The Bowmen of Love are a more or less secret organization found within the larger towns. For a price, they can be hired to drop a love potion into someone's drink or shoot them, not with a bow despite their name, but with a tiny blowpipe that fires a dart with a love potion on it.

Some of those who hire them are lovers who want the object of their affections to return their love, some are fathers/mothers who want marridges that they have arranged for their sons/daughters to work well, some want marridges that are failing to work, to be repaired.

Although their organization is illegal, in practise the rulers of the cities and towns have different thoughts about them. Some rulers hate them, others think that they are very useful in keeping discontent down and society intact.

Also, the fact that they are not killers or robbers, unlike many secret organizations, means that there is much more tolarence for them,and most captured members are punished by fines or prison rather then maiming or execution.

If someone hires them but refuses to pay for servives rendered, they shoot him or her with an arrow with love potion on it, that makes them fall hopelessly in love with the first person of the opposite sex that they see until a healer or wizard/witch can cure them.

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