everyone at arms length from her inner feelings.

Familiar: Gareth of Salagan, human male age 24

Mira was a client of Gareth's when she visited the port city of Salagan. He was the prize gigolo of the white swan bordello, and known widely among the bored housewives of the upper class as a most worthy investment. He is strong, firm and pretty, with a gleam to his eye.

Dara, human female age 34

Fifth witch of the abbey

Dara is a woman from the south. She hails from the inland city of Bin-Erek where she made a living as an apprentice of the Lord High Vizier. He required special services from her and she denied. Complications followed and soon she was on the run. The elder witch found her freezing and lost in the cold northern forests and granted her protection. Dara adores the elder witch and the two regularly dine together.

Familiar: Karone Kell, human male age 35

Dara fell in love with Karone and the feelings were returned. This happened on

midsummer night, two years ago. She did not have to bewitch him and he happily returned with her to the abbey. After witnessing some horrendous sacrifices and ghastly summonings, the love ended and he ran away. Dara hunted him down and bewitched him in his sister's living room. The sister was shocked to see her brother turn from hate and loathing to deep love with just a look, he did not even say farewell. She has hired two Hexenjaegers (Witch hunters) to hunt Dara down and free her brother (The hexenjaegers have found the abbey and are currently plotting the liberation of Karone and the destruction of the abbey).

Gerdala, human female age 38

Fourth witch of the abbey

Gerdala is an unpleasant lady always wearing the same brown gown. Her mouth is locked in a permanent frown and her eyes are small and intensely staring. She is the offspring of the elder witch and her previous familiar. Gerdala spent her childhood playing in the forest and did not get much affection from her family. Some times she gets her familiar to play the piano. These are the only times when she can be heard laughing and she will dance all night long.

Familiar: Therrick Gerovius, human male age 65

Gerdala never had much interest in men but Therrick is a prized possession of hers. When she was young, she often snuck into the village and listened to the music played at the shrine during weekends and at the monthly market. She would dance with wild abandon and the locals sometimes spotted the strange girl as she bounced around between the buildings.

On her hunt she did not hesitate. She went to the royal music hall that she had so often read about in the books. For months she attended the evening shows and studied which musician she enjoyed the most. Then one night she waited in an alley and when the musicians exited their chambers, she went straight to Therrick who followed her without another word to his follow musicians.

Therrick is an aging man with grey hair and moustache. He has begun to neglect his appearance as Gerdala keeps him locked in a small room when she does not need him. He is smitten with her but she only wants his music, thus he lives only for the next session of piano playing and laughter in the study. His wife and seven sons looked for him for a long time but the wife recently died and the sons have sworn to punish their dad for leaving with another woman.

Elder Nadia, human female age 47

Third witch of the abbey

Nadia is an elderly lady that has recently gained a lot of weight. Her hair is curly and often uncombed and she has dark eyes

The previous elder witch just recently died and Nadia is new to her position. She is afraid of her new consort, the dread lord Azarghuel. She has been used to ordering her familiar around for a long time and is uncomfortable with the reversed roles.

Nadia is a somewhat chubby having spent the entire time since her elevation visiting the abbey kitchen. She is scared about the fact that she has lost most of her previous interests and even more scared that she does not care. Most of all she is scared by the pregnancy of Elder Famina and has begun to fear the full moon summonings. She fears the stellar constellations will show that it is her turn to carry the children of Azarghuel.

Elder Famina, human female age 54

Second witch of the abbey

Famina is renowned for her lack of hygiene. Her hair is full of lice and her teeth have rotted away. She had the plague as young. She survived, but her body was ruined. In spite of this, Famina is a woman of great humour and even greater intellect. She often wears the red ceremonial robes of the coven and can be seen on the mountain trails and forest tracks around the abbey. She never ventures down to the village.

Famina is pregnant and may give birth while the PC's are at the abbey. The father is the demon Azarghuel or so she would have everyone believe. In reality, the Satyr of the abbey forest is the father and he loves Famina as much as a Satyr is capable of. Famina has a nasty feeling that the elder witch is wasting away as punishment for her infidelity against Azarghuel.

The elder witch, human female age 64

First witch of the abbey

The elder witch is an old crone slowly dying of some unknown and seemingly incurable disease. Her hair is silvery white and long. She will be lying in bed and her breath will difficult to detect, she seem almost dead. Once in a while she will moan with pain.

She will be fit enough to sit in bed on rare occasions, usually before the night of a full moon and always before the coming of the red moon. She will look totally exhausted save for her eyes who will look unnaturally alert. She will speak in raspy whispers and with great effort.

When the second witch of a local coven becomes first witch she forsakes her given name and becomes one with the coven. Only upon attaining the highest honour; tower master of the college, can she use her name again.

Non Player Characters/The village of Herschburg:

The inhabitants of the village are immigrants from the western side of the mountain. Thus the village and its inhabitants have outlandish names. Given the elves reputation it is unlikely that they will venture into the village.

Juergen Knapper, human male age 34


Juergen is a hexenjaeger of the Holy Order. His face is gaunt and his hair is half length and raven black. He wears the amulet of the holy order, resembling the talon of an eagle. The amulet is made of blue Tharkhite, a metal that defies magic. It does not grant him immunity but increases his innate resistances. If placed around the neck of a magic user, the necklace will prohibit all spellcasting. In addition he wears a chainmail, target shield and wields a longsword.

Juergen plans to sneak into the abbey come next full moon. Witches are often preoccupied with their deviltry at that time and it is thus the best occasion.

He may run into the elves outside the abbey or perhaps within. Wherever he may meet them, he has heard of the vile elves. They are not much better than witches and their proximity to the abbey clearly show their allegiance. He is a tactical genius that never fights when outnumbered and always strike at the worst possible moment.

Stein Haussberger, human male age 22


Stein is Juergen's apprentice in the witch hunter craft. He does all the tedious work. He would be a good looking youngster if he hadn't looked so grim. He carries the amulet of the holy order, chainmail, target shield, longsword and several flasks of lamp oil. He idolizes Juergen and carries out his orders no matter how grotesque.

Magda Hersch, human female age 78

Nun of Fhalgharod

Magda is an old, blind lady often walking in the woods with her grand daughter Elise. Magda always wear her white and gold nun's outfit. When the characters meet her, she will be sitting alone crying in the woods. If approached she will beg the newcomers tell their names. It will be evident that she is blind and she will not fear the elves even if their accent is very odd indeed.

She will rant about the abbey and the defilers occupying it. "That lady seemed so nice but something isn't right I tell you! I can feel it even if the others say otherwise! She will tell that the abbey was once a place of gathering for the pilgrimages across the mountains. It was sanctified in the name of Fhalgharod and Magda was the last caretaker. Then one day another woman came by and said she was the head of the nuns sent from Silmar to take over the care of the abbey. Magda was somewhat astonished by this and even more astonished when she was evicted from the abbey. But Magda has always been able to discern the truth of words and the lady spoke the truth. She is sure... She does not understand anything anymore.

At this time Elise will come running and if the elves do not withdraw she will begin screaming when she sees them. "Demons, demons in the forest" She will then run away, leaving her grandmother behind. (If played as part of the Prophecies campaign, the Elves are the "demons". If not you may want to not use the elf-demon thing)

Non Player Characters/Other:

Inuus, the Satyr of the abbey Forest

Piper of the forest glades

Inuus is a Satyr that has inhabited the abbey forest since he was created at the beginning of time. He is a large Satyr with fully grown horns and powerful hoofs. He is a heavy drinker and sometimes wanders about the forest greedily downing wine. He is also a lover of music and can be found playing his Flute of seven reeds.

Inuus has a legendary lust and in addition to Famina of the red moon, he mates regularly with the three nymphs of the forest. Once he has mated with someone, he gets possessive and will forcibly resist any attempt to leave the area. Within a glade in the forest he has hoarded the skulls of all mortal females he has mated. (He removed their skulls after their demise and did not expedite their deaths. He is their captor and their protector).

Inuus is incredibly strong and can affect minds with his flute. He should not be taken lightly. He seldom ventures out of his forest, only occasionally doing so to visit Famina in the abbey or scout the landscape from the mountain ridge. He will appear threatening and challenging to any male that approach his females.

400 lbs

Rasoul Ahmed al-Khatif, human male age 43

Envoy from the city of Bin-Erek

Rasoul is an experienced envoy and has served his Caliph for over two decades. He is a smooth talker and quite charming. He always wears the latest fashion from the south and uses plenty of expensive perfume. He favours red clothing. At his left hip hangs his rapier from a scabbard. He is a master swordsman and often competes at fencing tournaments. He is extremely vain and is always shaved. His hair is black, half length and visibly thinning. He has a scar on his chin, a token of gratitude from the Duke of Ur-Kanesh for delivering such wonderful news. Rasoul was able to talk his way out of being executed and was thrown in the dungeon instead. When his master sacked the city a year later, Rasoul was freed from prison and given a small farm as compensation.

Rasoul has been sent far north to the abbey with one purpose. The Caliph and his advisor, the Priest Fielor of Sil'Durhon, want to know whether the latest omens foreshadow the coming of the so called saviour. (Excellent opportunity to tell the PCs the truth about the prophecies, which they, of course, will intepret as hostile slander and outright lies)

Ibrahim al-Hutuf, human male age 38

Bodyguard and manservant of the envoy

Ibrahim is a medium sized individual. He always wears grey clothing and a scimitar. His hair is kept very short and he has a small, thin moustache. Ibrahim is very skilled with his weapon. He served as a lieutenant ten years ago, during the period of frequent border skirmishes between his empire and the northern kingdom of Silmaroth. He is absolutely loyal to his master and carries out his duties with military precision.

Jasmina, human female age 15

Human sacrifice

Jasmina was born in Bin-Erek. Her mother was a pleasure slave from the bordello district and her father some client of hers. She spent her entire life playing in the back room of the Honey bee bordello. Last month Rasoul purchased her after making sure she had not been touched by men. He has been very kind to her thus far.

Jasmina is a pretty and innocent young girl. Her hair is jet black and curled. She wears too much cheap perfume. She is subservient and humble and has been told all her life that she is of no consequence. She is utterly uneducated and has just discovered that there is a world outside the bordello walls.

She is to be sacrificed when the moon is full (human sacrifice strengthens the witches divinations).