Full Item Description
A fairly ordinary and standard hammer at first glance, and although it wasn't made too finely it still does the job. There are several different carvings on the hammer each depicting a different beast; A Minotor, a Griffin, a Manticore and many other creatures hard to kill, even for the seasoned fighter.

This hammer dates back to ancient times when the empire was still young and plagued by all sorts of vile creatures. Goblins, Orcs and various other undead roamed free, each race trying to eliminate the others, and of course the humans, the pointy-ears, and the stumpys(humans, elfkind and dwarves).

There were many different tribes at that time in human history, and most were at war with one another trying to gain more land off one another. Then the orcs attacked, within the first few weeks three of the 14 original tribes were wiped out by Orcish warlordfs seeking to destroy the human civilization.

It wasn't long before the remaining thribal chieftans banded together to from an alliance to drive out the invading forces as part of a concerted effort, to keep humankind away from extinction.

There was one among them named Zarath who proved to be more cunning and thoughtful than the others in his plans and stratagies to eradicate the invadors, he was quickly nominated to lead them through this difficult time. As the war drew to a close and their chance sof winning climbed even higher, the orcs were finally repelled and disperced into the surrounding countryside.

Afterwards he decided that all the tribes should stsy united as the war had taught them many things, and opened up a lot of amazing new oppertunities for trade and commerce, etc. They also unanimously agreed that as their unifier and saviour he should become thier emperor.

In comemoration of his deeds and his reign over this new empire he demanded a hammer be forged. Thus the Brute hammer came into being.

However Zarath did not gain this victory lightly, and during the final decisive battle he bacame mortally wounded and soon after his hammers completion he passed away, just after blessing it.

Legend has it that Zarath passed away and joined the gods on their high thrones, and many believed he had become one of them. To this day he has been worshipped and is venerated by many.

Plot Hooks
1-Priests of Zarath have never been able to find his hammer after he died and today they have only a few people searching for it. They hope for its safe return as it is a holy symbol of their faith. They would be especially grateful to PC's if they returned it, the reward for finding such an item and turning it in would no doubt be substantial, and the PC's would stand to gain a lot from its capture.

Magic/Cursed Properties
This raging article of warfare doesn't have any magical or cursed properties as such, although it does seem to favour beserkers giving them a marginally greater chance to hit and cause ever so slightly more damage.

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